What variety of interactive, fee-based educational medium would you like Deke to explore next?

Multicity, all-day Channels & Masks seminar
22% (368 votes)
Weekly one-hour live webinar
60% (1003 votes)
Subscription-based, community-driven support forum
10% (167 votes)
"Vertical" (medical, legal, forensics) tutorials
8% (132 votes)
Total votes: 1670


gimp refugee

learning boatloads about PScs4 at lynda.com , many thanks deke. one function that i use in gimp that i haven't found(it's undoubtedly there somewhere and i'm being thick) the equivalent to in cs4 is the "open as layers"

example : have 2 multi layered psd's, identical line art templates with slightly different landmarks/shading, just need to grab the best layers from both and trash the rest, then save as whatever. open the first normally then open the second "as layers"

gimp result, second set of layers now in the layer panel along with the originals.

googled and tried... control select both + tools>photoshop>load into layers, from the bridge , but they arrive flattened, 2 layers instead of what should have been about 20. also scripts>load files into stack from within cs4, again they arrive flattened.

probably dead simple, explained fully already/or in upcoming lessons at lynda.com.

many thanks for any suggestions

yeah um... nevermind

found it, please don't point and laugh... much :)

Custom Shape Tool

Show us what Photoshop has to offer under the hood as a graphics program Deke. (:

need a specific tutorial

I work at an arboretum. I laughed when I went through your masking tutorial on Lynda.com and you said "try to shoot your image against a contrasting background." I photograph a lot of trees. Trees in forests. Can't move them and can't put up a drop behind them lol.

I would love to be able to separate specific trees from their background (and plants, grasses, etc.).
You can see my problem. Same color, same tones, same foliage.

Any suggestions?


to love the Pen Tool... lol


Good one!
btw - I consider myself the queen of the pen tool.
; )


I would like to use Queens of the pen tool how much for this ? :-)

Concrete Contractors NYC Bronx Brooklyn Queens Manhattan Yonkers jbsconcretenyc.com

I love the pen tool, but . . .

We all know that aztech has an excellent sense of humor. And you (jackie@holden) must, too, to LOL at the idea of selecting a tree with the pen tool. The very notion--and I say this as a loving 25-year veteran of the tool--makes me cry deep deep oh-so-very-deep inside. You could ask King Kong or another 25-foot friend to throw a Blue Screen in back of your plant life. But I'm thinking sky. Any way to shoot your foliage against a clear blue sky? I'm imagining extreme, camera-in-the-dirt low-angle. A little work behind the camera makes for a world less hurt in Photoshop. I'm just sayin' (if only to hear myself type).


Got lots of those extreme views shots so I know what you're saying. 99% of the time I am shooting for a beautiful landscape shot and so need all of the surrounding greenery. That 1% is when I want to do something "artsy fartsy" lol. If I'd like to use a specific specimen of tree and play with filters or illustrator to create "art" lol, that's when I need to separate the foliage.

I'm really enjoying your Lynda tutorials. I've been working in Photoshop since you had to use channels to create a drop shadow, and YET, can still learn something new every day by cracky!


I must be getting slow. I have spent hours/days/weeks now on Lynda.com enjoying but not absorbing Deke's tutorials so as to be able to apply concepts to my specific concerns. I feel my problem is a combination of frustration with too many "short-cuts" and wanting a means to speak to some one about my specific problems.
Is there a one-on-one solution to my frustration. I am looking for a one-on-one situation to interact in person or via Internet to address very specific concerns and thereby apply all that the tutorials explain but end up not working for specifics. I have tried PhotoshopForum but this is too generalize. I would like to work with an expert like Deke.

Umm, I'd advocate

asking a specific question pertaining to a specific issue you are trying to resolve, right here where you made your broad all encompassing query; you may be surprised and find the solution you seek.

Hell, I watched the Topless Chef the other day, and would love to have her come cook me an omelet in the morning, but let’s be real here.

What are you trying to achieve?


I was not sure you were responding to my frustration, but your last comment was what are you trying to achieve?
I have a portrait with the lower part of the faces "corrupted" by a dark purple shadow. Since the rest of the faces are separated by a rather sharp edge because of the shadow, I have tried multiple approaches without success: color range, channel based mask. None of these allows me to create a selection limited to the shadow so I can begin to modify the purple shadow to more natural flesh tones and then blend/average. It would be easier to submit the image but I don't think that is an option. Thanks if you can help.


Use the Pen Tool to select the trouble area(s) as a path, load the path as a selection Give it a good feather. Then adjust the Levels, Hue Saturation. Then use the Eyedropper and select color next to shadow and Brush over selection with blend mode set to overlay (play with opacity, I had mine at < 50%).

I got a descent result with a bad face shadow this way.

Of course I recommend waiting for Deke to give you the proper procedure.... hey Deke, can you have a talk with the topless chef for me, see if you can get her to provide a bit better one on one service... lol

Good luck lon.sherman!

Want to see more tutorials on graphics

I use Fireworks to create my graphics for my websites. I am trying to learn Photoshop and Illustrator so that I am more marketable for a corporate position. I am also a member of Lynda.com but most of your tutorials are based on tweaking photos. I realize that Photoshop is being used for graphics of all types now and I would really like to see some tutorials from you creating simple to intricate graphics for websites using such things as interesting brushes that are available out on the Internet. Just an idea.

Please No

Since Deke loves to have everyone vote on (almost) everything... as far as the request for “more” on “drawing” in Photoshop... my vote is:

Please NO (or.. “I hope not”).

