What variety of interactive, fee-based educational medium would you like Deke to explore next?

Multicity, all-day Channels & Masks seminar
22% (368 votes)
Weekly one-hour live webinar
60% (1003 votes)
Subscription-based, community-driven support forum
10% (167 votes)
"Vertical" (medical, legal, forensics) tutorials
8% (132 votes)
Total votes: 1670


The next educational frontier.

I'm liking the idea of branching out into other fields, and I'd like to posit a possible idea. Airdrop Deke into vast tracts of wilderness armed only with Photoshop, a Wacom tablet, and his stunning knowledge of shortcut keys, and put him to the test to see how well he can Photoshop random assignments sent to him under the pressures of also trying to survive the elements (real ones, not PSe.)

I saw some Adobe TV clip somewhere that said Shift + Ctrl F can start fires, and Shift+Ctrl+Alt W can shoo away woodland creatures under 15 lbs. I fogot the shortcut for the ones over that.



Hey, I need a new podcast idea

That could be it!

(My personal guess for the next Top 40 feature was Shoe Phone. Isn't actually in Photoshop, but that's what I want.)

Evaluating Color

I'd love to see Deke talk about how he evaluates color in an image for correction. I'm taking the Lynda course on color correction now but I'd like to see Deke's take.

In the Advanced one-on-one there was a great chapter that dealt with an underwater image that was amazing to follow along but what I struggled with was just understanding the plain ol' color aspects of it.

I followed the method but had trouble with the evaluation.

How about Color Separations in Photoshop

For the often neglected Silk Screen Artist

Spot Color Sep?
Four Color Process Sep?
Simulated Color Sep?
Index Sep?

I believe if anybody could pull this off clear and concise it will be you Deke :)

Art and Paintings

Thanks for sharing...

Forestry Research with Blur Average Filter

The blur average filter in PhotoShop is very useful for forestry or agricultural research.
To test the relative efficacies of various growing media, we desktop grayscale scan the dried roots of saplings.
Then apply Blur Average the scan to measure a correlated values for root densities and size, a valuable method used in conjunction weighing the specimens

Cool Design Effect with Paint pouring over the body

I came across a website featured in a design magazine. I believed it is a retouched photo that a woman pouring a bucket of paint over her body. I've been wondering how this is achieved? Deke, I think it is no challenge to you, but if you can teach me the technique.


I'm no Deke, but...

I believe it's as simple using the legs to create a mask, than applying a dripping paint picture using this mask to kinda clip the paint effect over the legs.... after that, some retouching for effect.

There might be tons of way to do that... but it's a simple job!


MSF-need more information.

Not in to the theme

I was just wondering, that what mouse do you use? Or what mouse do you reccomend? I want to buy new one, but it has to be wireless. Any recomendations?

Blend Modes


What happened to the hope you had once given us to have all the blend modes explained mathematically? Can we no longer look forward to that? :((

It doesn't seem like the "12 months" rule at Lynda.com should apply to ginormous programs like Photoshop - there's always something left to explore, even after 12 months, even after 12 years. Maybe you could make a Blend Modes series with some other company, like Total Training?..

I was so looking forward to the Blend Modes series, much more than the Smart Objects one...

webinar vs city seminar

As a retired guy on a bit of a budget my preferences are to some extent determined by price, so it's hard for me to vote. The city thing would mean a possible hotel room and travel which can add a few bucks ! But I have to admit a seminar with a live person in front adds something. I got to go to a reasonably local Photoshop all day seminar a few years ago and enjoyed it immensely ( and Deke wasn't even there! ) so .... I STILL can't make up my mind.

Interactive Fee Based Medium

This is tough because Deke does such a good job on Lynda.com I don't know what else I'd learn at an all day Channels & Masks gig. I mean if I could squirrel away the time I might just take a lap top somewhere and go through that course on Lynda.Com. But if it was going to be substantially different than a course I'd certainly go and that would've been my vote vs the fee based support forum. Which on second thought if it was "community driven" aka pooling ignorance without authoritative moderation... I probably wouldn't do it. Weekly Webinar - scheduling nightmare unless I could play it back anytime. Again... Deke you do such good work and via Lynda.Com I can just "pull your string" anytime I want. And I do believe me.
NOW if you left Lynda.Com and struck out on your own... COUNT ME IN BUDDY I'm there for you. You leave the reservation I follow.

By the way. I christened you "Reverend Deke" a couple years back but that title is no longer adequate. Henceforth you are Bishop Deke in the Church of Photoshop. Cardinal is no doubt a short bit down the road.

Which interactive, fee-based educational medium -- ?

Nothing for which I have to make an appointment.

I prefer things like the forum option, that are 'fault tolerant' of my crazy schedule and unexpected last-minute obligations.

school or no school

This is the thing I just finished 11 years with a great non profit. I loved it but what I loved most was graphic design. I can't get enough. Took a class at a local college using your book Adobe Photoshop CS4 one-on-one. I am currently starting to do freelance stuff. I want to do this the rest of my life the harder the better the more changeling the more frustratingly fun with victory in the end it is heaven. But I am a late graphic design bloomer. Should I go get the degree or just keep learning on my own? By the way lived in Moscow in the 90's great place lots of incredible artists you should be proud of your reward.

Go for the best..

I guess, it would be great if you'll just get a degree, instead of to learn by yourself. That was more effective and you can be more sure that you can really learn a lot.

Both sides are good

I am a designer with 12+ years experience and proficiency in several Adobe and Microsoft apps. I learned some things in class but so much more on my own through books, websites and more. I instruct courses now in design and I teach so much more beyond the books. Sign up for as many email newsletters as you can!

Check out:

Before and After Magazine
Layers magazine
Creative Pro

and more

Adobe CS4 Bridge

I'm quit new to Deke's web-site, in terms of familiarity & experience. Would you please recommend where I might go to find out how to install Bridge.

I live in Portugal & not many people, that I know, are involved enough in photo editing, printing, etc. to have CS4.

As an aside I would mention I cannot believe Microsoft would "freeze" out Adobe PS7 with their Vista program. BUT to quote I don't know who,"don't listen to Microsoft just watch what they do".

A prompt, inexpensive source to solve my query will get you an invite to visit us- as soon as it stops raining.

Happy Holidays & thanks for your assistance & consideration.

Marvin Baer


one hour that is cool nice

One Hour - Now that's Awesome!

Hey Deke,

I love your teaching style! I am in a Photoshop Group that is making our way through the Channels & Masks One-on-One book and it's cool comparing notes from time to time.

My watching the movie "Julie & Julia" gave me the idea for writing a blog about working through your book - I named it "The Masking Mystique of Deke" - I hope to do a respectable of pointing to your book and making people that didn't take note before say hey 'maybe I've got to buy the book!'

I do like the idea of an hour lesson a week - it looks like your fate is being mapped out for you my friend! Take care.

Mike Ducey

Well don't keep it to yourself

Give us the URL.

Okay, hmm, if I'm the high-pitched Julia, who is my Julie? And since my name is monosyllabic and so impossible to shorten, what might be the title? Deke and D'uh?

(BTW, my cooking sucks. In real life--if, indeed, there is such a thing--I'm much better at washing the dishes.)


Go for whatever you fancy. One thing you are is always entertaining (and sometimes informative.)

It's nice...

It's nice...

Bring me some...

Wait... we could get some Deke once a week for an hour? My wife is going to throw me out!!!