What variety of interactive, fee-based educational medium would you like Deke to explore next?

Multicity, all-day Channels & Masks seminar
22% (368 votes)
Weekly one-hour live webinar
60% (1003 votes)
Subscription-based, community-driven support forum
10% (167 votes)
"Vertical" (medical, legal, forensics) tutorials
8% (132 votes)
Total votes: 1670


create a brochure in Photoshop

Hi Deke,
Do you have any videos on how to setup and design a brochure in Photoshop.


Thus, the difficulty in

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Spot/Simulated Color Seps with Photoshop Channels

Hi Deke,

I endorse and brag about your training on tshirtforum & theshirtboard all the time. You would swear I sell your stuff. I just believe you provide the most technical and in depth insight into using Ps and Ai.

Anyway, the current problem happening in the silkscreen industry is, the art of Spot/Simulated Color Separations are being lost to photoshop actions that cost big but does an average job. We all love graphics and amazing designs and we all wear t-shirts with amazing designs to express ourselves. However to have a professional set of seps done could cost in the high hundreds of dollars and though most are done using photoshop, the ones that do know the art of sep'n keeps it as a guarded secret that they will take to their grave with them. (They actually believe that passing on the knowledge will put them out of business which is actually quite funny seeing that the largest printers in the world that do over 14 million prints per year, control less than 1% of the silkscreen printing market.)

There are a few YouTube vids out there, "describing" the process but alas.. novice to intermediate at best. EtrynylStudios offer some of the better info into the process. (Yes, just one I can think of.)

I was wondering if you can shed some insight into why there is a lack of information on taking an image apart (masking) into separate channels in photoshop to get it ready for screen printing? Being that it is an art that is accomplished in mostly photoshop and we all wear the procedure every day!

I believe the person that does an in-depth training series on this procedure, ;-) ;-) will change the way the industry does business because of the extremely high demand for this knowledge.

Mailmerge in CS5 InDesign

In the not too distant future I am going to be doing a brochure that will need to be numbered 1-300. I have done this in (sorry) MS Publisher as a mailmerge from an Excel file. Now that I have CS5 InDesign, I would like to create the brochure there. I think I noticed somewhere, InDesign offers a form of mailmerge and would like to see Deke perform this feat in a video. Thanks Deke for considering it at least.


HELP on downloading the Deke lessons

I recently got Deke's one-on-one and am having difficulty loading the lessons and saving them to a Zip disc (or in some other convenient place) for easy access so that I can continue this little adventure of learning the CS5 basics. I must be missing an important step some place. We are talking about pages xvi ... in the Preface. There are no phone numbers in the text for technical assistance.

Is there a benevolent and patience guru-type out there, with a desire to help a forlorn non-geek go through the steps correctly?

If you are willing to help, we can arrange to haved a chat on the phone. I live on the West Coast of the U.S.

With sincere thanks.


Where are you running into problems?

Let me know some specifics. My team is eager to help.

Technique Help

Hey Deke and crew,
newbie to the forum but a huge fan of your lynda.com instructional serie(s). you and orwig are why I've been a member for two years.
I am a low end amateur and have been trying to reverse engineer this particular look for a couple years. I can't quite grasp it. I see it in ad and portraiture work all the time. (the link is from the strobist group on flickr, and one example of the final look)


can you or someone help me to understand what processes are in play here. I don't have a problem doing the work to get to the answer, I just feel I keep going down the wrong roads.

thanks Deke!

That's an HDR Portrait

Two years ago, I made a video on this exact topic. It's an old-school dekePod, so you'll have to prepare yourself for a few minutes of anti-training. Here's the link: Faking an HDR Portrait. On lynda.com, also check my Photoshop CS5 Top 5 (all of which seem to be free to non-subscribers) and Photoshop CS3: Mastering Lab Color courses.


It seemed like it, I just haven't found the right combo of light and technique I guess.
At least I'm on the right path. I'll definitely check out the link. Thnanks again, and I mean this in all honesty, that you've been a great help in my PS development. Your instructional vids are not mere vids on what 'buttons to push' but rather get to the root of what happens at the pixel level. Thanks!

