What would you like Deke to do?

Create more irreverent podcasts.
38% (702 votes)
Write more educational books.
17% (317 votes)
Film more comprehensive videos.
45% (850 votes)
Total votes: 1869


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Pushing illustrator knowledge and the result is ALL down to Deke

Hi Deke, Started watching your inital CS2 vids and basically fell in love with illustrator. Unfortunatley when you get to a certain point in the learning curve it seems all the work we do becomes quick bespoke jobs. In essence the fun dissapears. I decided to take all you taught me and put it all together to see where i was. I am posting this to show illustrator can be more than stylish flat colours and vector perfection which seem to proliferate now. This is about 20 hours painstaking but enjoyable work. I'm not sure if im posting in the right area here. If i am in error please accept my apologies and remove the post Here goes :-


Very sensational work.

Very sensational work.
Keep up the good sense of creativeness :)

Do I need to upgrade Photoshop CS

I have purchase the whole series from Total Training CS2 a couple of months ago. I have started with Illuststrator but recently I went into my Photoshop program and realized that I have Photoshop CS not CS2 in my system. My InDesign and Illustrator are CS2. I am no youngster and a new-bee to Adobe CS series with only one basic class in Illustrator that I finished six months ago which I have been persuaded to pursue Graphic Design. I also realize I don't have Adobe Creative Suites CS2 installed in my MAC computer. Will it be difficult to do the course without upgrading my Photoshop to CS2. I have not worked for a number of months so money is at a premium at this time. Will it be a disadvantage not have Creative Suites CS2 while I am learning all of this or is it something I can get somewhere down the road. Will it prevent me from upgrading. I thank you for putting these programs together because this may only opportunity to pursue Graphic Design. Also is there a suggestion of how to find a good mentor to critique my work when I start designing my own work. Thank you for your precious time.


it really depends on your requirements, CS4 is also in market now, you can install this one. There are some good changes in CS3 and CS4 and i have just installed CS4 because i am a logo designer http://www.logodesignblock.com by professional and i like this as a professional and changes they have introduces in are pretty nice especially layering is good enough now.

Photoshop CS2 and photomerge

Hi gang, I have a series of jpg images (Georgian Bay beach scene with a perfect blue sky) that I have successfully merged together, applied advanced blending and cropped appropriately. Clicked OK and everything came together great, sort of. The problem I notice is subtle changes at the "seams" where two of the images meet/overlap. I have tried using levels, blur, smudge, dodge and burn tools in a effort to be blend these seams, well, seamlessly. I get fairly close to succeeding but not quite what I am looking for. Any suggestions would be welcome! Thanks!

Not what you want to hear

Kraven- the CS2 auto-blending features were pretty primative. Things are much better in CS3 and better still in CS4. Short of upgrading, you are probably in for a lot of hand fixing of the problem areas. If the problem is related to edge vignetting (darkening around the edge of the frame caused by light fall-off at the edge of the lens) and you have included enough overlap, you might be able to crop the offending area out and try re-merging. Good luck -Jeremy

Deke's Color Wheel

Is Deke's color wheel printed as a poster? I would like to purchase it. I am a high school graphic design teacher. Just started teaching this subject and found Deke's color wheel very informative and want our students to see it everyday until it is embedded.

No such poster exists

But I'll put you down as yet another vote. We get a lot of requests for this, so maybe one day I should actually do it.

have just started to learn

have just started to learn photoshop. want some suggestion. which are the features in photoshop that I must focus primarily. want to work professionaly with it.

Thats easy....just watch

Thats easy....just watch Deke's top 40 and thats only some of them!!

Adobe Photoshop CS4 one-on-one DVD

Deke, I recently purchased your one-on-one book with DVD. My problem is that every image on every lesson appears to be locked. They each have the lock icon at the upper right, and I can't manipulate them. Is my DVD defective, or is there something I can do to unlock the images? I would really appreciate a reply with any help you could give me. Thanks so much! Best Reagrds Mickey

Copy to hard drive

It sounds like you might be trying to use them directly off the DVD. If so copy to the hard drive. If they are already on the hard drive and still looked, you will need to look at the file 'Properties' on PC or 'File Info' on the Mac and change to allow read/write.

On the PC, right-click on the file (or whole folder to do the lot at once) and select 'Properties' at the bottom. Un-check the box that says 'Read-only'

On the Mac, select the "More Info" button at the bottom of the Finder window. Down at the bottom will be a Permissions panel. Make sure Read/Write is selected.

hey deke simple question ?

i need to study all graphics i love graphics, design,3d i need you to recommend me to the sequence of the programs that i need to study in the right sequence cause you know little of photoshop little of flash nad mixing it with a tiny bit of carrara im so confused but i know that you are the best for me to ask thanks for the awesome tutorial [photoshop cs3 beyond the basic]

Can I use Lightroom presets in Photoshop CS4

Deke Question about Photoshop CS4. There are so many cool presets for Lightroom can I use lightroom presets in photoshop cs4? If yes how do I import the .lrtemplate, do I change the ext name? Thank you in advance, there are a couple of post on Adobe's forum asking the same question. Cindy

Short answer, no

Cindy- lrtemplate file and the xmp file used for preset data by the ACR are parsed in a very different fashion; the lrtemplate being a proprietory file convention, while xmp is more of a standards based file. Simply changing the file extension would likely wreak serious havoc if you tried to load it in ACR. If you have Lightroom, you could write the LR changes to an xmp file, then open the file with ACR and save as a preset. You would have to do this individually with each preset and it seems like a lot of work if you already have LR. Absent that, it would take a smarter head than I have to write some code to parse an LR preset into xmp format. Then you could simply go under the Presets option menu and click "Load Settings" to bring it into ACR. Good luck.

