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Hmm, not having that problem

For one thing, the filenames and the folder name (including subfolder names) are different. Are you working from the JPEGs? (Better idea when trying this for the first time.)

But to my knowledge, folder naming is not a concern for the Mini Bridge or full Bridge.

I tried but can't replicate the problem on my end. Can you post the exact error message?

Purchasing a laptop for CS5

Hey Deke, I would really appreciate your input on my dilemma!

I am considering purchasing a laptop to use it as my main tool for graphics design. Here are the laptop specs:

Processor Intel® Pentium® P6100
Processor frequency (GHz) 2 Ghz
Cache processor (KB) 3 MB L3 cache
Working memory (GB, RAM) 3 GB DDR3
Memory frequency (MHz) 1066 MHz
Memory moduls 1
Max memory 2 module, 4 GB
Hdd capacity (GB) 320 GB
Weight with battery (Kg) 2,6 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H mm) 381 x 253 x 25 / 34 mm
OS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Battery 6 celule
Autonomy 3.5 h

Audio stereo
Screen technology HD Acer CineCrystal LED LCD
Screen (inch) 15.6"
Optimal resolution (pixels) 1366x768 px
Video Memory (MB) 128 MB
Video Card Intel HD Graphics
Integrated video cam 1,3 MP
Optical unit yes

Modem no
Wireless Acer Nplify 02.11b/g/n
Ports 3 x USB 2.0, RJ-45 (NIC), 1 x VGA, 1 x RJ45, 2-in-1 integrated Digital Media Reader, 1 x HDMI
Network Ethernet 10/100 Mbps LAN


The thing is, my friend uses this laptop to great success but with CS4 (both Illustrator and Photoshop). As I have purchased CS5 already (currently using it on my desktop machine, Q6600 quad core 2.4 GHz, 2 gb ram, 500gb hdd, Geforce 8600 256 ram), I want to make sure it will run on this laptop before spending my money on it. The main use for PS would be to add a nice touch to my Illustrator design, like effects which are more tedious or not possible to achieve. Thanks a lot Deke!

Looks okay to me

My favorite item on this list is "Modem no." After long and careful thought, I believe you can do without a modem.

Otherwise, I've been using CS5 on about a dozen systems, many far inferior than the one you outlined. I won't promise that you'll never crash or nothing will go wrong---in fact, I'm sure you and it will (problems invariably arise)---but my guess is that generally speaking you'll be fine.

Creative Suite programs

I had Adobe Creative Suites CS4 already installed on a mac I purchased, no disks. I found a CS5 version through Craigslist, quite inexpensive, disks are guaranteed, so they say. I'd like to put them on my computer, will the CS5 overwrite the CS4, what if they don't work and I end up with nothing. Can I leave my CS4 on the computer until I see if the CS5 works?


My experience, mind you

Is that you can install a new version of the Creative Suite without any harm whatsoever to the old one(s).

That said, I'm assuming that your version of the Craigslist CS5 and its serial numbers are authentic. Furthermore, this is merely my experience. No guarantees. Every upgrade requires a leap of faith. Back everything up first. Etc.

PS problem, old AGFA photograph and it is all violet or purple.

I have not seen any title for this PS problem that I have.

I have scanned an old AGFA photograph and it is all violet or purple.
There is information in all color channels but whatever I do I can‚t recover it.
It could be hard to recover it but I think it‚s possible with the right procedure.

If it‚s possible to recover it this is the forum that have the PS procedure.
Can you help me?



2 versions of photoshop

Hi Deke, i'm a premium member of lynda.com you truly are the master. I just wanted to ask, i upgraded from photoshop cs4 extended to photoshop cs5 extended and that's fine and dandy. Now though my computer has 2 versions of photoshop, can i delete cs4 now and only leave cs5 on my computer, to save RAM, or will that stop cs5 from working?

Will you at anytime on lynda.com show how to use 3d in the extended version? And one final question, hope that's not cheeky of me, i use window vista, but when i open the 'open dialougue" box in photoshop, there is no thumbnail preview, only the title and the PS logoo. If i right click and select preview, it brings up vistas version to preview the file, i've tried absolutely everything!!

Keep up the good work Deke, it's very, very appreciated!! There doesn't seem to be a contact field on your site where you can ask questions, so i've had to bung this inbetween other blogs, so i hope it gets to you.
Many, many thanks in advance.


