Which video would you like Deke to record next (after he finishes Photoshop & Illustrator One-on-One)?

Photoshop CS4 Smart Objects
34% (733 votes)
Photoshop CS4 Blend Modes
24% (526 votes)
Photoshop CS4 Adjustment Layers
20% (426 votes)
Photoshop CS4 for Bio-Medical Imaging Geeks
5% (113 votes)
InDesign CS4 One-on-One
17% (372 votes)
Total votes: 2170


How do we synchronize the color management part of Bridge cs4

I can not get Bridge cs4 to open the dialogue to put in adobe 1998 color . The error message keeps saying the that the suite color management is not enabled. It requires that a qualified product has been launched at least once to enable this feature. I am sooooo frustrated that I could cry!!!!!

I still have the old cs2 and cs3 on my computer. I changed everything there to read adobe 1998 ( well, the cs2 Indesign, Illustrator, and 2 other cs2 components.) also changed cs3.

I do not know if it matters....but cs3 and cs4 were upgrades.

Thank you for your help.
Renee Hailey

all the one on one's



Hello, I am new to PS world but not new to this world.(lol) My friend is a writer she wants to add my photos to her book, we are trying to find out what is the best way to combine both talents. We tried Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, some other software, but it just isn't working. Does anyone know about InDesign and does it have the capability for me to see the project in a book form, so I can insert and deign the photos to her writing? Thanks, PAM


I am a student and recently took a class in InDesign. It would be a great solution for you!


its really nice to have this software it really helps me a lot.. thanks.

question about masks (another one?)

First of all. Hi Coleen and Howdy Deke. I'm an advanced PS user but I have to say I'm ashamed to ask this question. I'm an architectural visualizer and as such, my workflow requires HDRIs. So, since HDRIs don't carry alpha channels along I have to output my own masks, not bad at all. I then bring both the image and it's mask over into PS. I then do this: CTRL+click the "mask to be" image > CTRL+C > turn the "mask to be" image eyeball off > CAHNNELS pallete > new channel > CTRL+V the "mask to be" image > CTRL+click the new channel > turn it's eyeball off > LAYERS pallete > new layer mask button. OUCH!!! I got mys mask. There must be an easier way to do this. Please Deke, teach me!!! Thanks for all the amazing knowledge you've been passing on. God bless. Nelson.

I'm not Deke

(hope you're not too disappointed ;)

..and I hope I understand your current workflow so question right.

In your current workflow you create a new channel before applying that channel as a mask but that step is actually not needed.

You can:

1. Bring in your files (I assume you bring them into one file on separate layers);
2. Ctrl + click your mask (if needed Alt + double click on the layer name to unlock it)
3. Select your to-be-masked-layer
4. If needed Alt + double click on the layer name to unlock it
5. Press the Add Layer mask button at the bottom of the layers palette.

I don't know how you bring in your two files but there are also shortcuts in this task. If you use Bridge, select them both and then goto Tools/Photoshop/Load Files into Photoshop Layers....
That will bring them both in into one document on seperate layers.

If you do this really a lot you could also create an action for it and even exectute that action on your selected files in Bridge.

Hope this helps.

photoshop effects

Hi my friend, U r the best!! :-) 15 years in school and collages..... and i descovered that the best teacher is one stranger talking on my laptop!! :-) i like to sugest u to upload a video with special photoshop effects.... like converting a photo to a pencil sketch or paint work. i dont know if u already did that and if yes i appologise.. but i know that there is a lot of request about this things. For example if you check Akvis plug ins r really great and are high in demand. i hope i made my self helpfull George

photoshop top 40 podcast

I love your shows. Have just finished watching all the episodes and loved the way you explained the details of the powerful tools (the duration of each episode is timed perfectly). Have been using Photoshop at work for several years and never had time to practice the best methods in creating something glamorous. Hope eventually I will use some of the methods you have talked about in the podcast. (I actually typed up a comment on the ipod touch after viewing your presentations, but was told the nickname was used by somebody else--hence lost the comments).

General Comment

You are scary...in the best way possible. You know more about Photoshop than Photoshop itself and are an incredible communicator. I have been following your work on Lynda.com for a while and have been enlightened, en-knowledged, enabled, and en-spired. Thank you Deke!


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! .no need to say anything else... -imsapimp

you said it

Nice #

PS4 Bridge

I bought your Adobe Photoshop PS4 one-on-one book, and am stuck on pages 14-15. The icons for "rotate" images is grayed out, and I cannot figure out how to do this. The images seem to be locked. Please help. I am STUCK! Thanks! Mickey

Channels & Masks palette

I have Photoshop CS4 Extended Edition running on a Vista 64 bit PC. When I try and install the Channels & Masks palette I get an error message saying that I do not have the right permissions to install the extension. I get this message after I have accepted the License Agreement. I am logged in as administrator. Right clicking the mxp file does not allow running the installation as administrator. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks, John

Channels & Masks palette

John, I am running CS4 Extended Edition running of a Vista 32 bit Dell Work Station. I have the same problems trying to install the Channels and Masks Pallete. Please let me know if you find a fix. Thanks, Glenn Rainer

Windows permssions issue

Here's a past answer from one of our members, fabulacious:
You are looking for the Adobe Extension Manager. It should have a shortcut in the Creative Suite start menu folder after installing CS4. You might run into the problem that you don't have the necessary permissions to install the custom panel, in which case try launching the extension manager with administrator rights by right-clicking its icon and choosing "run as administrator."

