What variety of interactive, fee-based educational medium would you like Deke to explore next?

Multicity, all-day Channels & Masks seminar
22% (368 votes)
Weekly one-hour live webinar
60% (1003 votes)
Subscription-based, community-driven support forum
10% (167 votes)
"Vertical" (medical, legal, forensics) tutorials
8% (132 votes)
Total votes: 1670



I've been a sports photographer for 25 years and have always used PC. My recent laptop is IBM Lenovo ThinkPad and since my son works for IBM, I received a discount. I get ragged on all the time for not having an Apple.
If my next laptop is an Apple, how hard (and time consuming) will it be for me to learn its format?
Thanks, Lisa

I am a switcher myself and

I am a switcher myself and have been happily working with MACs for the last 4 years. I now spend more time doing productive work on Photoshop than maintanance work with Scandisk and the lot on a PC. It won't be hard to get to learn the new system and you'll get lots of online tutorials and help. Good luck.


If you switch

the learning curve/time consumption, should be relatively minimal. OS X is very user friendly. Whichever way you decide to go though, go with 64 Bit Processors, and as much RAM as you can afford...

Apple vs PC

Which model would you recommend?




It depends...

Lisa, If your just talking about learning the operating system etc, and migrating to a Mac version of your Adobe creative tools, Mac OS is a breeze. Being a photographer, I am sure your quite savy about the basics, like file structure and hierarchy. Its just about learning the interface which is really easy. In fact, if you contact Adobe, they will usually let you do a media exchange to a new platform (Windows to Mac OS). Also, Word, Excel and Powerpoint are available on the Mac.

The big question is do you use any really important PC centric software (AutoCad, Visio, Microsoft Project) that just doesnt come on the Mac and you have to be compatible for whatever reason. If you do, then you might want to consider setting up boot camp or parallels so you can continue to run Windows. If you want to be a purist, which I highly recommend then Welcome to the team!

Mac OS has really intuitive tools (iLife) for doing most anything you would ever need to do - Burning DVD's, making movies, creating and downloading music, cataloging your photos (iphoto for starters and Aperture for pros - or you can continue to use Bridge or Photoshop Lightroom if you currently are.)

If your a mainly looking to move your workflow to the Mac and do the basics like web browsing, email and basic productivity stuff (word and excel) then you will be up and running in no time!

Hope that helps.


Apple vs PC

Thanks Randy,
There's not a specific Windows program I can't live without.

I use the internet, email, Photo Mechanic, Photoshop CS4, or Lightroom and need an easy accountant program to shows sales, expenses, etc.
Does Apple ever have problems with their DVD/CD? Luckily I still had my warranty, but I've replaced the burner 3 times. Also, I have an extra portable hard drive (Western Digital), do you think it's compatible with Apple?

Last Question: Which Apple laptop should I get? Need alot of room and has to be rugged enough to travel with me on location.

Thanks so much for your help!


Easy Peasy

The DVD drives are reliable but always get the AppleCare, its well worth it. Your bound to have an issue with ultra portable electronics sooner or later and lets face it...any savy computer person can fix a desktop but laptops almost always require a factory repair. The $149 is well worth it.

The portable hard drive should be a no brainer - it should work no problemo!

Now the big question - which computer to buy - here is the skinny. With the most recent upgrades to the MacBooks, they are actually on par with the MacBook Pros in terms of power. What you get with the Pros is an Aluminum body, firewire 800 and a mini PCI port for expansion to an eSata drive. Also, you get the backlit keyboard. In addition you can opt for the 7200 rpm hard drive with the Pros.

In all honesty, most of those options really come into play if your more of a video enthusiast. If you dont work in the dark and you can live without aluminum, that only leaves the sacrifice of the 7200 rpm drive. I think that is a tangible asset but at the end of the day, you have to pay for all of the other goodies in order to get it. If photos are your bag - I wouldnt spend the cash unless frugality is not your concern. I would go with the standard Macbook, add the extra cash into the Applecare, it will have plenty of horsepower for your needs - Now, come over from the DarkSide and be happy!

Cheers Lisa!


3D settings in CS5 grayed out. I have selected layer and am unable to activate 3D. I installed cs5 disk one. Should I have installed something on disk two?

The Duck

Attn: DEKE - Image Size On Pasteboard

I seem to recall that through many versions of PS (including CS4) when an image or PSD file was first opened it occupied “about” two thirds” of the available “pasteboard” regardless of the size (pixels) of the image. Even JPGs that were (for example) 4,200 pixels in width would never [initially] fill the screen... always just that two thirds (or so), complete with that little drop shadow you [Deke] hate.

Now, in CS5, image files (and PSD files) which are larger than “about” 2,400 pixels in width seem to take up almost 95% of that same area (as if one had clicked on the “fill screen” zoom option in previous versions).

Is this just my imagination or is this “new/changed” in CS5 or am I just succumbing to old age and dementia ?



revert raw image settings to original cr2 shot

I wish there was a way to assign some keyboard shortcuts to a few things in Bridge. And what i need most are: Edit > Develop Settings > Clear settings and Edit > Develop Settings > Previous Conversion. This way it would be like a nice F12 - CtrlZ preview.
Is there any way that I could assign some keyboard shortcuts to these commands.
Thank you!
I'm using Windows 7. Forgot to mention.

Contrast Vs Saturation

Hello Deke,

Noobie here. While I am OK on applying the Contrast and Saturation settings to an image, my basic quetsion is
- How do I know whether the Contrast setting or the Saturation setting will help improve the image /?
- For the benefit of all those (ahem.. more specifically "us") techies, how does contrast actually differ from Saturation ?