You can according to John Nack

Earlier this year John had a blog post stating that you can uninstall a previous version of Photoshop after you upgrade. If you want to move the previous version to use another computer, be sure to deactivate it before uninstalling.

I couldn't find the exact post John made but I did find this one.

"Upgrading Photoshop doesn’t require a previous installation"


Tresure Trove Configurator and Channels + Masks Configurator

William L. (Frank) Collins
Will Treasure Trove and the Channels + Masks Configurators work in PSCS5?????

I have both the Channels + Masks and the PSCS4 Books and the Disks that accompany them.....

Thanks for your help...

InDesign CS4

Hi...can anyone help with what I am sure is a basic problem?

I want to create a text frame in colour - also using the opacity command - however, whenever I reduce the opacity of the colour - the text also becomes translucent - which is not what I want - I want the text to stay bold, whilst reducing the translucency of the text frame.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.



Hi, RobMA.
Instead of applying the transparency directly, select the text frame and choose the menu command "Object/Effects/Transparency...". In the resulting dialog box, be sure to target the "Fill" for the command (in the drop-down menu "Settings for"), then set the transparency to the value you want. It will only affect the text frame's transparency, leaving the text itself alone.
Good luck!
Eduardo Moura
zero/27 design

HELP!..InDesign CS4

"How can I align my text CENTRALLY and VERTICALLY within the text box - meaning the same amount of white space above and below the text itself? I don't want to change the size of the text frame, as they all have a effect on the frame edges."

What I meani s - I don't want the actual TEXT to be vertical!.......I mean centrally, horizontally within the text frame.....god, I hope this makes more sense!

Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated - and many thanks in advance.


Hello, RobMA. Select the

Hello, RobMA.
Select the text frame and choose the menu command "Object/Text Frame Options". In the dialog, select "Center" for the "Vertical Justification". That's it.
Good luck!
Eduardo Moura
zero/27 design

HELP!..InDesign CS4

Hi all,

Am a new member here so please bear with me - and try and 'picture' my description of a problem I am having.

Ok, well, I have a text frame with text already inserted.
The text frame is exactly the same size as others in my document to create an overall consistency.
However, there is slightly less text in this one than the others.

Ok, now I know I can very easily align the text right/left/centre HORIZONTALLY - no problem.....but my problem is,

How can I align my text CENTRALLY and VERTICALLY within the text box - meaning the same amount of white space above and below the text itself? I don't want to change the size of the text frame, as they all have a effect on the frame edges.

An yadvice/help would be greatly appreciated - and many thanks in advance.


Hope this makes sense!

H E L P !!!!! (InDesign)

I only just started working with InDesign CS4, and have just over a month to re-create a small catalog for my employers... with minor changes.
I was watching the tutorials on lynda.com, but am very confused on termanlogy, and how the master pages work... There is the icon for one page, or 2, on the masters, and not sure how to set it up...
My next feat will be to work with the previous version of the catalog...
I have designed a new cover page, and a new background... the rest of it, I have no idea of what I'm doing... I need to add a page, but don't know how to do that, and alter or delete some text which I can do.
I have no idea how to work with the older files to cut down on the work I have to do, or just create a new catalog...
If anyone can please help me, I would GREATLY appreciate any and all help!!!

Jamie Beall
Oceanside Images

Shadow on Subject-

Photographs for editing in Photoshop CS3

I would like to remove shadows on the face of my subject. Some of these shadows run across the middle of the face. Is there any way that this could be done? Do I need to be looking at any 3rd party software? Please help.


Photoshop CS5 - Bridge

In cs5 Bridge can changes made to raw files (eg. rating, Adj's, crop etc.) be saved as a backup if needed, and if so, how to do this and also apply the backup. I had a power blackout whilst working in Bridge, and " ALL " the bridge files were defaulted back to their original RAW state. I realise I can save individual folders as such, but I would like to backup ALL my bridge image changes on a regular basis. Is this possible.
I am using Windows Vista 64 bit and PS 32/64 bit. Also have LR. Prefer PS Bridge as workhorse.
(Bugger) kk

CS2 One-on-One Exercises

Some years ago I bought a student copy of Photoshop CS2 (I know, right out of the stone age) and better late than never I've decided to learn it. Everything was going well until I reached lesson 10 and the Election.psd exercise. Deke glosses over the creation of the blue segment and the red and white stripes making an American flag but I have been trying to re-create them by myself and failing most miserably. Can someone tell me the process used to make the two layers, field and stripes?

