What would you like Deke to do?

Create more irreverent podcasts.
38% (702 votes)
Write more educational books.
17% (317 votes)
Film more comprehensive videos.
45% (850 votes)
Total votes: 1869


Scratch that...

...posting can be a little involving. Just send it to my email instead. Here is a file with my contact info (I don't want to keep it online forever, so I'm posting it this way in order to be able to remove it eventually). However, if you want others to take a crack at creating a suitable action for you, then this is how you post an image: -First you have to find a place to post the image online. Some ISP’s offer free server space where you can do that (mine does), or you can simply post it on Flickr. My only concern with this is that you may not be able to post the file in its full size (I don’t use flickr, so I don’t know if they resize images to some max size). -Then, once you can see the file in all its glory, you should be able to right-click on the image, choose “Properties” and see its URL (on a PC anyway, not sure about Mac). -Then you can copy/paste that URL, extension and all, right here. That way we can navigate to your image and download it. Cheers! -iVan __________________________________________________ Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Hello Neil

Check your email, I got your actions done: Sample Cheers! -iVan Happy, happy, joy, joy! __________________________________________________

Oh, boy

Now you have to share your technique so we can see what you did, iVan. Neil, just curious: What makes you so sure these are public domain? Images that make it into print rarely are.

Careful what you ask for

I just realized the sheer number of posts I have been making (I keep seeing my joyous expression everywhere), and I feel like I hijacked your site. So, let me quickly answer this and then I'll be as quiet as I can: 1. Got rid of halftone dots using Median filter set to luminosity blend mode in order to preserve colors 2. Got rid of weird color artifacts left by previous function using Gaussian Blur filter set to color blend mode in order not to damage the image quality 3. Used Find Edges filter (with a cocktail of refining edits) to define a selection mask and then smart sharpen to sharpen the image At the same token, Neil provided me with a scan made with a scanner set to "magazine" setting as well as the plain one you see above. I was amazed at the ability of his scanner to remove the halftone dot. My actions, when ran from a plain-scanned image, made a slightly better edit. But to see that scanners are getting almost as good - I was impressed. However, that was quickly replaced with a sense of obsolescence and uselessness on my part. I go suck my thumb now... -iVan Happy, happy, joy, joy! __________________________________________________

Your expression is joyous

And cheerfully smaller. ;-) As for hijacking, hijack away. Good comments are good comments.

Photoshop CS4 One-on-One Part 2 & 3

I emailed lynda.com inquiring about when we could expect parts 2 & 3. Here is the response I got: At this time there are no plans to develop these titles. But thank you for letting us know what you would like to see in the Online Training Library. Your input helps us decide what titles to produce next. We have sent your request to our title development team for review. Thank you for your interest in lynda.com, lynda.com Customer Service Is this true?

Sigh . . . Customer Service is misinformed

"Photoshop CS4 One-on-One: Advanced" is completely recorded and on the tail end of being edited. (Weighing in at more than 200 movies, it's taking longer than expected.) It should be out by the second week of April. I'll try to find out date. I'm about halfway done recording "Photoshop CS4 One-on-One: Mastery," which is the final 8 chapters of the series. Should be completed before I scurry home April 2. Fewer movies, so hopefully won't take as long to edit.

That's the answer I wanted to hear!

Your hard work and dedication really informs and inspires.

Yet another question

Deke- what screen capture utility for Windows do you use to produce your video lessons? We are bringing on a couple of new systems at work & I was thinking rather than the staid PowerPoint of old, I would try my hand at a video-based training. Thanks.

I use TechSmith's Camtasia

You can check it out at http://www.techsmith.com/download/camtasiatrial.asp. Right now, Camtasia only works on Windows. On the Mac, I've had some success with iShowU (http://www.shinywhitebox.com/home/home.html). We use it for the dekePod screen captures. Not a big fan of Snapz Pro. Takes way too long to render.


I'll check it out.

I don't think Photoshop can do this...

...but it doesn't hurt to ask: If I have a smart object that I warped and transformed into a position, only to find I need to start from scratch, is there a quick way to undo all the transformations without the use of history palette? I know that warp can be undone by choosing "none" from its menu, but what about, say perspective transform? I'm just asking because it would seem that everything else that is parametric in 'shop has a reset to it, 'cept smart object free transform. BTW, I was just going to answer jeremyv10's question ('cause I knew the answer, and figured I get to ask the above in return). But you beat me to it, so I'll owe you one if you anwer this one. -iVan __________________________________________________ Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Answering my own questions

I should add I’m aware one can extract contents of a smart object and pack them into a new one as a not-so-user-friendly solution to the above problem. I’m just looking for a quick and dirty one. You know – as means of exploring different avenues of warping a smart object. Anyone? -iVan __________________________________________________ Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Thank You... and of course another question...

I appreciate the quick reply Deke! In the interim, would there be any value to my jumping into your CS3 videos? I am a beginner, so I was hesitant to "confuse" myself by mixing curriculums? I was thinking that Ps CS3: Channels and Masks: Essentials then Advanced would make the most sense..!?.... Keep up the good work! Coming from someone who is attempting a COMPLETE career transformation, I find your teaching style very well balanced between entertaining (as hell) and enlightening. Thanks again for the response. Dan

Yeah, Channels and Masks is a great idea

Masking changes very little from one version to the next, so the CS3 training is about 99% accurate for CS4. (In fact, given the demands on my time, it's unlikely I'll update that series for CS4. That was rather the purpose of the book.) The exceptions are the disappearance of the Extract command, the different behavior of adjustment layers (which now live in the Adjustments palette), and the arrival of the Masks palette (which makes only a slight difference n your approach to layer masks). Both adjustment layers and the Masks palette are documented at length in forthcoming Photoshop CS4 One-on-One movies.