Blend Modes

Hey Deke, Looks like Michael Ninness got to the blend mode course first- http://www.lynda.com/home/DisplayCourse.aspx?lpk2=48372 Still reckon you could do 10 hours on it!!!

What to do next?

Deke, My wish list goes like this: (1) CS3 Sharpening - one of my favorite videos. I wish you would write a book on the subject or print out all you said in the Lynda.com video. (2) Print out the text of all your videos, like was done on Colin Smith's CS3 for Photographers (3) FYI - the CS3 One on One 3 disc series really falls short when you view the CS3 Sharpening and Masking dvds. The latter two dvds really give you the needed details while the former is really cutting it short. (4) Simplicity requested. It would really be great if you could put together a no nonsense dvd on "Getting up to speed" ( I think Ben used this term) on how to accomplish the very basics step I, then going to step 2 and 3, but having something even at step 1. (5) Direct from the sourve: Deke, is there any way we could buy things from you at a reduced price? These Lynda.com video are awfully pricey and I do subscribe monthly to them, but it would be nice to be able to buy things for $25 and have them cover the basics of sharpening and masks. Thank you. Walter

Fonts in Contents disc

I downloaded Creative Suite 4 which precludes the receipt of any DVD's. InDesign CS4 page xx, item 11 you talk about some additional fonts. Where can I now find those fonts? B. Craig

InDesign CS4 one-on-one

Bought the book. The DVD is damaged and I need a replacement, download or something. Thanks. B. Craig Anderson

Interested in a 2 day seminar?

Deke, How fluent are you in Lightroom, sorry I had to ask. Here in Ohio Valley we are looking for a lecturer/ instructor for a 2 day seminar we have put on for the last 5 years that we hold in November. This will be our 6th year, if interested please contact me. ksphoto1@one.net

smart objects series?

specially in collages and well layered documents where the size gets up to 500 megabytes =(

500MB smart object files

Are sadly quite common. They grow in size quickly. But, yes, I plan to visit that sort of thing (without leaving folks with less capable systems entirely SOL).


I currently went to a Mac, my pc died, and I had CS on it. I need to upgrade for a Mac, but 1. don't know which upgrade to get. I do photo restoration, and make movies. 2. I don't want to call the 800 number, I get India, no one speaks english, I can't understand them and won't give my credit card to a foreign country. No one has a supervisor, nor do they have answers to questions. How do I make a order in the good Ole USA? Thanks for any help you can give me.

Sharpening Black and White Scanned Photos

I am a British historian trying to enhance thousands of Black and White World War 2 photos that I have in the form of scans from original prints or positive/B&W film. They are not in the best of condition and I would like to sharpen them as best I can for subsequent printing and onward sale. I have waded through your CS3 videos on Lynda and I have over complicated the process. I wonder if you could advise me on the easiest way to best enhance old black and white photos so that I can concentrate on the best video lessons for my problem. Thank you Deke Neil

Have you looked into the

"Photoshop CS3 Sharpening Images" series? Part of the amazingly affordable lynda.com Online Training Library, it goes into comprehensive detail about image sharpening. You might also try out this article on sharpening archival images that Colleen extracted from my book Photoshop CS4 Channels & Masks One-on-One.

Awesome ... and one final piece of help

Thanks Deke that was a perfect solution. I am already a Lynda.Com subscriber and had seen the sharpening images movies but your article was first rate. Finally I have some scanned WW2 photos from magazines (do not worry they are public domain and have no CR issues). Of course even at 600 dpi these come out grainy as the originals are at a low res. How can I best scan in these and then best get the best from these scanned images. At present I have tried using just the 'sharpen more' command which works to some extent but does not make the best job of it. Anyway, once again looking forward to your reply. Thanks for finding the time to answer warmest regards Neil

Halftone pattern scans don’t...

...lend themselves to sharpening all that well. Not as well as continuous tone images anyway. You could first try running a small amount of Gaussian Blur complemented with Median filter on an alpha channel to get rid of the halftone pattern. Then try the rest of the “find edges” filter technique. The edges are bound to be less accurate as a result, but you can’t really expect too much out of halftone scans in a first place. I could think of several (more accurate) techniques, but it would probably be better if you posted a typical image so I can create an action for you. Cheers! -iVan __________________________________________________ Happy, happy, joy, joy!

How do I post

Hi Ivan I have a typical photo to post but have no idea how I go about posting it so that you can see it. If you let me know then I will send it ASAP thanks so much Neil