What would you like Deke to do?

Create more irreverent podcasts.
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Write more educational books.
17% (317 votes)
Film more comprehensive videos.
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laptop posibilties

To give you an idea of where I'm coming from...I first passed on Apple back in the late 80's and went with the TRS80 by Radio Shack...didn't convert to Mac until 3 yrs ago when I kept running into very slow going to complete crashes of CS2 on Windows XP and looking to zoom up things a bit began running over options that would make my live with Adobe much smoother with a beefed up machine. I had a friend, who is also a digital artist, and started with Apple and stayed with them, who finally convinced me to look at them. The past 3 years have been a grand improvement. I run on my 2nd iMac 24" desktop at 3.06 Ghz Intel Core Duo with maxed out video card and 4 GB RAM. And, I traded my first iMac in to get $600+ deducted from my new Mac. Don't know of any pc maker going after this, but they eventually will with the erosion in customers to Mac from there ranks. Summary: If you still want to think of a pc laptop, Lenovo and some "off-label" (meaning small independent builders) can put together something very robust but also expensive due to your need to use it with graphic software. I've only seen a few pc's running multiple programs that can split the space time continuum...and they are gamer-like equipped. My main caveat with the pc scheme is all the need for security software. Not that a Mac doesn't, mind you, but you can not only survive but prosper by just using the Mac included firewalls and super-tight encryption (available, I depend upon my Mac firewall) and be judicious in your internet work. That saves a bit of money, but a ton of time in my experience with my pcs. You may be a master geek and can work safely in pc, but the hackers really want to bring them down (Microsoft). Lastly, look at refurbished machines/used machines from Apple, MacMall, and others that do the Mac. A refurbed/used MacBook Pro, with plenty of RAM and video card power will be closer to a new pc price. Of course, a used Power Mac with two Xeon processors and 8 GB's RAM etc, etc, will run circles around most anything that we humans can afford. But...when I win the lottery... Make your search fun. You'll find what you want and need if you don't buy the first thing that comes to mind. Hence, you question clearly demonstrates just that. Good luck and fortune in your endeavors. Franklin Pratt

Think That's Bad?

As I type, they are rioting in the streets of Oakland over a police related killing at the BART Train station. Shouldn't spill over to SF but that ruined my chances of getting to SF by BART since Fruitvale (Station with the protests) is my station with parking. Going to miss Deke and Colleen at the Apple Store on Thursday. WAA! Deke is catching all the excitment this week.


I just saw the news reports on the fires in Boulder County. Hope your family is safe. I love Colorado - Pikes Peak or Bust! - but wildfires are part of the package. Was on the website this morning watching podcasts and jumped over to the about page - found out D is a CO resident! Then I see news reports this evening! Yikes. I hope for the best for you and family!

That's really kind of you

But insofar as I can tell, we're not in any danger. The fires are northwest of Boulder proper in the foothills above a cozy tech hamlet called Niwot. We're the other direction, along the pastoral green belt. I wish those people that are affected the best.

Color Management inCS4

I am running on an iMac with OS 10.5.6. I had purchased and have been using the ENTIRE CS3 extended, and recently bought CS4 Photoshop and Illustrator. Those are the programs that I require for my illustrations. I wanted to enable Color Management within the Bridge, to ensure my color consistency between Illustrator and Photoshop. With CS4, documents seem to be "untagged" and color is not consistent In CS3, the Bridge preferences presided over this management. In the CS4 Bridge >Edit Color Suite Settings, I get a dialogue that says: "Suite Color Management is not enabled. Suite Color Management requires that a qualifying product has been launched at least once to enable this feature." Both of my new CS4 programs are in use. I looked on Adobe forums online, and someone running Win XP asked the same question, and this was the reply: "Sorry, "Suite Color Setting" is only available via Suite." I don't really understand this terse answer, but PLEASE don't tell me that as a designer and illustrator, the ONLY way to get consistency between Illustrator and Photoshop is to purchase the entire suite, featuring many programs I don't NEED or use. This is just WRONG to find out I CANNOT color manage anymore ! Please do not reply with a 9 word answer. There simply MUST be a way to coordinate color for someone who does not need ALL programs. *:-.,_,.-:*'``'*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*:-.,_,.-:* M i c h a e l B R U N S f e l d

Both Photoshop and Illustrator

...offer independent but coordinated color management functions. In Photoshop, choose Edit > Color Settings. Set things up the way you want (or load my Best Workflow settings, included with any of my training products). Then click Save to save out the settings and include some explanatory info. OK your way out. Go to Illustrator. Choose that same command. Choose the settings file you just saved from the Settings pop-up menu. Click OK. You may see little icons telling you the settings aren't synchronized, but don't worry, they are. Meanwhile, this particular Bridge issue irritates me more than I can say. The fact that Adobe prevents the Bridge from coordinating color settings unless you own the full suite is indefensible and causes me no end of difficulty from a training perspective. I believe that's more than nine words. ;-) Believe you me, I appreciate and share your frustration.

