What would you have Deke do with his copious free time?

Release a weekly free video blog called "Deke's Techniques"
55% (1505 votes)
Create a series of "Photohop CS5 Extended: 3D" courses
12% (337 votes)
Finish his "Illustrator CS5 One-on-One: Mastery" course
13% (341 votes)
Take a break and let me catch up!
20% (529 votes)
Total votes: 2712


High Contrast Effect - like on the CBS trailers

How do I achieve the "high contrast edgy" look that I'm seeing on TV, especially the CBS trailers for their shows.

I have a client that really likes this effect - but I can't quite get there. Any help would be appreciated!

Happy New Year!


Very impressed!

Good Morning,

I am a subscriber to lynda.com and have viewed many of your movies, to tell you the truth
I am pretty impressed...and I do not impress easily. YOU give the best tidbits and I thank you for that..
I have found your list of courses and I will be taking them all...

Thank you for impressing me along with many millions...

sometimes it is just nice to know you matter!


Create a 3D "Crowd" in Illustrator?

Hi Deke,

I have been trying to replicate this type of image in Illustrator using the 3D option but I am getting nowhere.

Can it be done in Illustrator? Would this be a challenge??



The Start of a Beautiful Relationship

Hi Deke,

I’ve purchased 3 of your Total Training DVDs (for Photoshop) and have you to credit for what skills I’ve been able to learn. I truly love the easy to understand and professional manner you present your material. I just found your website and will be looking forward to more tips and tricks from the Dekester!

Take Care,

The first book I got from

The first book I got from your series was Adobe Premiere Elements 4. I just recently purchased your Ilustrator CS5 one-on-one and it was a wise decision. I plan to go from begining to end, do all the projects, answer all the question and watch all the videos. Once I finish the last chapter and pull back from the computer know I will be a more confident and competent user of the product, no doubt.

My wish list would be example of using Illustrator files in video projects such as with After Effects or C4D or Photoshop, using 3D in Photoshop other then for text and how to do layouts for different size commerial packages and brochures.

Thanks Deke,


Variations Command

Newbie and in the middle of Deke's one on one PS CS 5 fundamentals and I cannot seem to get the variations command to become active, must be something simple I have turned off. Anyone have any tips, in advance thanx for the time and help.


Variations Command

If you're a Mac user, there is no variations command. If you're Windows, this is out of my element. I see your question was a month ago but better late than never.

Photo Restoration Course, please

Dear Deke
First of all let me thank you for your courses,myou seem to come up with those really essential stuff that other tutors miss in Photoshop.
I'd love however to watch a video course on practical Photo Restoration, a really professional one, and preferably by you. Please consider this, at is one of the fields that is least treated in PS. There is one now in Lynda, created recently, but quite frankly, it is rathernlamenand repetetive.
Thanks again, maestro, and keep us busy, please, :-)

Hani Latif

Deke's sleek geek speak !

Strasbourg, France, 15th Dec

Hello Deke,

I stumbled upon your Photoshop book whilst rummaging through Amazon.com's digital bookshelves and ordered it sometime in 2008. The book was excellent but it pointed me towards Lynda.com, arguably the best online training company in the world. As Head of IT Training, I bought a corporate licence with Lynda and Voilà - there was the man himself - explaining the intricacies of Adobe software in that lucid, crisp way that I guess you need to patent ! On subsequent discussions with Lynda, I have always pointed out that Deke's sleek speak was chic and that his videos were the best in town. Indeed, even the grudging Gallic gals I work with say that the stuff you dish out is good. And when the Gauls praise Americans, they must be telling the truth !

Keep up the good work mate !




Changing color settings

I downloaded changes for the color settings to best work flow.....then tried to put into the program....
cs5 1 on 1 states for Mac users to go to Go then Home then Library......but I have no library on that list. I have a
MacPro with Lion. What do I do?????

many thanks

i am new to lynda,com i would like to thank you for your great efforts in helping people living in our Planet. Can you please provide me with the list of your books including all necessary details, as English is my second language sometimes i found you speaking very quickly and become difficult for me to follow but i have a big determined to understand all your courses....thanks again
Khalifa from Sudan

Dekekeys in Lion

Hi Deke,
Many thanks for all those hours of Lynda instruction. Amazing.
You probably already know this, but the method you outline for installing Illustrator CS5 dekekeys shortcuts no longer works in Mac OS Lion.
The new path, though, is actually simpler: just drag the dekekeys.kys file into User/Applications/Adobe Illustrator CS5.1/Keyboard Shortcuts. Couldn't be easier.