Little offer.

Greetings, mr NOT Dick, but Deke! ^)) I'm from Russia so excuse me my English (that's my third language, so you understand). Neverheless now i'm studying your almost lovely book "Adobe Photoshop CS5 One-on-One". You just give us notions, so we should do the same. I'd like to correct something (in point of spelling check or editing). May be i'll propose you my service as translator to Russian. (In Russia - damn - we haven't of books about Photoshop CS5. No one!)

So, i noticed, that on page 91 of book your organisation missed letter G at the bottom of the page, where answers to lesson 2 appear. Variant 8 without letter. I think you understand.
So you can correct this in e-form of book at least.

Ok. Once more - thank you for your book and, if you're intersted. we could do some promotion of this book in Russia.

Good bye.

Photoshop CS5 One-on-One book

I am working with your new book. Photoshop CS 5 One-on-One, and have downloaded all the Video Lessons. Love the concept / practice of downloading vs. CD/DVD! Unfortunately, Video Lesson 4: Brushes and Painting is an exact duplicate of the content of Video Lesson 5: Layer Manipulations. Anyway to get the correct Video Lesson 4 on Brushes and Painting?


We're not able to recreate your problem

A few of us tried this out, and we all got the Lesson 4 and 5 movies playing properly.

Possibly try clearing your cache or restarting your browser.

Obviously, if there's a problem here, we're interested in resolving it. Thanks for bringing any and all issues to our attention!

You can't recreate what (I recall) does not exist

I recall that this "problem" (or a similar one) came up not that long ago....

There are a "couple" of videos that start out (for some reason) identical for "about" the first minute or so... then get on with the lesson.

If you only viewed the first minute or so of the seond lesson (in this "problem" duo) before deciding it was a dupe.... try letting it play all the way through.

If this is the same two lessons that someone else "complained" about a while back... I think you'll discover that they're just fine.

when will Deke's Techniques go live on lynda.com

Hey Deke - just finishing up one-on-one CS5 Illustrator fundamentals on the lynda.com site, love it. Even though I've been using AI for a while it was great to find out a bunch of tips I didn't know or use in my pre-Deke life. When do you suppose you'll put up AI Advanced (part deux)?

Looking forward to the Deke's Techniques - I'm actually building a logo in the "gold" lettering right now!

Thx. for all you do to make my designing better, not to mention easier! :)

Deke's Techniques

Is going up sometime real soon. Tho I'm not sure exactly when. For example, do we start posting around Thanksgiving, when everyone's full? Or right before the Big Holiday Season, when everyone's still full? Or after New Years, when everybody's made resolutions not to be quite so full (even tho, let's face it, they're still very full)? So hard to decide, but I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, Illustrator CS5 One-on-One: Advanced will be live in a week and change. Again, I'll let you know more when it happens.

Lynda.com Training...

Enjoying your CS4 training series on Lynda.com!

Carl Swagerty
Graphic, Web and Environmental Designer
Dallas, TX


Hi Deke,

You found a hat to fit you yet? That brain of yours must be freakishly large!! :) Thanks for everything... currently studying for CS4 exam (hopefully CS5 ACE exam won't arrive just yet :)

Many thanks


thank you note...

First time I use PS was mid 90's and I totally fall in love with it...

Deke, I would like to thank you for all the great tutorials and well done books... I have them all....

thank you,


Float All In Windows

Hi Deke,

I just upgraded from Photoshop CS2 to CS5. I am Mac platform. Now suddenly all my open Photoshop files disappear from view except for the last file I opened. This is driving me nuts as I like to swap adjustment layers and other elements between images. How can I make the Float All In Windows option permanent so I can view all my open files?

Thanks so much!

first time here

hello i am first time here


Deke - Did you Receive My Thank-you Package?

Hi Deke,

Hop all is well!

I am writing to let you know I mailed you a Thank-you package with several gifts in early August and haven't received delivery confirmation yet -- just want to check to make sure you got it. You might want to call the Post Office and have them re-Deliver the gifts. It was sent USPS Priority mail and perhaps you were on vacation.

