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color settings: Best Workflow ?

i have started the photoshop one-on-one program. i changed my color settings to "Best Workflow CS4" as instructed. now all of my previous work has drastic changes to the color. this is OK but i am wondering, is the Best Workflow color setting used to match the on-screen color with the book i am using, or does this setting represent a close approximation of an actual print, or is this part of the custom preference settings that "match those of the loftiest professional"?
when i am done with the lessons should i reset my color settings ?
i love the book. i love photoshop.

never mind, i figured it

never mind, i figured it out.

loupe is blurry

Hi Deke,
been really diggin your instructional videos on lynda. Got a bit of a problem--the loupe on Bridge is very blurry no matter what file i preview. looked on adobe blogs but found nada. Can you help? I have CS4. thx

Ilustrator CS4

Hi Deke - I am following your one on one training videos on Lynda.com - but I would really like a book that I can reference as I am going along. Is there written text with this series or can you recommend a book that is out there that I could use as a reference? Thanks!

Don't know

About a book. However if you look on Lynda site when you are in a series like Deke's Illistrator series, there are tabs over the chapter selections. One of them is Transcript; I have not tried, but I imagine you could cut and paste that into a word, acrobat, wordperfect, what have you document... it is the written text for the series, word for word.

Adobe PhotoShop CS4 Extended Color Management

I'm currently doing the Lynda.com 1 on 1 and downloaded Deke's Best Workflow CS4 to my Mac Pro running OSX Version 10.6.2. After installing the file to my Library/Application Support/Adobe/Color/Settings directory, I changed my preferences for color in PhotoShop and then tried in Bridge. I got the same error message as the message above: "Suite Color Management is not enabled. Suite Color Management requires that a qualifying product has been launched at least once to enable this feature."

What qualifies as a Suite anyway? I'm new to PhotoShop, and I appreciate the help. The learning curve looks steep, and like snow skiing, it looks awfully fun...and treacherous.

Kind regards,



woops, I sent a post twice, but don't see any way to erase it. Since I can only edit I am adding this in place of the twice sent post.

Question regarding error message after following Deke's steps...

I was directed to this site via a link in an O'Reilly forum but I do not see the answer. Trying to find the answer to the following question....

After doing the steps in Deke's book, Adobe CS4 One-op_One...

Attempting to change color settings to Best Workflow; receive error message when trying to synchronize the Bridge: suite color management not enabled; requires a qualifying product to be launched at least once to enable this feature.
What does this mean? How to proceed?"
Links in other forums lead to dead pages and I do not see an answer to the original posters question.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I see that Deke kindly

I see that Deke kindly answered this question several post down (even though it is still complicating). I would have erased the above posts but there is no option to erase. Sorry about that.

BTW, the poster in another

BTW, the poster in another forum refers to Adobe Bridge as "the Bridge" (as opposed to just Weird, I thought - until I read further into Deke's book and noticed that's how he also refers to the program.

Window 7

I am having trouble loading Deke's Keys -- I used the directions for Windows vista and it is not working. Do you know if I need to do something else?

thanks Deke for your great videos on Lynda.com

ugly eye shadows

Hello Deke, I wondered if you might be able to offer some guidance. I have a real problem trying to remove ugly eye shadows in some portraits I've shot. Apart from dodging around the eyes using a brush on a new layer and filling with 50 gray (which looks a little rough, especially if the shadows are quite dark) is there any other way? I really hope you can help me with this. Thanks in advance.

I'm not sure

what you mean by eye shadows, and I'm no pro, far from it in fact. But while you wait for Deke to give the correct response, try making a mask layer of the offending area(s), and play with Image Adjustments, Brightness/Contrast, Shadow/Highlight, and Hue/Saturation on that layer. Key word there being play :-)

ugly eye shadows

thanks aztech, by ugly eye shadows i mean there was a down light almost right above the subject and not enough bounce into his face meant an ugly shadow around his eyes. i'll give your advice a try.

Need Help Already with Adobe CS3 One-on-One

Havenot got passed 5 pages yet and have run into a problem. I cannot find any contact info for this course and Amazon.com sez I have to contact deke.com about problem!!!Christmas gift.
In Adobe Bridge I cannot find the "change color settings" option. It is NOT in Bridge(Home)>Edit>CS Color Settings.
I cannot find it anywhere. Not a happy camper right now!
How do I contact any tech support??