Damn drop shadow in Illustrator

I am redoing my company logo and have "designed" the letters how I like them and my bird (a Toucan) in the right place and everything and am pleased thus far.

I have then applied a drop shadow which looks great accross the lettering, giving a 3-D twisted apperance to each letter which is lovely but I don't want the rest of the shadow (the stuff falling behind the letters).

Is there a way of restricting the fall of the shadow on to selected items only or deleting it from the background?

This is driving me nuts!

If it would help I can upload it and you could have a look but I know you must be hellishly busy.

Many thanks, Jon

Drop shadow

Have you considered using a gradient fade instead of the drop shadow fx I use it a lot in my work to create the same fx as a drop shadow without a raster

Following along on PS CS5 but brush preview not showing up..

I've been following along with your PS CS5 videos on Lynda.com and really enjoy the series.

One thing I encountered was that the brush preview section you introduced in Changing size and hardness doesn't show up the same on my system. I'm using a PC and the red brush preview that is supposed to show up by holding down the Alt key, and pressing and holding the right mouse button while moving the brush up/down or side to side never shows the red brush preview color as yours does. My settings matched what you show but no brush preview color at all. Any ideas of why this is missing?

I really enjoy your videos and look forward to the Illustrator video as well. Very nicely done videos with lots of info. I'm just not sure how you remember everything.

Stevebo in Colorado


I never wanna see one again !

But thanks for such amazing training, although I'm sure you got faster as the Fundamentals videos ran their course, I mean what was all that Martini stuff about ?

Cheers from Germany !


Web Photo gallery

On Photoshop CS and earlier I used the Web Photo Gallery. Is that gone or am I just too stupid to find it on CS5? I refally like it and have retained CS on my computer to just the Web Photo Gallery. I have CS5 but don't use it because I can't find the Web Photo Gallery.

David W. Clements

It's in the Bridge!

It's in the Adobe Bridge CS5. :)
There's a button on the tools panel called "Output to PDF or Web".

Illustrator CS4

hi deke
I really enjoy your videos on lynda, finally thanks to you I started working in illustrator after staring at it for 10 years on my desktop. I have a question: I am drawing with the blob or brush tool, using photographs as templates to help me, and sometimes I try to "lift colors" from the photograph with the eyedropper tool, but I realise that whatever color settings I am using, the color that end up being applied on my drawing layer are always slighter different from the original. While apllying them they look ok, as soon as I release the brush, they turn out much paler? Any tips on that? Thank you.

Applying textures to objects

Deke - You're brilliant.

I have a problem that needs quick solution.
My client - a large retailer of nifty products, needs to be able to display these images in various color ways.
No problem swapping the colors - but the TEXTURES TOO ?!

I love your Lynda tutorials and am happy to stay up many nights learning new things.

When it comes to swapping the fabric of say, a bar stool from baige leather to a checked cloth, I need help.
I have hundreds of static, 2d images, but need them to look like they were shot in a variety of styles.

Which tutorial series would best accomplish this?
Please give me a CLUE!

Pulling whats left of my hair out.

Illustrator Gradient Mesh Eye Dropper Tool SOLUTION

Deke, I was watching Illustrator CS4 One-on-One: Advanced - Assigning colors with the Eyedropper tool - Patching color in a gradient mesh (Holding the Alt key while clicking with the eye dropper tool to inject color).

I figured some things out and found a really fast way of coloring a mesh without having to select anchor points first ! I thought your followers might like to know about it. You just use the eye dropper tool to pick up and inject color where ever you want it.

To start with, I place an image in Illustrator that I need to copy and lock it down.

