What would you like Deke to do?

Create more irreverent podcasts.
38% (702 votes)
Write more educational books.
17% (317 votes)
Film more comprehensive videos.
45% (850 votes)
Total votes: 1869


This is probably a dumb question...

Can anyone tell why the B on the header turns into a play button? Also, why when I mouse over it it turns into a hand icon, inviting me to click on it but with no avail? Is this supposed to do something, I am I just missing point? Every time I sign on I always click on it expecting something to happen and then nothing. If it is an obvious answer feel free to point fingers and laugh at me.

Play button not working

The button is a transparent png. There's an apparent conflict with pngfix that will disable button functionality. pngfix is necessary for PC IE6 to view transparent pngs. Web development is never easy.

What browser and platform

Are you using? I ask, b/c we're having problems trouble-shooting that feature. Anyhoo, you're supposed to be able to click the play button and watch an informative video.


I am using everything I can get, Jim, Johnny, and Jack (the three wise men) arn't helpin at all. I tried baking some banana peels but it was only after I got this pounding headache that I remembered why I don't smoke those any more. If I mix a yellow pill with a green one, I have noticed that I don't really care anymore. But that's the best advice I can give ya.Cause when I click on it with my Razor Pro Mouse and Mac Pro Xeon, nothing happens. I did think for a while that it was strobing faster. But now I think it was the mushrooms. But because it never worked for me I don't miss it so much, kinda like my brother in-law. But that's a different story.

I'm on a MacBook Pro...

and using the latest version of safari. It happens on all of my Macs though including my MacBook and Mac Pro. I haven't tried it with another version of a browser so it may well be safari. Hope that helped.

If you get a chance

Try it on a PC. But, yeah, we've had problems on the Mac. It's one of those creaky floorboards or faulty electrical switches that we haven't gotten a chance to fix b/c we've been so overwhelmed by the CS4 stuff. And rerecording my many hours of nakedness. ;-) It's just a Flash video, so who knows what the hell problem is. It's pretty cool when it works. You're the first one to comment on it, so I'm not sure if anyone's had a chance to see it. (Kinda gimmicky but fun. I'm hoping.) Scott Erickson over at lynda.com put it together for me. Good guy, that one.

Only one Mac browser likes to play

This gave me something to do (other than the bazillion things I should be doing). It is a really cool little feature. I can think of lots of ways this could be useful in many places. I just might have to steal this idea. :) I did some testing with various Mac (and one Linux) browsers, and here are the results: Tested using a MacBook with Flash installed. Works in: Opera 9.60 FireFox (with Flash running in Madriva Linux in a Virtural Machine on the MacBook Doesn't work in: iCab 4.0.5 Firefox 3.0.1 Safari 4 Developer Preview Camino 1.6.4 Netscape SeaMonkey 1.1.12 (SeaMonkey does provide a listing of 12 warnings in various CSS files.) Sunrise 1.7.5 FireBug for FireFox reports: 10 CSS warnings in various CSS files. 3 Warnings for files from Google.com 1 Error in a JavaScript file inside the FireFox application.

Thanks for the detailed info!

I've never even heard of most of those apps. This is on the docket to get fixed (along with about 5o other things), and this list can only help!

Sad to say it works on a pc

Now, there are several reasons why it could not work, one of them is network conectivity. If you are behind a proxy, forget it. Other than that, could be an incompatibility between Flash player, MAC and Safari. Will try it on my macbook air and report back.

You mean

Sad to say only the PC. I'm hoping you don't mean the video makes you sad!

About LiveTrace in Illustrator CS2 and CS3

Hello! I would really like to have your honest opinion on that feature. I just wonder if you feel like me, that it's not that obvious to use at first instance, especially for beginners. Of course, it can be handy to use for a quick job ''on the fly''. In short, the simpler the image is to vectorize, the more efficient it will be in order to save time. But still, it doesn't do magic: a lot of experimenting with it and carefull reading are a must in order to acheive satisfactory results. I wonder if Streamlines would still not do a better job today in a simpler manner. And, needless to say, it's learning curve was steeper than average for the common users when Adobe published the last version many years ago. I'm just a little bit worried that some users may now think that the more traditionnal approach to trace is just another ''thing of the past'' and that LiveTrace should now be used instead. I was also surprised to hear some trainers who where tending to promote that idea on ''Podcasts''... Does Adobe has improved that command and simplified the method to use it in Illustrator CS4? Thanking you in advance and looking forward to read you, Lindberg

Nothing can replace a human artist

Adobe licensed Streamline from a company called Andromeda Software. As I understand it, Adobe got tired of paying Andromeda royalties and so the former set about developing Live Trace. (I'm sure the story is more nuanced than that, but big software companies typically hate paying royalties.) Now Streamline is discontinued (not sure why Andromeda can't peddle it independently) and Live Trace is our remaining option. Corel used to have a tracing utility. Haven't paid enough attention to those guys lately to know what happened to it, but once upon a time, it was pretty great. Anyway, while Live Trace is great at what it does, it's by no means perfect. It's the usual robotic tool that's going to generate lots of points, weird curves, and distinctly auto-tracey results. I'm pretty confident I could look at a piece of artwork and tell you whether it was drawn by the likes of Live Trace or a real human being. Human stuff is more fluid, Live Trace stuff is more erratic. Not sure which podcasts you're referring to, but we skin-and-flesh artists aren't dead yet.