Adobe Photoshop CS3

Hello! I bought the book in Australia and am now living in Brazil. I was planning to study the book here, but can't find my DVD. Is there anyway I can download the DVD contents?


Ari (aroizenblit@gmail.com)

ps: I can substantiate proof of purchase!

cs4 camera raw

I have a T2I canon SLR EOS camera, I am not able to open a raw file from the camera into adobe cs4 camera Raw, any suggestions?

Get the DNG Converter 5.7 while you are at Adobe.

Adobe DNG Converter 5.7

The Adobe DNG Converter, a free utility that converts files from more than 275 cameras to DNG, enables you to easily convert camera-specific raw files to a more universal DNG raw file.


Grab the latest camera raw

Grab the latest camera raw update (version 5.7) from http://www.adobe.com/downloads/updates/ The update includes the T2I among other models.

My photography - www.szabiart.net

How to install Best WorkflowCS4 on Windows 7 ?


I am learning the Photoshop CS4 fundamentals on lynda.com and the tutorial explains how to install the Best workflows CS4 color settings for XP and Vista. I use Win 7 but I couldn't find the right path to install the recommended workflow. Any suggestions?
Thank you

Windows 7 and Vista use the same path

In other words, copy the Best Workflow CS4 file to: C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Color\Settings Then load Best Workflow CS4 inside the Color Settings dialog box. Otherwise, I can tell you how to establish the settings manually.

CS4 best workflow

Could you please tell me how to establish the settings manually?

I don't see any Roaming after the AppData. And after I get to users I can either get to user(me) or AppData. I am using Win 7 (64bit).
Is this an option when you install the Creative suite? Maybe I haven't installed it..?
Thank you

Getting to AppData

Windows doesn't display the AppData (application data) folder by default. It is one of the hidden folders in Windows so people don't mess up their programs making changes in it.

It is easy to turn on the hidden folders so you can get to appdata/roaming.

Follow this path to make it accessible:

control panel>> folder options>> view tab>> the 6th option on the list is a folder icon that says "Hidden Files and Folders">> under that, tick the radio button for "Show hidden files, folders and drives">> click apply at the bottom of the box.

Now when you go to User, the AppData folder will appear in the list as a slightly decreased opacity icon indicating it is a hidden folder. Double click on it and Roaming will be inside.

I just leave my folder options set to Show Hidden Folders as I need to access AppData often.

InDesign One on One and Windows 7

I'm trying to install one on one onto my Windows 7 computer, but can't seem to find the right paths...For the color settings, I can find app data\adobe\color, but it leads to "\profiles", NOT \settings...Do I put it into "\profiles"?
Trying to install the dekeKeys, but the path ...\inDesign\v.6\en_us leads to "\caches", not "\InDesign shortcuts". Any advice? Can I even use this DVD with Windows 7?

InDesign request

Here's an InDesign question for something that's been bugging me forever.
In the swatches panel is there a way to view where the swatch is used?

Often I have 30 or more color swatches in a document. I will select all unused and delete them. I'm still left with a lot of colors that I know I'm not using on my pages. Perhaps a color was assigned to a style, etc. I would like to delete truly everything I'm not using, but it's too scary to pick a color I don't think I'm using and delete it (of course I can't delete it, but change it to another color in the pallete).

Is there a great trick I'm missing that will show you where the color is being used in the document? I didn't see anything at Lynda.com to answer this.


Masking a bald eagle against a greyish-whiteish background

Hi Deke,

I'm currently doing your "Channel & Masking" tutorial under Lynda.com and I'd love to have your opinion on a picture I took in Alaska. It's a big portrait of a bald eagle, so mainly the white head against a very mushy grey/white sky. I really have no idea how to mask this probably, the channels don't offer much contrast at all, as you can surely imagine. I don't know if you do this sort of thing - but if you'd like to look at the picture, I'd be thrilled to hear your opinion. Please contact me at abraxas8@gmail.com so that I can send the picture.

Thank you!


P.S.: Actually, I have an amazingly good result with an arb mask!! So I think I'm pretty well sorted. Thanks anyway. And I do enjoy those tutorials, you are an amazing teacher!!

photoshop 6.0

do you have any archive videos for PS 6.0?


Bob Tarozzi