Vegas + dekePod = magic, baby!

Hello friends of dekeOnline. It's 2am and I have to do a 4-hour presentation tomorrow. If that sounds like complaining, perish the thought. I can't wait for my afternoon session. But I have to get a little sleep at some point, so I'll make this short.

First, I'm currently sitting at a desk in a room on the 14th floor of Mandalay Bay, which is one of two hotels at the extreme ends of the Las Vegas Strip. Mandalay Bay is the one with the Shark Reef exhibit in it, right across from the main airport. How is it I'm managing to hang with both the sharks and the jets? Because tomorrow marks the beginning of Photoshop World, that twice-a-year gala event where we celebrate all things Photoshop. And photographic. And just plain phun.

Oh, and at this week's event, I and my book publisher O'Reilly Media are making available (for the first time ever) an undisclosed number of dekePod T-shirts, as pictured front and back above. The plan: To give away 50 of them and to charge a modest incentive fee for the others. Each tee goes so far as to include a block of Vegas-friendly good-luck ornaments. (I personally regard such things as BS, which is why I believe these particular shirts to have magical powers endowed by, get this, nothing whatsoever! No, I'm not cynical. I'm next-gen cyber-stitious.)

Second, today marks the debut of yet another once-every-other-weekly dekePod. Titled "Spirograph on Steroids," it explains how to take half an ellipse and transform it into something truly magical in Adobe Illustrator. Trust me on this one, regardless of who you are or what you do for a living, you're going to want to see this video. It boggles the mind and raises the spirit.

I promise, if I didn't regard this as essential viewing, I wouldn't have bothered you. But you know how much I care. Heaps.

In the meantime,


PS: Lots of stuff going on at Photoshop World. Check for the latest.

Oh, and btw, here's what the acronym CAYA MLMP BYOB stands for:

Isn't that somethin'?

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Finally Illustrator One on One the Book?

I searched the sites you mentioned but did not find the answer to your teaser in the Spirograph podcast. But is the Illustrator One on One book about to finally appear? I hope so - do share more details. It is long overdue and I promise I'll buy this one not get it from my Library (though will recommend they get it) - so you know you will sell at least two copies! Gary.

Finding dekePod in Vegas

Hi Deke, It looks like you’re going to be having a good time in Vegas. I plan to be there with my wife for a few days, checking out the Photoshop World Expo and then it’s vacation time. I need some rest after my first epic feature video from the Kelby Photo Walk in Hollywood. You know, you’re in the business, dealing with all those production people, stars, and editing. After the critical acclaim I’m thinking of moving on with my next planned feature, “Finding dekePod in Vegas.” It has a great theatrical ring. And, when you mix in the springboard effect of mixing the mega hit dekePod name it’s got to be a sure winner. How about some product placement? They use it in all the major movies. There’s got to be a fortune in it for us. Actually the movie camera is broken, the call of a raft in the pool and an adult beverage is way too strong and sounds like a lot more fun. Hope to see you at the blackjack table, Robert