Which video would you like Deke to record next (after he finishes Photoshop & Illustrator One-on-One)?

Photoshop CS4 Smart Objects
34% (733 votes)
Photoshop CS4 Blend Modes
24% (526 votes)
Photoshop CS4 Adjustment Layers
20% (426 votes)
Photoshop CS4 for Bio-Medical Imaging Geeks
5% (113 votes)
InDesign CS4 One-on-One
17% (372 votes)
Total votes: 2170


Fill Opacity

The major reason for fill opacity that I'm aware of is more specifically pointed to eight of the different blend modes. If you start experimenting with the various layer blend modes while adjusting the fill opacity (not opacity) with type, object fills etc. you'll start to see how the fill opacity and some of the blend modes work together very effectively and offer you much more options to your 'design palette' than not having these tools together. Further, on the surface if you use the fill opacity without the blend modes you will see the same behavior opacity gives you but trust me there's more. The best way to learn is thru experimenting or you can see deke's one on one fundimental video for photoshop cs3 and he discusses the use of fill opacity and all eight blend modes. 'That's how I learned'.

This is Toot Hoot Sotware

Hi i am pervaiz and i want to learn good graphics so i am starting on this A.CS4 is too good graphics software and good working with any kind of Photo Graphics so please any trip about this software please share with me my email. is it.assistant.muetloic@gmail.com Thanks Pervaiz Ali Qambrani IT Assistant MUET Library & Online Information Centre, Jamshoro

The Order in which Filters are Applied

Can make for some interesting results... http://www.digitalartform.com/archives/2009/05/distort_photosh.html

Ooh, I like this

Nice demonstration. I may "draw inspiration" from this when I sit down to make my Smart Objects video series. Thanks, Joseph--way to think outside the box!

Image Stack Averaging for BME Geeks

...who don't have PS Extended Stack the images in layers. Use the LINEAR DODGE (ADD) blend mode to sum all the layers. You will blow out the image way past white. No worries. Kick into 32-bit mode and dim the sum (no pun intended :D ) back into a usable range. For a true average, dim it by a factor of (1 / N layers) http://www.digitalartform.com/archives/2009/05/image_stack_fun.html

Dotted Stroke

Hi, Why photoshop does not have any preset for dotted stroke.. Anyone can answer me.. sarvanr

Dotted stroke/Dashed line

Yes...this drive me nuts too. If they can have a vector line object, why not provide the "dashed" option with it. I find this works pretty well...although it can really slow down the creative process. http://avondale.typepad.com/pixelupdate/2004/09/how_to_draw_a_s.html

Bio-Medical Imaging Geeks

Sir...I've voted for the "Bio-Medical Imaging" our Chances seems very poor!!!...If you even can make a single lesson to show some sci-fi techniques...it will be useful for us....

Bio-Medical Imaging

Just curious, but what techniques would the Bio-Medical Imaging training course entail? What would the table of contents be on this dvd - if by chance it would be made? My latest web design can be found: Snygga & Billaga Gummistövlar för barn

Are alpha channels missing?

Dear Deke, On page 245 of 'Adobe Photoshop CS4 one-on-one' you mention that the file 'Matchgirl.tif' has, as well as the four color channels, RGB, Red, Green and Blue, three alpha channels,Soft Blob, Flame and Final Mask. The four color channels show in the Channels palette but not the others. If these channels are there, please could you tell me how to find them? Many thanks for your help.

New member - voted cs4 blend modes

I use Lynda.com products simply because of you. Your're an amazing instructor/teacher and are great fun too...your songs and teaching style are testament to that. I enjoy Adobe products and got into using them because of you; they are major apps to learn and I was stumped until I came across a snippett of a tutorial of yours. Look forward to your next successful release.... Thanx Man!

My pleasure

And thanks so much for the kind comments!

Illustrator One-On-One mentioned method Short-Cut

Hi Deke! I just started to watch your Illustrator One-On-One Fundamentals course. I like to not think of myself as a beginner anymore (not even remotely thinking I know a lot either..) but follow it just in case to make sure I'm not missing some usefull tips :) When watching the part about how to save a new document profile where you go through the procedure on windows (Vista) with changing the risky windows settings to show hidden files & folders and stuff. This is actually not needed - there is a short-cut. No, not a key but the actual meaning of the term. It actually makes use of one of the features of the standard windows dialogs and as such works in most windows apps. Step 1-6 are the same as what you show in the course. With my method however it's not needed anymore to poke around in the windows settings and not even leave Illustrator.. 1. Prepare the document to safe as a New Document profile 2. Open the New Document dialog. 3. Click the down-arrow to show the available document profiles and choose Browse... 4. In the box where it shows the folder, click at the end to make it show the full path to where the files live in 5. Press Ctrl+C or right click on the now highlighted path and choose Copy from the menu that poped-up 6. Press 2x Cancel or the Esc key 7. Choose File / Save As 8. Press Ctrl+V - this will paste the path you copied in step 5 into the Filename box 9. Press Enter - by doing this, the location is changed to the New Document Profile folder 10. Type a filename to name the New Document Profile and press Save Hope this helps. Mike.