Chris77, " free advice"

Hi Chris, Here's my "two cents", for what it's worth. lynda.com, is, without doubt, the most comprehensible, lots of fun, and truly rewarding form of education, I have ever had the pleasure of coming in contact with. If you take the time to consider how much effort, (by each contributing individual), time and money has been spent on creating just one lesson, then you begin to envision the "spectacular creation" of the whole book. The greatest feature of all IS, you can study eight hours a day, or five minutes a day, or twenty-four hours a day,.....ANYTIME of the day or night you wish. There are no "slave drivers" here, you are free to choose for yourself, whether to "blossom", or "wither"....at no extra charge!!! If that is not Heaven, for goodness sake, what is? This is NOT an advertisement!! It is my way of trying to express my deepest respect and love for lynda.com and all the staff. "Viva lynda.com" billie


Help, anyone. I would like to develope a new career involving web and or graphic design. Currently I work as printer and would like to move into the computer end of printing. I would like to know what programs to learn first.Also, do I attend local colleges or are online courses just as effective(like Lynda) . Is it worth pursuing this type of career now that I am in my mid-forties. Is this a kids game? Anyone with a similiar situation please let me know what I;m in for. I'll be checking out the comment board for your help, Thanks everyone. Chris

I'm With Ya Chris!

I totally fell in love with the whole create and print careers and worry about the same thing. Although I'm in my early 30's, it's a shift for me. Most of the printing jobs around here and dying out for website based graphics. I wonder what Deke or Colleen would suggest.

Disk broken

I just purchased the Photoshop CS4 one on one book with disk, and the disk is broken. How do I get a replacement disk?? Thanks

Replacement disks from O'Reilly Customer Servies

Hey pb, O'Reilly can replace the dvd for you:

You can follow the link on the image above or call toll free: (800) 998-9938.

Lynda Vids

Ok, so my first experience with you was Lynda.coms PS CS3 one to one video. Ive just grabbed the CS4 Illustrator essential training vid and realised theres some other dude talking to me about CS4. "Ok", i thought, "lets see what this guy had to offer". Now im sure hes a lovely guy, he looked like he'd be fun around a bbq, poker night, whatever... but seriously, when it comes to tutorials... The ellipsis says it all. I dont want to appear rude, the tutorial was clear and concise but devoid of any personality. I mean, its almost like the guy had a stick somewhere uncomfortable (trust me, im British, i know about sticks and... ok, too much info). So Deke, please make more videos, infact make more photoshop videos, and when youre done, make CS4 Illustrator videos and then take over the entire Adobe range from Lynda.com. Failing that, please take the other tutors out for a drink once in a while. Kind Regards, Mark. PS: Especially hoping you'll be at the controls for the PS CS4 extended (3d tutorials etc). Dont make me send a bottle of scotch over.


I would like to start learning PS from scratch. What is the best video for me to order. I own CS4.

podcast videos are not functioning properly

When I go to itunes and play new and older podcasts of your stuff, the screen is broken up or scrambled. This is true on PC at work or on my personal Mac at home. Is the new quicktime not able play old or current ones properly? Just a guess.

PS4 Won't Open .jpg from book?

Odd bit, maybe someone has a clue what's up? I'm going through the CS4 One-on-One book, drag the work files over, etc. In Lesson 2, from PS CS4, I go File:Open and navigate to the Lesson Two folder with the five .jpg files. But only the Worldly Lucre file is available to select...the other four are grayed out. I can go directly to folder and double-click and I can open any files, and after saving they show up as normal in PS4 File:Open. Something odd about the files as dragged from the Lessons DVD?

Have you tried the Bridge?

lenf, I can't replicate this one. But I'd like to get to the bottom of it. Do me a favor: recopy the files from the DVD. And then use the Bridge to examine the contents of the newly copied Lesson 02 folder (and the others) and see if they show up there. Check for previews and then try opening them in Photoshop. Thx!

