What would you have Deke do with his copious free time?

Release a weekly free video blog called "Deke's Techniques"
55% (1505 votes)
Create a series of "Photohop CS5 Extended: 3D" courses
12% (337 votes)
Finish his "Illustrator CS5 One-on-One: Mastery" course
13% (341 votes)
Take a break and let me catch up!
20% (529 votes)
Total votes: 2712


Photoshop Elements 2 for Dummies

Gooday Deke,

Sorry if this takes you back, but having bought the above and come to a jam on your yellow brick road, please, I need new direction. On pages 84, 86 and 87 you refer to Color Plates 1, 2, and 3 respectively. I thought I had acquired the latest edition from Wiley but a search of the text, like the straw man, has revealed no substance.
Any advise would be welcome.

Yours Colourblind.

I admire you deeply

I am very proud being Mongolian !

Hi ! Deke

I am Mongolang, I admire you deeply on all your works on Photoshop, I am always
learning about photoshop. Especially I am very interesting on manipulation and compo-
siting with layer, masking, channels

I am always wonder how could you know so much which it is impossible to me even
to imagine it is quite unbelievable ! Anyhow I will try to learn much more from your
video podcast.

May God Bless you

The Mongolian Black Heads Wolf, Mongolang II Paul Lang Pau

PS CS5 Extended: 3D Text

Hi Deke - When will the 3D Text title be released on Lynda.com?
The first three were great.

Sometime very soon

For some reason, 3D Type Effects has been one of those titles that keeps getting bumped by courses that we at lynda.com deem to be more time-critical. Such as the four Up and Running courses and a bunch of forthcoming (and really great) Deke's Techniques. I will begin working on 3D Type Effects in earnest next week. The course will come out in September. I promise!

Videos are really useful

Thank you very much!! Emma


Deke's Dilemmas

I'm also new here - and similarly, continue to enjoy your excellent videos. Thank you, Deke. Sincerely.

Now, the reason that I signed up was initially to ask a geeky question regarding Photoshop, because, obviously, you're gonna be a man who aspires to give one-on-one technical support to every Photoshop user in the world. The absence of an e-mail address is clearly some form of reverse Turing Test - in which only those inspired enough to intuit it may pitch a question.

So while I'm in the process of 'intuiting' your e-mail address, I thought I'd make another proposal as to what you could do with your copious free time ... ^_^

How about creating a comments page / blog, the sole purpose of which is to collect ideas that people think your courses might have missed? In that way, you'd not set yourself up to be obliged to respond to 5,000 comments/requests, but you'd get some insight into the kinds of things people might want or run into that your courses may not already cover ..? o_O If you didn't feel that the geekier questions warranted an addendum video(s) of their own, you might consider some of the content worthy of a remark when working on the next CS6, CS7 (or whatever) One-on-One batches.

Anyhoo - I really do mean it when I say that I've thoroughly enjoyed your videos. I've learnt a lot, and you've made what could have been a very dull subject matter not only bearable but entertaining. Thanks again. -_^

Sherlock Holmes Ending Credits

I'm new here, but not to following your videos. Thanks for all you do. It really helps.

I realize that creating the effect used in the ending credits of the latest Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downey Jr. would be similar to turning a photo into a drawing. But I sense there are some, as yet, unexplained techniques needed to really make it take—for me, at least.

Would you be willing to explore how to duplicate that effect and demonstrate for us what you come up with? My wife is bugging me to learn how. *and there's the rub!*


Photoshop CS5 Extended One-on-One: 3D Fundamentals - UK Cost???

Hi Deke,

Tried to buy your DVD on Lynda for $49.95 and they wanted to slap a £75 shipping charge thru' UPS to get it to the UK... Surely that's prohibitive and not many people will pay £75 to ship a £50 DVD. Is there any other alternative? Could I download the DVD from Lynda for the price of the physical DVD?