Choose Edit>Color Settings in Photoshop

If you purchased Photoshop independently, or if the Bridge does not recognize the installation of the full Creative Suite, you have to load my Best Workflow color settings from inside Photoshop.

Admittedly, it's very frustrating (damn Adobe for making it this way). But it's explained in the book.

Further Help

I purchased CS3 independently and Bridge APPEARS to recognize the full blown version BUT how do I tell?
I did revise the color settings that the deke manual advises but I cant change them in Bridge asd deke advises that there will be conflicts if not changed.
I cant seem to find any "contact" for Deke and will this hinder my workflow for the lessons?

You really know your

You really know your stuff... Keep up the good work!

I am Deke

So you are contacting him. And he is (I am) answering you. The Bridge's Edit > Color Settings command appears to be available whether the full Creative Suite is installed or not. But it doesn't always work. If it doesn't work, your only option is to switch to Photoshop and choose Edit > Color Settings there. There's nothing I can do about the behavior of the command from this end. I wish Adobe didn't engineer the Color Settings function in this way, but the marketing team seems to think it's a good idea. (I, needless to say, disagree.) I sympathize with your frustration. In fact, if it's any consolation, I identify with it. But changing the color settings inside Photoshop independently of the other programs will serve you well in your tour of the One-on-One book.

Upgraded to CS5

I went through first four chapters of your book, and used CS4 to do all the exercises. Now that I have upgraded to CS5 and want to continue, the color setting workflow for CS4 does not load. Do you happen to have a plug in that works for CS5 and how would I get it?

No More lynda.com Free Trial for "extra credit work" Deke.

Just tried to log onto lynda.com/dekeps for the free trial and extra credit but it is no longer accessable.

lynda.com/dekeps & /dekeid suddenly went offline

We're working on getting it reinstated. In the meantime, try http://lynda.com/deke.


Thanks Deke. I DO wish you were more accessable but I do understand. I have changed the color profile in CS3 as instructed in the book.
I assume from your "no comment" that not having it changed in Bridge will NOT affect color profiles in CS3 when printing and viewing.
I plan on taking your CS3 lynda.com courses also so that will provide a more structured working/tutorial environment.
Thanks and Happy New Year!


Opening Bridge and doing a Ctrl + Shift + K...

Doesnt Work

CRTL>SHFT>K doesnt do anything.

Learn photoshop well, Do any word online well!

I have just started to learn photoshop and I want some suggestion. In fact, anyone online must be familliar with photoshop.

Smart Objects

I am monitoring Deke's course on Smart Objects in Lynda.com and when he got to the discussion of the use of Filter Gallery, I noted that when he applied one filter, clicked OK and was back in Photoshop, there was listed under the thumbnail of the Smart Object the name of the filter chosen. When he moved on to adding two filters from the Filter Gallery and was back in Photoshop, there was listed only the name Filter Gallery with the individual filter names missing.

However, when I replicate this exercise using the same exercise files, I always get the name Filter Gallery even with one filter chosen.

Can anybody comment on this from experience?

Herman Rodriguez

photoshop to in-design for printing

i'm new to the game and want to know is there a way around going to in-design for laser safe raised printing.... by still using photoshop! ;) i would be oh so grateful!

i have a question Deke

i bumped into this image i hope you don't mind I'm posting this here. but i had to turn to someone who knows...


and i loved how the text goes and fades outs. besides the fact its curves, but thats not the question.
first it thought it was something i dont know how to do in PS CS4
but then i bumped into someone who said it was done in illustrator.

so i jumped right on it, the only thing is after googling back and forth i couldn't find how to do the fade out and they said the only way to do it is with cs2....
not really fade out more like text contracting and becoming smaller and smaller.

here are someone the explanation

o tried to find this file they they were talking about
CS4 dont have at least mine doesnt.

thanks for the great help you provided with all the rest of your lessons.

It's all about Deke

While smoking my favorite Cuban cigars, I came across with this page and thought that it will really be useful with my study of Photoshop CS2. Does Deke also offer tutorials online? I think it will be a good feature for the site.