1 – Next add a new layer, then looking at your photo trace one of the shapes in the photo with the pen tool. That shape will be turned into a gradient mesh.
2 - Then using the black arrow tool, go into the layers pallet, open the sub layer by clicking on the arrow before the layer picture, then on the sub layer you want to make a mesh and click on the right dot in that layer to select only that item.
3 - Go to Object, Create Gradient Mesh. Set the number of rows and columns you want, turn on preview, click ok.
4 - Control Click on the UPPER layer's eyeball to make it outlines. (NOT the sub-layer marked )
5 - Click on the layer that is named , deselect the mesh by clicking on the screen with the arrow tool.
6 - Select the eye dropper tool and pick up a color from the photo (below the mesh). Look at the tool pallet's color swatches to see if the color was picked up.
7 - Turn on the cap lock, then using the eye dropper tool, hold the ALT key down (which will INJECT color into the mesh). You know it's working if the eye dropper tool turns black (filled with color) and changes it's angle. If the Alt key doesn't change the eye dropper tool - then turn OFF the cap lock and try again.
8 - Now if the mesh is in outline mode YOU MUST CLICK ON A SEGMENT OR ANCHOR POINT to inject color in those areas. When you’re NOT in outline mode, you can click in the center area between anchor points and segments to inject color.

Enjoy !

Weird Lines in illustrator

I self taught myself illustrator over the last couple years for my small business, but I recently have stumbled upon your videos on lynda.com and they are phenomenal! In chapter 12 The artwork anti-aliasing options you bring up weird lines appearing in illustrator when exporting for the web. I have not noticed this, but weird lines have appeared in my cmyk stuff that I sent to my printer. I noticed that you got the same lines in One on One fundamentals chapter 12 Optimizing a low-color graphic @ 1:13 in the black tree. They appear as hair lines, and if you refill they will disappear, but I have missed them on multiple print projects I have had. What am I doing wrong or is it just an illustrator bug? They usually appear from what I can tell when I am moving around the image zoomed in. Thanks for the great videos!

Lesson Errors

I have your Book Photoshop CS5 one-on-one. Following the information provided on page "xvi" I have downloaded everything but 2 lessons. Lesson 7 zip and Lesson 9 zip download with errors.

The Question I have is do you have another site that I could get the zipped files from or could you repair the ones at Oreillys?

P.S. Bought book because I thought some of your information was better then other books I had reviewed.

Thank you for making the book, videos and support files.

Hi Deke

Just dropped in to say how much I enjoy your classes at Lynda.com. Love your videos and more your sense of humor! Keeps the class interesting. Thanks for what you do.


small typo

Just something the spellchecker missed -- InDesign CS4 One-on-One p.113 uses "while" rather than "wile" in "dull way to while away a perfectly good half hour." Yes, I found it while wiling away my morning . . .

Best way to learn illustrator

Hi Deke, this is my first time here and I have one question. I really try to learn illustrator and I founded online a lot of info and tutorials for it. I saw on lynda.com you have a lot of tutorials also. Unfortunately, lynda seems to me a little bit overwhelming. I want to learn illustrator in the best possible way and in the shortest ammount of time. I am willing to take your 3 big courses (witch are about 50 hours). This will get the job done? I mean without starting again with all other ones. Hope you understand me ( English is my third language).

Installing deke keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop CS5 one-on-one

I have adobe premier pro cs5 - when i follow the book instructions for installation of the dekeKeys on pc,
the premier pro opens instead of photoshop. I have been unable to change the keyboard shortcuts due to this.
Does anyone have a working solution for this?

Thank you in advance.


Right-click on the dekeKeys file

And choose Open With from the shortcut menu to open the file in Photoshop instead of Premiere.

Another explanation appears on this site. Just click here to go there.

Photo CS5 Extended

Since Feb 14 2011 I have been using Lynda.com. I picked you out of 3 or 4 others. I have finished PS CS4 one on one 1, 2, and 3. Also finished PS CS5 one on one 1. Now in PS CS5 one on one advanced.

Question: Now I would like to buy a camera. What would be a good basic beginners camera? (Not a point and click)

Note: This is a hobby for me. I am using PS CS5 Extended for my photos. Also I have Lightroom 3.

Beginner's camera

That depends on your price range and your individual tastes...A "good" DSLR package will probably start at around $400-500, and you can expect to spend twice that with additional lenses/accessories to start, but shop around. The key thing to remember is that much of the equation is knowing HOW to use your camera, just like knowing how to use Photoshop or other editing software is important. You'd be surprised at what you can do with just a "beginner's" camera.

I don't know what Deke's policy is for recommending certain brands on this website or posting external links, so I won't, but if you Google the name "Ken Rockwell" you'll find some good, honest reviews for some of the leading DSLR brands...cameras, lenses, the whole nine yards...on his website where he goes into the pros and cons of each so you can make an educated decision. Enjoy!

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