Bought many of your books from the Golden PS Bible days back in the mid 90s, and am a huge fan of your style and humour with your lessons that make you stand out head and shoulders above any others I have seen, so please keep up the good work and positive teaching style

Evan Bond - DrawTalent

As a rookie learn Illustrator or InDesign first

Hello Deke,
as I searched for an interesting occupation this Summer, I like to study Indesign and Illustrator. I would be happy, if you tell me your opinion, which someone should study first.

Thank you very much.
Regards from Germany

I'd start with Illustrator

After that, InDesign will be easy.

But that's just me.

Up and Running with InDesign "Brilliant and much needed"

Hi Deke, I'm new here, but I have followed your video tutorials for some time now. You hallmark is your thoroughness, eloquence and knowledge on the various subjects. I tutor a tertiary level design class in the three core design programs in CS5 Design suite. It has always been a hassle to decide what is adequate to get the students "Up and Running" in eash. This recent InDesign course is perfect. It would be great if they were similar "Up and Running" courses for Illustrator CS5 and Photoshop CS5.

Excellent Job!


Ricardo Licorish

U&R Illustrator and Photoshop are coming

My video course Up and Running Illustrator will be out in a few days. Meanwhile, I have two Photoshop courses that will be up and running very soon: I've already recorded Up and Running Photoshop for Design. I will record Up and Running Photoshop for Photography during my next trip to Ventura, in a little more than a week.

All are short-form video courses from lynda.com. Stay tuned here for more info.


Deke sir, your the man love you and love your stuff..

keeping kicking our butts with awesome materials.


Help me make some clouds!!

Deke, Have you ever looked in the sky and noticed that the clouds look like things? A bear? A rabbit on roller skates? An ice cream cone? A snake wearing a hat? Well, I've been trying for a very long time (years off and on) to create those clouds. I have specific images I want to "cloudify". No matter what technique I try, I never seem to get the exact result I'm after. I don't simply want to fill a shape with clouds and make the edges puffy. I don't want to punch a shape into the clouds. I want the clouds to look like they organically took on a shape.

I thought this would be an easy thing to do when I first started looking into it, but not so much.

I've watched virtually every single video you have on lynda.com, and I think you are fantastic. I've searched throughout lynda, and I've searched on here for the Rosetta Stone that will help provide the solution to my quest. I feel like I've gotten very close, and I'm sure it involves some sort of displacement mapping, a smart object, and a photo of actual clouds.But I'll be damned if I can put it all together in the right sequence.

Any help you (or anyone) can give me would be greatly appreciated!!

Cloudy and partly shapeless in NY

Clouds are not so easy

Turning a physical object into an organic (meaning: interpretative) cloud form is not something I've attempted before. As you say, it wouldn't involve carving the cloud into an outline. It's something different, with fluffs and pillows defining form and texture. I'll contemplate this one, and get back to you in a future Deke's Techniques.


What can I say?
Your the best teacher ever...I new here...I have seen a couple of your videos & god...U're an amazing teacher...I want to be a designer for sure and for me you are the way to go...

Best regards


I'm new in this, I was learning corel draw, but I' m using everyday photoshop for documents,
so I want to know more of design in photoshop to do both things, text and designs
Thank you

CS 5 Extended

Harvey Gurien- Write a book on the 3D subject that is now only available as a download.

Toggle Screen Modes

Hi Deke: Love your books and videos.

In Photoshop SC5, when I press the "F" key to cycle to full screen mode- the image becomes darker.
Where should I look to correct this?

Thank you,

Need help desperately in Illustrator CS-4

I am sure this is way basic for all y'all, but I'm stuck and not even sure what to seach for on lynda.com or on internet. Here is what I am trying to do: I have photos of several pieces of fabric and I need to bring those photos into AI and use them individually to "fill" things I have drawn and then save the swatches or whatever they would be for future "fills". I've watched the videos on gradients, swatches, libraries, etc and but can't figure out how to do it or what to do. I know it's possible to do it but not sure what video to watch over on lynda.com so I can make it work or at least know what's it's called lol.

