What would you like Deke to be?

A dancing bear with a mustache.
33% (64 votes)
An aardvark in a bear costume.
28% (55 votes)
A bear who took a rest and shaved his mustache.
39% (76 votes)
Total votes: 195


just want to say...

I just recently started to watch a total training photoshop lesson by Deke (I'm new to the program and a teacher at particular pc software myself) and I just wanted to say I quickly became a big admirer of your teaching ability. I'm just charmed! Congratulations!!!! Teaching is obviously your thing!

What's his chest hair like, I wonder?

Perhaps he could do some creative chest hair shaving instead? http://afrojacks.com/pics/pics-gallery?func=detail&id=416#joomimg :-D

Now that's what I call research!

And it confirms my suspicions that I need to switch out this particular insipid version of Decide Deke's Fate at my earliest convenience. (I intended it as a silly test to see if people, like schoolchildren, have a natural propensity to select the final option. My poll is hardly scientific. But so far the last option -- despite much protest from the anti-shaving activists -- is in fact leading.)

That's nuts.

I chose the aardvark option, because I love the word aardvark. But I'm going to be paying a lot closer attention to how polls are structured from now on. Very strange.

I also like the word

I also like the word aardvark ;)

all I can say

is "yikes!"

"Oh My God" Deke! Noooooo

Deke don't do it. You of all people understand that a work of Art should not be altered or manipulated...On the other hand you have always been somewhat of a rebel...

People won't recognize you

People won't recognize you without the beardy bit. You'd then have to do a "new look relaunch"


Men need their beard to state their manliness, those who shave has fallen to the feminine side. Those I know who shave. Are afraid of their girlfriend, and have nothing to say, but to obey their command. I Denmark the manly race is almost extinct, the Females are the dominants. Example: our prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen is controlled by a woman; Pia Kjaersgaard (Denmark has the worst government ever)

Southern Style

You could shave the chin and keep the stash and that little patch under the lower lip. Tough guy look.

NO shaving!

No moustache shaving or beard shaving! They look too good! Oh, and by the way, I've been going through severe dekePod withdrawal for way too long now... even the rehab won't admit me any more! Need more dekePods!!!! And cowbell!

Don't shave your mustache!

It's far too handsome. :-D