I like royalties...

...when they're paid to me of course. Without going into too much detail, its all economics. Adobe paid Andromeda royalties based on sales. Streamline sold very few copies each year, so Adobe wrote a pretty small check to the Andromeda folks. If Adobe would have added the Streamline code into Illustrator, they would have had to calculate royalties based on sales of Illustrator. Not only does Illustrator sell a heck of a lot more copies than Streamline, AI is also part of every single Creative Suite package. In the words of Ron Popeil, NOW how much would you pay? So Adobe had to go ahead and write their own new code. At the same time, they added some pretty cool stuff, too. In reality though, I see Live Trace as a creative tool for creating stylized art, and not much of a tool for converting logos or other critical art to usable vectors. For a refreshing look at something that comes darn close though, check out http://vectormagic.com -- that might be what you're looking for. Mordy Golding http://rwillustrator.blogspot.com

Photoshop Elements 6

I find this website totally frustrating - Deke's book says we should be able to contact him at this website but I can't find the way to do that. I purchased his book - Photoshop 6 for Dummies and immediately realized I'm even dummer than I thought because I cannot get to an opening screen that matches page 23 of the book. Is that because there is a difference between Photoshop 6 and Photoshop Elements 6.0? Is there an appropriate helpful book on Photoshop Elements 6.0 -(now that I've wasted my money apparently on the wrong book). Help!! New user.

Photoshop Elements 6 for Mac Essential Training - Ted LoCascio

Mary, You asked for a good book on Photooshop Elements 6.... On September 29, www.lynda.com has published an online course on Photoshop Elements 6 for Mac Essential Training with Ted LoCascio. He organizes his training around "Organize - Edit - Share" and you may find it very useful. http://www.lynda.com/deke will get you a free 7 days to enjoy this and any other of their courses you may be interested in. Good luck and hope this helped, Thomas Thomas Benner http://www.masteradobe.com

Thanks for that, Thomas

Ted L deserves a shout-out. Assuming of course that Mary is a Mac user. LDC has no PsElements 6 for Win training (to my knowledge). They will have training for PsElements 7, with Jan Kabili I think, which should be wonderous good. In any event, yes, this is your golden ticket to a seven-day adventure into any- and everything you'd like to learn. Use it wisely cuz after 7 days, the sparkly training fairies come out in the fresh dawn of light and scrub all evidence of you away. Unless you take a moment to convert to a subscriber, in which case the fairies welcome you with open arms and point you straight to the top-secret training pastries. (I haven't seen the pastries personally, but I'm told they're delectable, whether you prefer sweet or savory.) (Thanks, Benner!)


To quote the shrub himself, the comments above concerning Lynda.com have been Misunderestimated a whole bunch. Lynda.com deserves some kind of award for being one of the most broad ranged and effective methods of teaching soft ware applications available today. Whether you in for the low price of $25.00 a month, or the astronomical $35 dollars a month. It just plain makes cents! I have been able to go from, no idea how a program works, to being able to put out professional looking material, that my friends family and co-workers ( that would be ol shep), have thought I paid someone to do for me. And it's available when ever YOU are ready. if thats just a quick lunch break or you can't sleep at 3:30 AM. you "just log on and learn". And you can stop, rewind, follow along at your own pace. Also if you get into something thats a little deep, like the Channels and Masks 33 hour dream tutorials you can just take it over and over until you start thinking channels and masks in your sleep. This has been a non-paid public service announcement from the PPA (pixel pushers of America}. Actual results may vary. Do not operate heavy machinery while watching LDC videos. If your suffering form IDUS (I don't understand syndrome) contact your friendly Lynda.com Professional Today!

That's a really old book

Sorry, Mary, but the book you have is nearly a decade old. Photoshop 6 is a very different program than Elements and five versions out of date. Did you buy the book used? (It's been out of print for years.) I'm not even sure there was such a thing as Photoshop Elements when I wrote it. And my site has changed dramatically since then. I would recommend hunting around Amazon for a solution. (As George says, Scott's book is good.) Make sure you find the right platform, tho. Photoshop Elements is very different on the Mac than it is on Windows. Adobe has made some strange decisions with that program. If it's any consolation, I'm sure you're not the only one who's confused.

