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Gore and Gangrene - not just for slashers!

I think this symbol rocks! Of course what the @$&# would I know – I am just a registered nurse and the gore and gangrene is right down my alley. I would love to see this posted somewhere in our hospital – like maybe the OR?! Keep the creations coming please! Sabugosh, RN, fan, Photoshop amateur

I used to believe in happiness...

... Before I found this episode in my iTunes library. But then I watched it, and I thought to myself, "Well, gee- what's the point in living if every airplane sign is going to be an undecipherable thing of pure horror?" Thank you so much, Deke. My image of life has been forever tarnished.

Hey nice article

Generating more interest towards telecommunications

CS4 Channels & Masks one-on-one

Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I will _ Has anyone else had trouble opening the following file--- Ancient doorway.psd found in Lesson 7 folder inside Lesson Files-PsCM 1on1. I get the following very un- helpfull message from Photoshop "Could not complete your request because an unexpected end-of-file was encountered".

Great article with so

Great article with so detailed written, I have enjoyed very much the reading, thanks for sharing

So Sayeth the Soul

If you never give a @$&# , you'll never be a @$&# .

Disparaging comment

Ha! Both you and Colleen are wrong--the term is P-E-J-O-R-A-T-I-V-E, meaning disparaging or derogatory (Look that up in a real Dictionary--remember those--printed on paper, bound in a book, with a cover.) Regardless, Deke--You're the greatest Photoshop trainer anywhere, even if you can't spell. Shirley A Taylor Editor Extraordinaire, and Photoshop aficionado!

Hey, I'm a writer, CW's an editor

Wut the hel du we know abut speling or dikshunarys? Obviously, Shirley, we need to add you to the team. But I like our misspellings. I think they're cute. :-)

And CW admits she's not that kind of editor

Just because I have "editor" in my title (well, it is my title, so I can define at will) doesn't mean I know how to spell (as has been proven here many times.) I've long accepted that development (and author management, also proven here on occaision) is the right spot for me on the editorial continuum.

Did I spell that right?

"Occasion" is one of my spelling bêtes-noir (bête-noirs?) Yeah, if I can't spell in English, how am I going to manage French?

Nice one

Nice one, +1 comment to the tally.

Miss C's right

Yah, I think the 'in the toilet' bit gives it context and irony and the exclamation mark gives it verbal punch, plus it's still short. Dekes version is too short, it's almost just a random expletive; the kind of thing a drunk mad dude says to himself while wandering the streets. ;-) Which goes to show that Deke hiring her and tolerating this insubordination (tee-hee) was probably a good choice.

Seven Words You Can Never Say On A Blog.

5hi7 Pi55 Fux0r Cun7 C0cksux0r3r M07h3rfux0r3r 7i75 A nod to George Carlin of course :-)

Sigh, to Set The Record Straight (Once Again)

First of all, my beloved "Fearless" Leader, you craftily undermined my "number of characters" argument by excluding the exclamation point from the #*@! ing example you used for "my" version. Everyone knows all swear words must end in ! if you really mean it. Thus the results of your crooked survey are skewed irrevocably, and your "edgy" persona is once again proved to be a sham. Secondly, while I did mention scan and meter were improved by adding "in the toilet" (Which causes the reader to mentally emphasize "Don't" and "@#$!" and "Toi-" which are all funnier words than "Toss"), the key benefit of my version is the $&@!ing irony: "in the toilet" being the precise location one should toss their #$@!. Must I re-explain everything? Don't you have a whole other list of menial sidekickery you require of me? @$&!ing thought so.

Listen to you curse like a #ß$&*@%! sailor

Albeit a cartoon one. Kind of like a racy Popeye or somethin'.

Shows my commitment, Benevolent Emperor

Just want to show I'm worthy of you, my Master. How did you get that beta symbol in there? And you still have 8 characters. Are you thinking maybe there are 2 K's? Love and Kisses, cw

The more, the merrier!!

I think &^$%#(* deke is #@$%*?> right on this @$#^. Besides if I keep agreeing with Colleen all the time, people will think I'm soft on her :)


well too short and it just catch the "eye"/ear...doesnt "sound " offensive enough? gonna throw my weight behind more than the f-*#@& number of letters...

Spelling police: summons

Deke, I don't mean to make pejorative comments, but you are hereby warned that there is no such thing as a "projorative" term... :-)

Projorative = Up with Joratives!

I like sickos! Hence "pro-jorative"! See, I'm not misspellin' -- I'm coining words here. (That plus our spell-checker is mysteriously broken.)


Deke, If that's the case, keep on coinin'

Would spellchecker even know what you meant?

I would think your made up word would stump even a properly working spellchecker.

Humoring Deke

Wish I could, but I gotta go with the flow (and the cadence) on this one. But more importantly, shouldn't you figure out how to capitalize the first letter in the "amibuous swear word"? (I can't believe that this was the post that got me to sign up for an account. Please don't tell anyone!)