I would like to know too

If I remember correctly, I recall you saying that you undertook a large production recording the advanced series for CS4 1-on-1 and you expected it to be available on Lynda.com sometime in March after editing was completed. Some clarification of the status on your lessons with Lynda would be most appreciated. Thanks and happy birthday!!

Extension for Channels and Masks

When I went to install the channels and masks extension from your new book. Putting in the dekeKeys went fine, but not that extension. I accepted the terms and then saw a note saying you do not have proper permissions - if not me then who I was thinking - LOL. Any reason why it didn't take - I use Windows Vista. Mike

Hi, Mike - this is a common issue in Vista

It's all those silly security levels an' stuff. What you need to do is right click on the file and choose "Run as Administrator". From there you should be good to go. :-)

Thank You Petra

I will try that when I get home from work. I appreciate your getting back to me on that. Mike Ducey

Photoshop Elements 5.0

Hello Deke I'm not sure if this even pretense to photoshop elements 5.0. I need your help with the problem I purchased Photoshop Elements 3 Unleashed and it was a great help to me I really want to thank you for the wonderful way he presented the course. I have upgraded two Photoshop Elements 5 and am going through training CD again but there are add on with the course, it seems I am unable to load these add ons with PE 5. Is there a way that I can use these programs that you created or do I have to downgrade to PE 3, or does elements have a new program with these in it. Joseph C. Batty josephcbatty@gmail.com

There is a way

But Adobe switched things around in Photoshop Elements 5. I explain how in my series "Photoshop Elements 5 Essential Training," which is part of the lynda.com Online Training Library. But it's one of those things I've forgotten. If you can't find it -- should be up front of in the layer styles discussion -- let men know and I'll fish around.

Mac question from someone who know this question is hated

What would be the big deal if you used a high end graphics PC over a Mac when working in Photoshop only? I realize this question drives people nuts, but I would really like to know. It doesn't seem like such an issue, as I own a Mac, but am thinking of an new PC with the brand new Core 17 high end graphics card and processor for the work I am doing. My files are huge. Is this so crazy?? I was hoping to get Deke's opinion, since I highly regard him, and see his podcasts on PCs also. Thanks.

Highend PC verses Mac

I've worked with professional graphics on a PC and a Mac and the programs don't act any different and you can't tell the difference in the end product. It's like the Nikon verses Canon in camera equipment. Each has it's loyal fans but when you see the image you can't tell which kind of camera created it. Personally I love my Mac and wouldn't part with it. To me the Mac is elegant and clean, while the PC is clunky and dies much sooner. It's your money and I think the Mac is a better value and will serve you better and longer over time. alixk

PC & Mac

Mac for work and PC for play. PC's are cheap enough you can have both.

Mac all the way

And this is coming from a PC guy (!). The only reason I'm still sticking with a PC is the fact Photoshop can't run in 64-bit on a Mac. Which means you can't get more than 4GB of RAM (around 3 that you can use in 'shop). But that's a temporary insanity, give it a while. -flyboy __________________________________________________ Windows: Turning regular users into computer mechanics since 1985. Happy, happy, joy, joy!


Are you saying Apple (iApple) is now following the IBM clones? I'd start chanting in Celtic tounge about now... if I knew how. (And I come from a Welsh history) It's all a personal choice! Do you like Command, or Control? LMAO... flyboy... God bless ya; always there for all of us! And just when did a Mac stop being a Personal Computer, hence PC????

Short answer:

Nothing. Long answer: No big deal. Mac vs. PC is a personal preference. Where Photoshop is concerned, the difference is negligible.

Deke what about you personally

Do you use a Mac or Windoze computer? I have used a Windoze computer and have hated it always because I was a techie and not an artsy. Now that I am getting older I find there is more merit to art than to technology and I just purchased (well a year ago) a Macbook Air and I am loving it. I even have it integrated into my windoze environment and I logon to my Mac (I know, what a sin) using my windoze Active Directory account!

New Laptop

I'm looking to buy a new laptop but I can't afford a Macbook pro. What other options should I be looking for in a pc? Is there a recommended machine to buy that will allow me to run at a decent rate? My old laptop is just way to slow. I have the Adobe premium suite and Lightroom. Any help would be great.

Your Computer Needs

I understand your position. I too want a new model that will handle accept more ram, has a faster processor, etc... and I know macbook pro's are expensive. I have an older 17" model still running as well as when it was new. It only has 2 gigs ram, and I have a few smudges on the monitor, but It works like a champ. How about this. You can probably get a Used Macbook much like I have (and no, I'm not offering mine for sale) that will run the adobe suite, FCP, among others great, for a much more affordable price. Many people like me like to upgrade to the newest apple has to offer. These people are probably looking to offset the cost of the new purchace with the sale of their present computer and Apple stores don't usually give much for a trade-in so eBay and craigslist usually have many for sale at 50% the cost of new. OR... If you don't need a laptop, Apple has the Mac Mini that is very robust and very very affordable. The Mac Mini will run just about anything you need it to. I have an older PPC model that runs my FCP 5, Adobe Suite cs2, and Director, even protools without problems and mine is a PPC chip not the awesome Intel chips. Sure it doesn't have a monitor but Everyone has a spare monitor hanging round anyway, right? Hope this helps a bit, if not I'm sorry to have taken up space for my first post. Good Luck, Jackknife ------------- EGOBK - Everything's Gonna Be OK Photoshop, Adobe, Internet, Books, and Food; They are all great, but don't forget to give hugs to your kids and tell them you love them. Take photos of your life.