For reference, the package is LABEL NO. 9410803699300009880957.

Supposedly it's in Boulder, CO post office and they left a an attempted delivery note for you.

I included items from both Denver while at the HOW Design conference, and Boston.

If you get a chance would you kindly let me know you received it?

Be sure to check out the package -- some cool items in there! You will recognize and appreciate them. I also got some nice shots of Denver and made a photo card for you.

The Photoshop Top 40 Grand Prize winner!
Donna C.

ps. I love all the prizes and plug-ins and everything (although I do wish Photoshop CS5 Keyboard shortcuts would work - they freeze all the time and I use the wrong tool for quite a while/stays on patch after I hit B for brush then realize and have to go back. and undo then redo. ADOBE really needs to fix this, but am still loving all the gifts. Thanks again.)

When will PS5 mastery tutorials be available?

I want to time getting a Premium subscription for when your PS5 Mastery chapters will be available.

Really enjoying 1-on-1 and 1-on-1 Advanced!

Roger Pyle


I have been learning so much from your tutorials on Lynda.com, thank you! I am the photographer for my clothing company Thatsphatonline.com and really need the help with photo shop. I have CS4 and wondered is there a way to create those awesome backgrounds to move a model of my clothing onto with this software or do I need another program?

New User

I am sorry about taking up a little space but i really wanted to contact you Sir and thank you for you REALLY GREAT EXPLANATIONS at your tutorials i have started up this week (even i thought i was good enough in photoshop) i realised even in the first chapter of one-on-one fundamentals that i didnt even know ''nothing'' YOUR english is really nice for me and really understandable! every step explained magnific! just wanted to say thank you indeed! hope you keep on teaching to us with that efficiency and passion! thankyou! this is why i subscribed!!!! hope to learn as much as i can from you!really!
sorry for my english ;)

p.s: i am going to see the advanced and master of photoshop as soon as you publish.. hope you could create something about illustrator cs5(dekekeys ) , what about coreldrow x5 does it exist any of your tutorials about?

InDesign CS5

Hi Deke,

I want to edit an image in photoshop selected via the 'links' panel so that when I have edited the image I can just update the link. The trouble is, when I select the link to edit, the mac takes me direct to 'Preview' for editing. How do I get a direct link to Photoshop for editing. I looked in prefs, nothing obvious...


This is an OS issue

And it sounds like you're on the Mac given that Preview is opening. (You're working with JPEG images? Or TIFF?)

Go to the Finder and select a JPEG or TIFF or whatever file. Choose File > Get Info. Change the Open With option to Photoshop. And click the Change All button to make all such files open in Photoshop.

That should do it. Lemme know if not.

Upgrade to PS CS5

Hi after enjoying CS2 for many years, I have decided that CS5 is the upgrade for me.
I have no experience with upgrading Photoshop as I jumped from Element 4.0 RIGHT TO CS2 as my workflow required.I have quite a few third party plugins and want to know the easiest method for transitioning from CS2 to CS5 and having my plugins come along for the ride!

Adobe CS5 - Adobe Creative

Adobe CS5 - Adobe Creative Suite 5 is a collection of graphic design, video editing, and web development applications made by Adobe Systems.

Make sure they are compatible...

First make sure that your plug-ins are compatible with CS5. A lot has changed from CS2 (not the least of which is 64bit compatability). I would check with your various vendors and make sure that they work. Once that is done, you can copy your plug-ins to a separate folder and once CS5 is installed you can specify which folder additional plug-ins are located in. The check box is under Edit > Preferences > Plug-Ins, then browse to your folder.

As an aside, I recommend installing all your plug-ins in a separate folder so as you upgrade, you only have to point back to this one folder. It also makes it easier to move plug-ins from one computer to the next.

I don't know how deep you went into customizing PS beyond third-party plug-ins, but you would do well to save your tool presets, keyboard shortcuts, color settings, actions, etc. to a central folder for easy import into the new install.

I feel like a moron

Everyone hear is talking about CS5 and I still haven't figured out CS3 yet.

I am a dinosaur.

I am having issues trying to create a header graphic with a jpeg pic and text. :(

verseo epen