Turning a Photo into an Ink Drawing or a Pencil Sketch (in Photoshop)

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Were the Filter > Sketch > Note Paper goes on CS6?


Hi Deke, well, i found this tutorial pretty cool but, I was following it from Lynda.com and guess what, in CS6 there is no Filter > Sketch > Note Paper dillog box. What did they put it. Maybe it´s silly, but, they should had a (at list), work Workspace that showed us what things were removed or changed? That reminded me when they remove the Extract Background dialog box when they introduced Refine Edge, but, well, How do i know it?

Thanks, i´ll still search...

Sgt. Peper

In CS6, it's located...

in the Filter > Filter Gallery... menu.

Steel Engraving/Scratchboard

Hi Deke-
This was a cool effect. I'm wondering about an efficient way to go about taking a good photo and treating it to look like an old steel engraving or scratchboard look...sorta like the Wall Street Journal but more like a Mark Summers illustration.

I keep thinking about the old displacement maps and such, any ideas off the top of your head?


Animation in Photoshop

Hey PS Master . . your courses have helped me alot, so as for many others . . I love you (as a teacher :p) and recently also had a dream about you comimg to india Hahaha
I want to know if you have touched upon the Gif animation part in photoshop in any of your courses, i really want to learn it from you . . .

Love the Pencil Sketch - anything for watercolors?


Really liked your tutorial here on turning a photo into an ink drawing or pencil sketch. Do you have anything similar for watercolors? I've been using a multilayer technique in CS5 using Artistic > Dry Brush, the Canvas texture, underpainting with burlap and the Underwater filter as part of my workflow. I'm looking for that Norman Rockwell look, but can't seem to get it right. Internet searches just bring up similar approaches.

Can you write up a watercolor tutorial for your next sharable moment?

Love your work!

- Uncle Lew

Ink Drawing/Pencil Sketch

Nice effect and very knowledgeable use of filters and blending.
The thing that looks off to me is the whiteness of the teeth and eyes with the background being parchment. Normally when you sketch, the lightest you can get is the shade of the medium you are drawing on.
All-in-all however a great exercise for digging deeper into PS.
Thanks Deke!