I would not presume to speak for everyone here... but I’d venture to say that “most” people (at least on a pro or semi-pro level) who get involved with Photoshop do so because it is called “photo” shop (not drawshop or illustrate shop or even connect the dots shop). While one “can” do some extremely nifty and intricate “illustrations” in PS (and many Deke’s tutorials have to do with creating fantastic magazine covers and the like)... it’s “primary” reason for existence is to aid in the manipulation, correction, modification, enhancement, etc, etc, ad nauseam of photographic images.

There is another very talented fellow (the one with the hugely over inflated ego... Deke knows who I mean) whose “photoshop” website and videos are now almost exclusively dealing with things other than photographic imagery as he meticulously “designs” (brick by brick and pixel by pixel) entire cities within PS. I gave up on that site for just that reason.

I’m sure I’ll get flamed, lashed and thoroughly trounced upon for this rant and my negative vote... just try to be gentle with the first few lashes.

also disagree

that Photoshop is only for photos. I do use it for improving photos but Lightroom has made that less of a need, and much easier to use for normal photo work. When I need to do something special with a photo, like add graphics or change backgrounds or a hundred other graphic design operations, the file goes to Photoshop.

Also, it can do a wonderful job on graphics and I don't need to spend another $000 for a design tool -- I recently did a 7 by 11 foot trade show display in Photoshop -- 2GB files -- that I could then split into the 6 vertical pieces for the display and print. And a few minutes later I was back at some photo work. Even with all that capability, it is as fast as Lightroom at completing operations. So I don't see a need to thin it down -- it would just be less capable and no quicker and likely cost 75% of what Photoshop does.

I agree with you, drjack. In

I agree with you, drjack. In fact, I think Adobe should streamline Photoshop only for image manipulation; that would make the program leaner, faster, etc. Adobe should take the rest of the program and develop it into a separate program, calling it something new.


Adobe already has streamlined photo manipulation programs; lightroom and Camera Raw, you can do colour adjustments including local adjustements, and basic retouching. But if you want to do composites and use photoshop for masking you're using the tools that make it so useful in design(I would even venture that adobe makes far more money off people buying the program for design and composites than just photo manipulation).


It's name may be a little outdated, photoshop is used as much professionally for design as it is for photo manipulation. Using photoshop for just photos uses only a portion of what the program is capable of.

Wow! I just learned more in 8 hours...


Glad I found you on Lynda! I just cruised through the top 40 of Photoshop...man did I learn some stuff. Time to go back to basics and watch your whole set on Lynda!!
Thanks Deke

Russ Clarke


Glad to hear I roped you in!

With all due respect to gods everywhere...

Deke, you are a god! I've already worked my way through about 95% of your Photoshop CS4 course at lynda.com (all three levels!), and wanted a break. So, I started in on your Illustrator course. I've used Illustrator before and thought I was reasonably proficient in the basics. Well, all I can say is that I'm only halfway through your Fundamentals title and I've learned more stuff than you can shake a vector at. This course absolutely rocks! I just had to tell you how much more productive and fun you are making my work!


Hi, I just wanted to say that your DVD course on cs2 got me started, way back when, with PS and I haven't looked back. Looking forward to getting more of your insightful training. I am way ahead of many of my friends who have been at it much longer. You kept my from getting frustrated with your "best" ways of doing things, and the "don't ever" type warnings.

Licencing for Schools

Hi Deke,

I need info about using your tutorials in class. Where can I find costs for site licences or educational pricing?? I'm particularly interested in CS4 Photoshop essentials at this point.


Are you talking about the books or the videos?

Where the books are concerned, we just ask that students buy their own copies. (I have no issue with teachers working from my lessons.) For videos, lynda.com offers educational and site licenses. I can hook you up with a contact.

Bernhard Modern Standard fonts missing

Maybe I am blind and missing something but I don't find the Bernhard Modern Standard fonts I am told to copy from the CS4 Contents disc in Deke's InDesign CS4 one-on-one book.

Thank you!!!

Just wanted to say thank you for the awesome training on lynda.com. I purchased CS4 a few weeks back and had tooled around enough to teach myself the basics but your training is really giving me the detail I truly need. I just finished Fundamentals and can't wait to finish the next two in the One on One series. I have one computer open with the training and another open working along with it and it's been fantastic.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Excellent job!


Just wanted to say....

I've been fooling around with Photoshop for years and picked up your Photoshop CS4 Channels & Masks One-on-One book three days ago. I have worked STRAIGHT THROUGH to lesson 9 so far. My husband thinks I've been eaten by my computer.

I have learned more in the past three days than in the past 4 years combined. Well written, comprehensive, easy to follow, great video intros. You've just earned yourself another "groupie."

When I finish this book, I'm moving on to the rest. THANK YOU!

Rebecca Pennington
"Find something you love & call it work."

You think that's good?

Hi sonesta,
The book's awesome but Deke also put out a video series he recorded in CS3. All in all it's over 30 hours of amazing detail, you can find it here-
Essentials - http://www.lynda.com/home/DisplayCourse.aspx?lpk2=468
Advanced - http://www.lynda.com/home/DisplayCourse.aspx?lpk2=506
It includes chapters that didn't make it into the book!

Thank you so much!

That was an elaborate book to make. (You know, lots of pieces and junk.) So nice to know it's working for you!

Welcome to the group, "groupie."