What would you like Deke to do?

Create more irreverent podcasts.
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Write more educational books.
17% (317 votes)
Film more comprehensive videos.
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your book photoshop CS4 one on one

Your book Adobe photoshop CS4 one on one is a treasure I am working my way through the huge learning curve. However I have damaged the disc and it will not play so I can't do the lessons.Is there any way I can download the lessons or get a new disc

I agree with you.

I agree with you.

Adding a custom path of the blend

I am watching this tutorial on Lynda.com. I see you blending two small paths and then you add a curves path. I see the objects in the blend spaced out equally but when I do it the spaces between the object are unequal. Spaces are smaller at the start and then increases at the end.

Am I doing anything wrong here?


hi deke i've watched a lot

hi deke
i've watched a lot of your videos at lynda.i've learned so much from you.please make some more videos on align subject for both illustrator and photoshop.i watched your intermediate illustrator course and is very good but i wish you explain more on the fundamental of align and reference point.

The other key thing is that

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Fortunately there are

Fortunately there are various resources available to assist when troubleshooting or even just trying to gain a better understanding of how the setup online fashion works.

After Effects Series on Lynda.com?

Hey Deke,

How about an After Effects Series on Lynda.com? Essentials-Master?

Cutout filter

hi deke,
could you explain how the cutout filter in photoshop works (what algorithms does it use) or is there another way of achieving the same effect without using filters so i can control the final look

PS CC 3D Courses

Please consider adding an extensive PS CC - 3D course on Lynda com. All of your courses on Lynda com are excellent. Thanks

best practice workflow for illustrator cs5 not working


I'm following the instructions in the CS5 one-on-one for the best practices workflow. When I try to install it the message I'm getting is that it's not recognized; the csf file. Please help.



When you have a job opening please let me know

I would be honored to work & learn from you.


I know there must be an easier way...

I'm working on a project in Illustrator with 7 rows of 7 square boxes. The first box is 100% black, the one after that slightly lighter, the next a little more lighter… until the last box in the last row is 100% white. I'm going crazy with the eyedropper on a black and white gradient trying to fill each box. I know there must be a trick to fill all these boxes with the exact shade of gray. What is it?

there is an easier way


try this

1) make two boxes spaced a fair way apart, one black, one white
2) select and blend them, change the blend to specified steps = 47 (ie 2 original +47 = 7*7)
3) expand appearance
4) ungroup
5) move them into place.. the most tedious part of the process but doesn't take that long.

dekester has a technique for blending somewhere that will help

so easy

Richo - Thank you, thank you. Worked beautifully. I've never used that Blend tool but I knew there was an easier way.

rgb to cmyk conversion

When I get ready to send my magazine to the printer I resize and convert my photos to cmyk when I've got the final layout. Question - does exporting to cmyk through InDesign work as well as converting to cmyk in Photoshop? It would be a lot quicker to select the photos through ID and export them than to write down the size of each box and do it in PS, but don't know if it's converted as well (hoping Adobe uses the same in both programs)

Also would like to know your thoughts on using Acrobat to convert to cmyk in final preflight.


Hey Deke

Wondering how you export through ID. Do you do each photo as an individual export (save as jpg, cropped, cmyk) and then re-import, or is there a script? or do you use acrobat to do the conversion?

How to do this in Illustrator

Hi Deke,

Please look at the logo of Things Remembered (http://www.thingsremembered.com/home.jsp in illustrator)? I would like to better understand how to do the ribbing around the outside and the 3d effect of the lettering. It looks similar to a coin. If you already have a tutorial of this, please point me in that direction.


Tutorial Request

Can you figure out a way to create this in Illustrator or Photoshop or both? It seems easy but it's not and it might be interesting.


Elliot Harris
Digital Art and Design Instructor
Sacramento New Technology High School

Missing Feature Requests (aka - Things only Deke knows)

I really enjoy all you do and appreciate your selfless contributions. I was *tinkering* with Illustrator (as I usually do), and was confronted with some tasks that (I thought) should have been elementary. I've listed them below to get your expert feedback:

1. Glyphs in the character map panel should be *drag-n-dropable.* as editable symbols either to the artboard or directly to the symbols panel.

2. Bulk symbol creation, for example, selecting a group of font alternates, converting to outlines, then dragging the group to the symbol panel creating individual symbols. Also, (or in-lieu of) a right-click menu item for *create symbol library from selection* would be deke-a-lish.

