What would you have Deke do with his copious free time?

Release a weekly free video blog called "Deke's Techniques"
55% (1505 votes)
Create a series of "Photohop CS5 Extended: 3D" courses
12% (337 votes)
Finish his "Illustrator CS5 One-on-One: Mastery" course
13% (341 votes)
Take a break and let me catch up!
20% (529 votes)
Total votes: 2712


Setting up For Adobe Illustrator CS5 One-on-One

Okay, I am a relative neophyte in Adobe world (computers are mostly uncharted territory too.) Been baffled with One-on-One Installation and Setup...Working with Windows XP OS...when confirming the dekeKeys shortcuts were in working order checked the shortcut next to "Place" command came up as Alt+Ctrl+D not the same shortcut shown in the book, Ctrl+Shift+Alt+D. What is up with this?

Next installed the Best Workflow CS5, or tried to...went edit Color Settings~changed the settings dialog box to "Best Workflow CS5" then changed the CMYK to "Preserve Embedded Profiles"...this caused the settings dialog box to change to "Custom." So I changed it back to "Best Workflow" which caused CMYK to jump to "Preserve Numbers (Ignore linked profile)" so I changed it back to "Preserve Embedded Profiles" Went back up to settings dialog box and changed it back to "Best Workflow" and guess what happened...yup...the CMYK menu tab jumped back to "Preserve Numbers (Ignore linked profile)" What is up here?

Very frustrated as I fooled around with this for several hours, seemed more like a dog chasing its own tail than a human learning a computer program!

I have a bad feeling this is something really obvious, unfortunately I don't have anyone close by to ask and my dog definitely is no good with computers~lack of thumbs proves a stumbling block for him. HELP!!


Hi, very new to this, I would like to know which one of Deke's tutorials will show me how to create templates in CS5 that people can drop images into and the image will resize to fit the shape on the respective layer. Probably not explaining this well, but I am new....


Lynda.com One on One Fundamental, Advanced, Mastery

Hi, I'm new to photoshop and I'd like to know if I finish those three courses, will I be able to do anything in photoshop? I bought the fundamental, but i really need to know where should I start.
Last thing, aren't you going to do a contest this year?

Thanks to Deke and OneOnOne

For most of my knowledge in photoshop I have to thank Deke and his one on one tutorials, so it is definitely worth

Great courses, easliy worth the investment

You will learn a lot no doubt. They are excellent courses. You may or may not learn every possible little feature you will ever use over the next decade, but you will surely be well-grounded and well-rounded in knowledge of this awesome program from Adobe. Those three courses are pretty much where you should begin. the fundamentals lesson gives you a good basic understanding and thus is a great starting point. the later two build off that to teach more complex techniques and usage.

If there happens to be something you miss or don't get in enough detail for your needs, you will surely have enough working knowledge that a quick search online or in a reference book will easily point you to whatever extra detail you need. The hardest part most of the time learning a software package, particularly a more advanced one like Photoshop is that you start out with not even enough knowledge to know what questions you should be asking .

Deke is an excellent instructor and a master at starting anyone of any skill level out with the basic foundations and working his way up through the more complex details. It doesn't hurt that he's probably the most famous Photoshop expert on the planet either.

Prepare to be amazed by what Photoshop can do. I've been working with it for nearly a decade, dating back to Photoshop 4 (and previously Aldus Photostyler) and I still seem to learn something new about it every time I use it for a project.

Making ice type

In the article i don't find how to make the background icy.

from creatives

i enjoyed your past blogs. am ugandan ie. from east africa and a creative designer stunt me with of your creatives


Many years ago I've learned Photoshop 5 thanks to the Bible by Deke, since this moment I never stooped to learn most of the time by myself, and searching here and there. I've got the latest CS5 after a big fight with my wife because of the money, and I hope I will discover (thanks to Deke) all the secrets of this one. Thank You!

steve Ha... I still have

Ha... I still have Adobe Photoshop 6. I never would have learned to use it if it had not been for "Deke McClelland's : Look & Learn, Photoshop 6 !!! Now I am wanting to get CS5 ($$), but I'm wondering if there is a book that explains CS5 as easily as the before mentioned. PS - glad I found this site!

Awesome instructor

Hey Deke,

I just picked up Illustrator CS5 to develop an idea I have and signed up at Lynda to train. Your instruction is so easy, and fun! You're a fantastic teacher, and thanks for making all your tips and tricks available. Thank you!

Take a break

The techniques are great but not at the expense of your brain and body. Go ahead, take a break !!!

Video Streaming to TV using PlayOn

I've recently started streaming Video Podcasts and other videos using PlayOn to my TV via my Wii.

I'm wondering if you have the OPML file to allow me to stream dekePod using the PlayOn Media Center?


Hi Deke! I found you on Linda.com and I appreciate the way you make your teachings easy to understand and how comfortable you make your listeners feel while learning. OK, enough brown-nosing! I was looking for some of your teachings on " Image Resolution" I currently have Photoshop CS4 and I plan on upgrading to CS5 when I have some extra moola! I'm having trouble understanding the correct way to re-size and image, and preserve the highest quality of that image. I shoot everything in raw, and I'm using canon cameras. Thanks in advance for pointing me in the right direction. Glenn

Look 4 OnOne Genuie Fractals

Look 4 OnOne Genuie Fractals

Adobe Photoshop CS5

I have just started on Deke's One-on-One book. On page xix para8 'instal the dekekeys keyboard shortcuts', Deke says "Photoshop will spring to the forground". On my system Premiere Pro springs to the foreground. Can anybody advise me how to get over that? I am reasonably experienced in Premiere Pro but this is my first serious shot at Photoshop.


Alpha Channel Saving Issues

I am having such a hard time with saving a tga with alpha layers. I just cant work out why or where I am going wrong. I am creating a multi layer photoshop alpha channel template for 3d clothing mesh. It needs to be saved out as a tga with an anti halo layer to stop the ugly white glow round edges, however when I go to save it wont save the aplha channels. It will on my other templates just fine that are just one alpha layer but not with the multi layer. I am explaining this so badly too giggles. I need help and advise perhaps if I can send you the file to look at and point me in the right direction.

Many thanks


Illustrator CS5 one-on-one

This book combined with the video tutorials gave me more insight into the innards of Illustrator than anything else.

problems with one-on-one

To get a better hand on CS5 I bought Photoshop CS5 one-on-one. I have been having a funny set of problems. Things don't work.
example: in lesson 2 I tried to remove the white wedge with the magic wand. I went to Edit/Fill but fill was grayed out.
Who do you go to???????

creating fur

Good Morning its about 3 am and I thought I would go to the head honcho of Illustrator. I have done all the courses at lynda.com (and can't wait for the last one-on-one for Illustrator CS5). I love the Photoshop series also. My brothers think I am a wizard with these programs, If they only knew!!! I was wondering if you have any hints for creating fur like on a bear or a mink or ferret. I have created some brushes that simulate hair but the fur does not look right. I create little characters for my niece and nephews but this fur thing is driving me nutto. any suggestions I would be grateful. Keep up the great work as you have given many home bound people a great way to spend there time being creative. Thanks Dorothy


I miss dekepod!!

I with her

What cartogirl said!