Would be great if you explain in your usual crisp, advantages/disadav, use/don;t use style.


Changing a single pixel

Would it be correct to say that a single pixel on a flat image can only be adjusted for color (hue) and brightness (luminosity)? The same pixel on a layer could also be adjusted for opacity?

Re: Contrast V. Saturation

From watching the 1-on-1 for PS CS4 I know that Deke recommends using the Brightness/Contrast first, and then use the Vibrance/Saturation on an image. (If I'm remembering correctly
If you're an older version there may not be a Vibrance/Saturation command.
quick understanding of Contrast and Saturation (as far as I come to understand it) Contrast seems to make the image more dim in the negative values and more "radioactive" in the positive values. (you can really see this when going to one extreme to the other) Saturation seems to make things become more grayscale in the negative values (taking away all the colors saturation) to being very warm bright colors in the positive values (adding more saturation to the colors)
I don't think there are really anyway to say one is better than the other, because it really depends on what you're trying to do to an image. When I do Photo retouching I usually use the mask and add the changes I want to different areas. Like I say, it depends on what you're trying to achieve.

Without going to Complex Color Theory

It is easiest to describe saturation as the intensity of the color. Of course, by looking at an image with many colors, you would have to evaluate the saturation of the image by evaluating the colors across several frequency spectrums. Each color basically represents a different frequency of light. So, depending on the image, you may want to correct for saturation across all of the colors or you may want to isolate certain colors.

Contrast can also be expressed more complexly but essentially, it is the difference of the lightness throughout the components in the image. The human eye notices contrast more so than purely luminance. So an image with dramatic shifts in lights and darks draw the eye. Imagine an image where all of the colors had essentially the same lightness values.. there would be no detail left because you would not have any transitions from black to kind of black to less black to dark grey to kind of grey etc. If the transitions between the lightness and darkness values is too dramatic an image becomes cartoony.

Assuming your dealing with photographs and want to reproduce accuracy, you would FIRST adjust saturation to the point that the colors all pop just enough without becoming blown out or unrealistic, then SECOND, increase or decrease your contrast in order to create a nice balance of the lights and darks - where the shadows just fade to black and the highlights just turn to white.

Hope that helps

it is easy to describe

it is easy to describe saturation as the intensity of the color and each each color basically represents a different frequency of light. So, depending on the image, you may want to correct for saturation across all of the colors or you may want to isolate certain colors.
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Digital Design Reality

C'mon Deke,

Lets move into modern times. Its all about competition. Cooking shows, mixed martial arts, dancing with the stars, the bachelor, Deal or No Deal...

I want to see a cage match with you and Bert Monroy, Scott Kelby, Jim Divitale etc and have you guys go at it. Armed with your favorite tools of the trade, you guys have to accomplish a specific task in a specific amount of time. Your judged on Creativity and Time. Looser has to go to work for Total Training.



Cage match

Obviously you missed the big "match" between Russell Brown and Deke at PS World several years ago. It was a one-sided match. Deke wanted to do some esoteric thing with Photoshop and Russell did it postehaste. Deke lost the match right then because his copy of Photoshop did not have the feature…yet. It was a one round, ten second match, so your use of the term "etc". would mean that people like Russell Preston Brown, John Nack, Kevin Connor or any of the other super geeks at Adobe would slip in a mickey and win the match immediately. Take out the Adobe personnel and Bert wins again. Why do you think the NAPP crew "killed" Bert when they did the CSI spoof at another PS World?

I have no idea

What your talking about. I think you took the prospect a little too seriously. Essentially the gist of my comment was that it would be interesting to see different creative minds at work in order to solve real world problems just like in a production environment. And I was taking a little poke at the fact that the guys at Total Training dropped the ball when they started loosing people like Deke.

I just like to see creative people being creative...


I'm obviously behind on the comments

Cuz somehow I missed this one. Made me snort coffee out my nose.

I am honored


I have been with you since version 7. To have been the source of such amusement for one of my Heros (yeah, I said it) is truly an honor. From your nose to my ears bro! God speed.

Randy Out!

I'm with rhkimberlin! We

I'm with rhkimberlin! We wanna see some blood.
But seriously, knowing how each of you approach a problem and how it works in the end, can teach waaay more then a one person view of certain issues.

Thank You

I recently shelled out the cash to buy the Adobe Web Premium package. I completely overestimated my ability to “Pick it up and run with it” in reference to Photoshop. So…I found Lynda.com
I just completed the 1st course (PS Fundamentals one-on-one). Can’t believe how much less intimidated I am..AND the exercise files available at Lynda.com are great!
Thank you!

Danielle C.

Warhol effect

Hi Deke,
I had to do an Andy Warhol effect for my online college class using your tutorial. It turned out awesome. Thanks for the great video. Would love to send it to you.


C'mon Deke, spill the beans on Lynda's CS5 stuff.

It's being unveiled (in Asia-Pacific at least) on April 13 but I still don't see any signs of CS5 courses on Lynda; not even a preview course. I just KNOW you've done some. Top of the hill, king of the heap and all that; it would be impossible for you NOT to have. THAT's the next fee based medium we (or I at least) need you to explore, because I for one have been hanging out for CS5 since I decided to pass on CS4 about 6 months ago and need to know whether it's time to open the wallet.

So give us the skinny Deke, when, when, WHEN????

Content aware fill in CS5

You must have cs5 by now, is the content aware fill as good as it looks in adobes pre-release promotions?

content aware fill?

It's magic... It's mind boggling... How could we live without that one?


Forget all that stuff. Hire a high school kid to set up forums here and have the hottest **** photoshop website around.

I think it looks like the one hour webinars are best right now.

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