The Power of Multiple Martini Transformations in Photoshop

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Synch images in 2 Up Display

In your past lessons you showed how to compare duplicate images in the 2 Up Display mode where you moved one image and the other moved along with it.

WebP, a new image format for the Web, is being demonstrated by Google with examples at this site

I want to compare the images in Photoshop closely to see if the WebP is both smaller and higher quality than the JPEG format.

I see the "Match Zoom and Location" in the PS drop down menu but I can't get them to move together like you showed in a training video.
I can't find the lesson where you explain how to do it either.

Could you give me a hint where the technique can be found in the lessons at

Much obliged Deke.

Photoshop CS5 1-on-1

Photoshop CS5 1-on-1 Fundamentals > 04 Navigation > 06 Scrolling and panning images > about 3:30

It's shift + spacebar + drag.

It works now!

Thanks Caio,

I had tried that command before and it didn't do the magic. I played around with it this time then suddenly it started doing it's thing as if Photoshop for Windows suddenly remembered what it was supposed to do.

Weird. Kind of like a delayed command glitch that suddenly started working.

Well, I got my question answered at Thank you Caio and Deke community for being here to help.