3. A single-click align solution (I have an action). Perhaps with modifiers for *to selection* and *to artboard.*

4. Context menu for a combined *Align and Distribute* when working with a group of items within a specified area.

5. Auto-kern/lead dissimilar sized words between guides or within a marquee selection, etc... (working on a tedious Kenetic Type project).

6. *Always-on* or Global color palettes instead of document based (probably something I'm missing) :)

7. A more *Photoshop-like* foreground/background color well, where the background color is the Stroke color. Also, left-click a swatch to fill with foreground color and right-click to set stroke. In addition, once the eyedropper is selected you could click an object to set the foreground and ctrl or alt-click to set the background (or stroke).

I'm sure I'll bump into more *Why can't I just _____________* dilemmas as I continue to explore the program, but I do thank you for your time.

Sincerely, [m9]

A very thoughtful list, Motor9

A list worth having Deke review then sending the leftovers to Adobe. Thanks for your thoughts.

Actions & Automations

Is there anything new in CS6 about Actions and Automations? Or do you think the CS2 18hour and 18 minute tutorial is the way to go to answer any and all challenges that arise when one is saving time for Adult Libations?

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rotate multiple 3d layers simultaniously photoshop cs6

I would like to see this in either photoshop or illustrator, either here, or on lynda.com.

Illustrator layers help

I am learning Illustrator CS4 Fundaments on Lynda.com. This maybe a stupid question but: how do I get the layers to remain the same row size each time I open the program? I change the row size each time from medium to other pixel size of 40, however the next time I open a document the row size goes back to the previous size. Also, is there a way to get the entire suite (I am using the CS5 Masters Collection) to all have the same layer row size?

Same as CS4

I have the same problem as "CS$ best workflow"


Technique idea maybe?

Deke, sorry to bother you again (honestly sorry :))
But maybe you'll be interested to make a technique about that flying paint waves, 'cause I really have no idea how to achieve it and maybe some people too.

http://cinema5.ru/sites/all/images/flying_paint.jpg <<-- flying paint waves example

Or, if not, could you tell, please how to do it or how that thing called properly so I could try to find a tutorial about it?

What do you think?

Help - creating text images

I have been searching all week for a "how to" from your site and on Lynda.com for how to create text in the shape of an images.

I have found numerous images on deviant art that are shaped like photographs of people when I searched for typography images. They are amazing, but I dont know how to do them. I would love to learn how.

I am so frustrated with Lynda.com's search ability. If only you could get a peek at what it is you are wanting to create. Like me, I dont know the term for the technique and have to sort for hours through various videos to find what I desire to create and often come up empty handed. I would love a peek of an image or icon to hint what you are creating in the videos and save wasted time sorting especially when that time could be used for creating.


This is an example of the image I am refering to:

Reorganizing Keywords


I'm new to Photoshop. I started using the Bridge and adding keywords for about 1000 pictures taken at my daughter's recent wedding. Only part way through and the list of keywords under people alone has grown to over 60. I realize now that the list would be more manageable if I grouped each of the people into a group with the individuals as sub items e.g. there are several different families or organizations represented and it might be easier to group accordingly.

To be clear right now I have persons A,B,C,D,E,F,G etc. and they belong to family 1, 2, 3 so that I might have Family 1, A,D,E,G; Family 2, B,C; Family 3, F etc. Same number of people but subgrouped. This would also help because usually families at events tend to stick together so that opening a phot and Family 1, might be enough.

Problem is that I don`t see how to move the keywords without creating lot of work. The bottom line is How do I work with keywords to reorganize them after initial use without having to recategorize each and every photo. It seems like an impossible chore to recognize and organize such things in advance.

Idea for a Technique to Teach!

Hi Deke! I know you've done the shooting star... but I would love if you could teach how to create Fireworks in Illustrator and/or Photoshop. I've been fiddling with using a starburst and then adding some filters to get a noise affect, with a gradient and then using the wind affect to make it look like its drooping down...but I think it could be better... Thanks in advance!! :)

Thanks for the suggestion!

I'll add it to my list.

CS5 One on one book

Hi Deke,

Thanks for the awesome book, I love it but have a problem. The Lesson 9 Folder is not allowing me to open the HDR folder because the folder name is the same as the file names. I can not complete the Dark Interiors practice needed for school because mini bridge will not open the files, any suggestions? You can email me at karickman@pstcc.edu if you want.

Thank you