This Site's Going to Be on Fire

Next week. Tuesday in fact. Here's a frame from the Photoshop CS4 movie. (No joking. This is in fact a frame from the Photoshop CS4 video.):

Meanwhile, we just hit 3001 accounts. 3001 accounts in less than 3 months. I should be able to run the math on that, but my calculator ran out of batteries. As did my brain.

So enjoy that solar ball thing. Return on Monday to learn about Tuesday and recap on Wednesday. You'll be glad you did.

Big week. Stay limber. Stretch. Very important that you stretch.

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Warm tones on this page

Weren't you the one who said we kept running lots of warm toned images? So you thought a fireball would change the trend? I guess can't help being hot.


So there are about 1000 accounts per month and about 34 accounts per day. :)