Can anyone please help me? Thank you so much.

Oh, and is it worth it to upgrade to CS-5.5?

BTW, Deke M. is my favorite one to watch on lynda.com.

Creating fills

You can do it in photoshop best. Find the repeat in the design, copy it and some extra image around it into a new document and use the"offset" feature to make sure the repeat is intact.Crop it at exactly where the design repeats, top bottom and sides. Save it as a graphic document and import into illustratori as a fill. I think .jpg .tiff maybe .psd works. I'm writing quickly on iPad so can't be more specific. I make these a lot it's fun. You can use these things as web backgrounds too. Maybe deke can explain better.

You're trying to fill Illustrator paths with Photoshop images?

Just want to confirm that your fabrics are photographic, coming from Photoshop or the like. That is possible, btw. No problem there.

But not sure what specific problem you're having. Do you have a sample file I can look at? That always helps me a lot.

release your courses on Itunes

Hi, Deke!
is it possible to have your courses of Illustrator one on one and photoshop one on one released on Itunes, so it is easier to follow them and as I'm Italian it would be less expensive for the custom charges?
Best regards

Pixel Re-Sizing Program?

Hi Deke,

I'm an audio guy entering the visual world and I've been watching your One-On-One series via Lynda.com, my current question is such a novice one (embarrassing) - I found an old B/W image from the web that I want to re-size and do some cut/paste work with it. What would be the best program for things like this (re-sizing web images)? The image i found needs to be re-sized to 1400 x 1400 pixel for CD artwork - respecting all © (keyboard short via Deke). Many thanks to all in the visual community & hope to someday be as verse in the buzzword/language as I am in the audio field.


Solved by the SILENCE

After doing some internet searching I looked into Perfect Resize 7 via onOne Software. Going to give this a try...

Adjustment Layer

Why does my Photoshop CS5 not show Add Mask by Default in the adjustments panel? All my adjustment layers are including a layer mask. How do I correct this?


Figured it out. Sorry

Big Thumbs Up

Greetings Deke,

I just started on Lynda and decided of all the options presented that I'd try your series out first (Photoshop). Man, am I glad I did. It's been a blast so far and I've only done a few chapters. Thanks for the humor/knowledge, it's made staring at a computer screen for hours seem like minutes.

My only beef: I wish you'd do a lesson for the entire Creative Suite. I know you can't be all things at all times, but dammit I wish you'd try. Other trainers are probably going to put me to sleep. ;)

Keep up the good work, you've got a lot of fans for a reason.

Completely off the Beaten Path- Autodesk

I know, what the heck?

But since you are so in the know, and deep in the trenches as it were.... here is a plea.

This is a little off what you normally do… but can you help find a good AutoDesk trainer for Lynda? Seriously, I am an interior designer, Revit is currently completely changing the way architecture and interior design is done and there are NO good tutorials out there on any website. We need help. The very future of the stores, places you work, and the places you literally live cry out for HELP! We need tutorials that show the basic tools needed to put construction docs together in Revit....with LEED in everything as well!!! Autodesk is brutal and trots out a new version at major ka-ching prices every year (and with the construction economy like it is…geez!). The only tutorials out there are so boring and non-helpful (they obviously never put a construction set together) they put you to sleep! Please help!!!

And on a note you are more familiar with…… please do a tutorial on interiors using the perspective tool in Illustrator… what were they thinking? Most people would use the tool on an interior…. Sketchup is currently the tool of choice… but I do like Adobe.

Saving In Illustrator CS3

ok so this is a little embarrassing.
I designed a pasta sauce label and emailed it to the client.
The printer sent it back to her with an email saying the file was too big. I embedded all my images and rasterized them at 300ppi. But they were complaining that it was still too big at 32mb.
My question..
What do I do to completely shrink this file but still keep a High Quality PDF.