PS4 file oddities

Recopied the Lesson 02 folder. From Photoshop (Open) the files are dimmed, can't be selected. Launching Bridge and opening the same folder shows the previews and allows me to open the files. (This was, in fact, the way I brought up the files to complete the lesson bits...). Next odd bit. (Grin) The vivid 24.aco file (from Lesson 6) was also dimmed when I tried to load the swatch set. I did the lesson using standard swatches. The file, using Get Info, seems to be proper as per type and all, but PS4 refuses to let me load it as swatches. Regards, Len

Old memories

Deke! great job on your LDC videos, I can appreciate your approach, it reminds of of watching the old Bob Ross painting programs early Saturday morning after playing hockey. Remember "Happy clouds" ? Keep up the great work! Aaron

MacWorld Expo

Deke, Speaking of "old memories", it's that time of year again. Could you list where and when you will be appearing at MacWorld Expo this year? Thanks! Thomas Thomas Benner The Art Institute of Austin

You read my mind, Thomas

Compiling the list of Deke Macworld appearances right now. Will go up on the blog today. (Don't worry, Deke's not pulling a "Steve.") With Apple pulling out after this upcoming show, 2009 should have quite the swan song feel to it.

In one day

I'm scolded for my pseudo-cool pizzazz and congratulated for my similarity to the soft-spoken, gentler-than-Mr-Rogers Bob Ross. Are you guys thinking of the same Deke? ;-)

Deke who?

Depends on what you're listening to, I s'pose. May I recommend Laurie Anderson's 'Rhumba Club'. Great track. Oh! And one thing that I've always found - the best people I know are multi-faceted diamonds. So shine on, you crazy.... :-)

Email address

Do you have a email address where I could send a jpg of Sammy for your review? -dch


I've looked forward to your FS manuals and accompanying CDs with each upgrade. This is my first encounter with your PodCast and would like to inform you that, as a working director and cinematographer I am seriously disappointed with your new "supercool" video instructional technique. It's distracting and worse, annoying. Formerly, your videos were conversational but always clear and clearly instructional, leaving the Pizazz for Dummies to others. I sincerely hope you are just experimenting -- but I must tell you the result is embarrassing. PC

Welcome, Paul. I'm sure we'll find something you like.

Hey, Paul. As you can see from our loyal dekeCommunitarians below, there are some who like the break from the ordinary provided by the podcasts. But for those whose cup of tea it's not, rest assured that we work very hard editorially to make sure that each venue of dekeTraining maintains its own particular approach. So you'll find that the book and its video are much more formal than the lynda.com videos, which in turn look downright tame next to the wackiness that is dekePod. I like to think Deke comes in many flavors, one for every preference or mood. Hope you can stick around and find something that better suits your fancy. Colleen Logical and calm editor for O'Reilly/Deke Press, fan of lynda.com videos for getting her bearings, sidekick with the voice of reason on deke.com, yet allows herself to be turned into a purple-eyed space chick for dekePod.

No one does

Purple-eyed space chick better...

It's the purple-eyed space chick

that does it for me. :-D And I'm not even gay! I am happy, though. Hope you are, too. :-)

Who are you

1st let me ask you who are you and where is your podcast so I can see it and compare it. Or you don't have one? Even if Deke is experimenting with new style you won't find similar thing on the internet. Not yet. You actually will later, after people come here to copy this and paste it on you tube or copy and make it same on their work. Remember MTV. That song from Mark K. I want my MTV. Custom kitchen delivery. Same thing. If you follow Oh btw. Adobe linked this podcast on their adobe.tv so let's say even they are wrong? Would they put their name under something so horrible like this. Oh well but then again show me who has the funny approach during tutorials rather than mumbling words like PScafe. You fall a sleep But then again Who are you to say and what is your work. Besides that Deke is still doing his books and his videos so if people just want to stay with that they can. Show me which author of tutorial books usually connects with his audience to give them something extra like this forum. This free. No membership. So even if you never got the book and download the torrent of Deke's tutors somewhere you can still post here. Is that beautiful but then again who are you?

If he's this guy...

http://www.variety.com/article/VR1117983019.html?categoryid=2870&cs=1 Then he's certainly no slouch. And if he's not that guy, but is some other filmographer type person, then he's still probably no slouch. However, he may have other more nefarious purposes - if you google his name (my dad's a cop, I can't help myself), the first hit is a site that pretends to be msn.movies - it is not. It is a spoof site that hosts the admtd.com spyware rootkit - nasty piece of software - so don't click it. That said, he might very well be the next Tim Burton (who is god) - but so what? He has his opinion, which he is entitled to - we disagree (no surprises there!) - but he coulda been a bit nicer about it, I reckon. But then again, who are any of us? I'm a complete nobody. But so what? lol, I'm rambling....need more egg nog... :-D

Perhaps you missed the point

Paul, being a member for less than an hour perhaps you are missing the point of the podcasts. It should be obvious that they are not instructional videos like LDC, but more short entertainment pieces. If the topic is of interest you can usually find the real instructional videos at LDC. The podcasts are great because they are irreverent, fast-paced, visually-stimulating shorts. That's all. You can watch them over and over and pick up something new each time. That's part of the fun. They are my favorite part of the site. DP