Channels and Masks Palette

Thanks Deke for passing along the solution. It worked as advertised. Regards, John P.S. I'm enjoying your book and learning a lot the will help me going forward!

Next Video

Hi Deke, I would like to suggest a next video: "Advanced Selection Tools". Im am case I would focus on selecting hair. We have not any good video so far with advanced methods. Tks, Rubens


There's a great tutorial from Deke on hair selection on lynda.com. Photoshop CS3 Channels & Masks: The Essential, chapter 8 "Everyday Channel Masking". It's the girl wi/ the black hair.


havent u seen The Man's masking videos.havent u seen this-> http://www.deke.com/content/high-res-downloadable-masking-video-and-layered-psd-file ????


problem with quick time in your CS 4 1on1 book videos

They're still usable but the CS4 One on One book Companion Lynda.com DVD videos in quicktime via Windows Explorer don't show the controls for stopping, rewinding, etc. I saw reference in Google links to ActiveX in the browser being the culprit but no fix was submitted. Do you have a solution in the Archives or can you address this in one of the "Martini" videos? If controls were visible, it would be easier to use the videos.

Browser Problem on Windows Vista

I had the same problem with my 64-bit Vista machine and corresponed with Lynda. This is their response: If you are on a 32 bit machine you may need to press (control + 0)PC or (command + 0)Mac to reset the zoom level of your browser or try pressing F11 to resize the window. If you are on a 64 bit Vista- The lack of controls for 64 bit machines is a known issue stemming from ActiveX incompatibility web-wide with Windows 64 bit. Fortunately, there is a work around if you can use an alternate browser other than Internet Explorer. Browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Flock, Chrome, and Safari should all have a work around. To set a browser other than Internet Explorer to display controls: 1. Right click the browser desktop icon 2. A list will open 3. Select Properties from this list (L) click on Properties 4. A small window will open up with tabs on the top 5. One of these top tabs is marked Properties - (L) click on the Compatibility tab and a small window opens up 6. Once this Compatibility window opens up click the mouse button in 'Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP (Service Pack 2) 7. At the bottom of this Compatibility window click: OK/Apply. 8. Restart your browser


first i enjoyed your PS CS4 1on1 book for two reasons; you always explain why an action is necessary and it is a good reference book to keep beside my computer. i have a quesion-is there a book or something that tells me when to use certain features of PS? how do i know i need to add a mask or create a smart object or new layer or a new channel? i can do the mechanics fine (even for a 65 year old!) but knowing when to do then escapes me. can you help me?

newbie from Thailand

i use cs3 but thank you for your podcast it great i want to know about PS 's technique for silkscreen You have more about it?


I am viewing CS4 one on one fundamentals on Lynda.com as a promotional guest by purchasing CS4 from adobe. You are truly a great instructor. I intend to really learn the program by viewing all of your lessons. I can't afford the premium membership, but I would like to get your DekeKeys & CS4 Workflow.

CS41O1 Set Up glich p.XXI

p. xxi for Mac PS keyboard shortcuts, to change shortcuts its: system preferences show all keyboard & mouse THEN (not in book) Keyboard click on "Use all F1, F2, etc..." box THEN (back to book) Keyboard Shortcuts scroll down to shortcut you wish to change, etc. IF you don't check that box under KEYBOARD you cannot change the keystrokes under the shortcuts column. Best, N. W. Gibbons

Mend Blodes

I have seen other info/tuts on Blend modes but fell asleep halfway through - I need His Dekeness to do a Deke version, so I can actually learn them! Do it to it Deke! ps. jus tot let you know: as a direct result of your dekevids I'm going to get one of your Ps DVDs from Lynda.com.

Indesign One on One Questions

Hi Deke, I don't know if I'm posting this is the correct place, but I'm working with Indesign CS4 One on One, and when I copy the file for the color setting and make it the active color setting... Indesign crashes on me when I go to open it; I get an error message and the program closes. I followed the directions exactly. The only way I could fix it, was to delete the file for the color settings. Also, I do not have the Bernhardt Fonts on my copy of CS4. Is there anywhere else I can get them? My version is Adobe Design Premium CS4 Student Version.. version 11.0 Thanks for any help, Rose

Been curious after the video about how Fill takes priority

I've been curious, I just finished watching the video in the Photoshop advanced series for CS4 on Lyda.com. And Mr. McClelland aptly demonstrated how reducing the opacity on the composite layer resulted in the same effect but has anyone attempted to show the reverse it true? I don't doubt it is I'm just curious as to whether anyone tried to reverse. Applying the blend mode to a layer of reduced opacity. Technically speaking I can see how this would be hard to do the layer itself must have 100% opacity and 100% fill but the pixels themselves should have a translucency set to the same percentage of the original image if it had had the fill reduced. Not impossible obviously but not actually having Photoshop or the files to work with I can't test it. As far as I can tell Paint Shop Pro's equivalent of fill opacity doesn't react any differently than regular opacity to any layer.