These are different programs

Mary, Photoshop Elements and Photoshop are indeed different programs. Apparently you own Photoshop Elements 6 and mistakenly bought a book for Photoshop 6 (a fairly old version of Photoshop). Photoshop Elements is the consumer oriented and simplified image editing tool that is based on the professional-oriented Photoshop. If you basically plan to use Photoshop Elements 6 to enhance and/edit your photographs, then get The Photoshop Elements 6 Book for Digital Photographers by Scott Kelby. It's very readable, doesn't talk down to you and is fun. http://www.amazon.com/Photoshop-Elements-Digital-Photographers-Voices/dp/0321524640/ref=pd_bbs_sr_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1223334596&sr=8-2 -George

Hi Deke,

What is it that makes you talk so fast? Happy design pills or pot :)

Am I just stupid or what

I recently purchased your book "Adobe Photoshop CS3 one-on-one" I also purchased "Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium " I was determined to TRY to conquer it AGAIN . I have an Apple iMac 2.8 GHz core 2 duo with a 24" screen with 4 GB of ram. sounds like fun . I got to pages 13-14 , I followed the directions BUT the ROTATE icons were dead and they were unusable on the drop down If I can't get past here I'm dead AGAIN in my quest. QUESTION : Other than going to a class which would be nice but I don't have the time. Where can I get a video training course aimed at the occasional DUMMY. Frustration seems to be my biggest problem. HELP CS3DUMMY

Are you working directly from the DVD?

If so, then the rotate icons will be dimmed. Reason: When you click a rotate icon, the Bridge writes some rotation info to the image file, and you can't write directly to a DVD-ROM. (ROM means "read-only memory.") So be sure to copy the lesson files to your desktop. Even better, read the Preface and follow the instructions there. One-on-One is a learning system, so you have to do a little setup for everything to work. And don't worry, you'll get it. Photoshop is hard, but it's not insurmountable. You'll be victorious.

You guys are not going to like me

Two questions in two days from a bloke that was not even registered a few days ago. And I may be breaking many rules because this is not even about Adobe stuff! Well, here's the question. How can I find an old post/comment which I or someone else may have posted? I was lucky to have seen mine in the recent comments section at the top right but I have no clue (after navigating around dekeOnline) how to go about looking at old posts. Maybe a clue as to how to do this on the interface would be also welcomed in addition to responding to this comment. Thanks.

If you're looking for your comments

and the answers to them, go to View My Account Settings in the top-right Welcome area. Then click on the Track tab. That will show you a list of all your comments. One day I hope to fashion more of an organized discussion or networking area. But for the present, we're all just tinkering around with what we got. None of us anticipated the site with have quite this much activity. (This is Deke, btw. gern is one of my test accounts.)

Looking for comments is that primitive?

Deke (a.k.a gern), this means that I have a way (which I had stumbled across after posing or is it posting my question) to view my past post but not just any past post? Can you make a not so recent comments links that will display say a months worth? Thanks anyway i love the site.

We administrators

can a complete list of comments, if that's any consolation. There are about 500 of them. And while most have a patina of substance, some of them are very silly. Currently, you have access to the 10 most recent comments. I imagine we could expand that. How many would you want to see? But yes, I suppose you could call it a bit primitive. It's dekeOnline 1.0. You're lucky you got hyperlinks. :-) <--and smileys; that stuff's state-of-the-art, man!

Sorry for dragging the word primitive

From the Photoshop text abilities into the dekeOnline 1.0 comments section. But now that the world has seen the text it is too late to retract. The issue is not so much the 10 or 50 most recent list but rather if I find this most useful and insightful trick (and yes, Deke you have some) in the comments, I would like to be able to go back to it say 6 months later when I am working on this tight deadline and in need of HELP. A link with the most 100 recent comment would be a nice addition. Cheers and keep up the good work! You are probably way too busy announding to the world the marvels of CS4 to read this but I have hope you will read this one day.

You can search comments

For example, just to make you feel bad ;-) I searched for the word "primitive" and came across this thread. So if you can remember a good search word, you can find some old comments and responses.

Add type to a path that has a hole

Hi Deke, I think you are the only one who can bale me out. as most are probably aware it is possible to add type to a path (created by the pen or the shape tools using the path option). When doing so, the type will be limited to the area covered by the path. My question is simple however the method to achieve does not seem simple. Assume that I have a path in the shape of a square and I add an other path in the shape of a smaller circle centered in the square, how can I add type to the square such that the type will not be placed inside the circle, i.e. be limited to the area between the square and circle path? Your help is much appreciated.

Type around a "hole"

I assume you're using Illustrator or InDesign. As you say, when creating area text inside these programs, compound paths are non-starters. Dunno why. Mordy might. He used to manage Illustrator for a while. Using your scenario, here's the solution I suggest. Start with the square. Put your text into the square. Add the circle inside the square. Give the circle a text wrap (Object > Text Wrap > Make). Weep with joy. Think nothing of it. Hopefully that works for you. (FYI, I also tried looping the path back around onto itself. But while that works for creating a hole in the fill, it has no effect on the text inside the object. Hmm, didn't know that before.)