That's a good one, all right

I hate it when I think, "Gee, I didn't notice that option even existed." Which goes for Browse. Can't copy path on the Mac. But you can open one of the docs from the New Document Profiles folder, make changes to it, and then choose Save As. You're right back in that same folder. A few early AIcs4 movies have problems, including some altered behavior to the Adobe Bridge. Might go back and change those -- if so I'll add this to the list. Thanks, Mike!

..you got

my back so I'm only returning (a small part of) the favor ;) :) Also a heads up to everyone else being too bothered with technical stuff to do their creative stuff :) Mike.

first, i wanna 2 thank u

first, i wanna 2 thank u 2much for ur cds.Indeed u r amzing and so fun. actual i`m not good at blend modes and i wanna to be good at it so i choosed it Thank u Mr.Deke

You are so

a gorgeous blond. And I'm not much into blonds, so that's really saying something. :-p Happy Easter! :-D


I'm still shiny!

Bio-Medical Imaging

Photoshop CS4 for Bio-Medical Imaging Geeks is by far the most geeky of all the topics and as such, your Immense Alpha-Geekiness, you should consider your heritage and toss a pixilated bone to those of us playing in the hinterlands of Photoshop CS4.

I agree

How Smart Objects work within Bio-Medical Imaging would be great... you could even work in some Blend Modes (not sure how the patients would take to that though)...

I second that

Heck, I'd third it if I could. My knowledge on the topics of 3D, and Bio-Medical imaging in 'shop is pretty thin, and I wouldn't mind hearing more on it from someone I can actually understand (no offence to the majority of your colleagues, Deke) Even a tad on the animation wouldn't be a bad idea. I still use the frame mode (read: I fear the timeline mode). I checked out some CS3 animation stuff, but I didn't find the instructor organized in what he had to say and how he presented it. Not as smooth as your vids anyhow. Being an AADD sufferer, I only have enough wiggle room for one guy to skip from subject to subject -iVan __________________________________________________ Happy, happy, joy, joy!

You got more than you had hoped for

Hi Deke, I have been hiding on the sidelines (more like sleeping in the adjacent room) for quite a while and my posting has been very thin due to other concerns. I find though after reconnecting at the dekeJunction (how's that for a new dekeTerm) that your praises and signs of appreciation are on the rise. Not that it surprises me, quite the opposite but knowing how humble you are (on most days usually) you probably found out to your surprise when you created deke.com that you were much closer to stardom than you thought. Congrats! I don't want to burst your bubble though but on the topic of reconnecting, I became once again a twit and revisited twitter and saw that my friend was following a gorgeous blonde internet video blogger whizz girl (www.twitter.com/ijustine) to find out that she had 280,000 followers. After a week and a half and realizing that all that I enjoyed from her twitts was the little iconic photo of her I decided to stop following her and noticed to my surprise that she was then being followed by 350,000 people. So until I see 350,000 praises sorry bud but your are falling behind. I will get a grin from you though because I just purchased my spanking new One on One Photoshop CS4 and Photoshop Channes and Mask CS4 books! Cheers, Mario

I am not a gorgeous blonde

And yet, while said video blogger whiz girl gained 70,000 followers, I gained 1/1000th that. For which I am grateful. (To follow, click here.) PS: I am as close to stardom as Little Green Sprout is to Jolly Green Giant. But, yes, the success of dekeOnline surprises and satisfies me immensely. PPS: On further reflection, perhaps I'm being unfair to myself. Throw me and Little Green Sprout in a cage match, and I'm going to kick his delightfully impish ass. I swear I am.

No mention of my new terminology

I see Deke you kept completely silent my new addition to the dekeLanguage. Don't you get the misleading impression that I am relinquishing full copyright to you quite the contrary. It's mine and mine only and I expect full royalties for each references to or use of dekeJunction. Well, OK, I will take a minor bribe as in maybe 1/1000 of the price on your next Photoshop CS5 book!

Be careful

I heard Sprout watched your Liquify Video, and has buffed himself up to an impressive stalk... lol

It's a good

thing you bought that book too; because Channes is one of the least documented aspects of CS4! Hey, just pulling your chain Mario, don't get lost in all that learning.


Deke, thank U for bringing some balance to this "oh so sane" world... Carmina One

thanks Deke!

Hello Deke! I'm so grateful for your video lessons that I can't even explain! Thank you so much ! Your videos is the best, you are great man with awesome sense of humor! :) Your lessons is so interesting and joyful , it was a great pleasure to learn them! I was laughing I had fun and I have learned Photoshop pretty well ! So thank you very much Deke for all your lessons ! I wish only happiness and good health to you ! Keep teaching your students because you know... we can't do any longer without your lessons and jokes of course ! :)) Sincerely, Alex

Coolness Throughout the Decades

Deke’s long history of Adobe Photoshop prowess is delivered to us in an astonishingly entertaining fashion, culminating with the brilliant Droplet Song. Deke has rightfully claimed title to the hippest dude of the 2000’s. Here is the last 10 decades of cool people, in case you were curious. 1910's - George Bernard Shaw 1920's - Ernest Hemingway 1930's - Charlie Chaplin 1940's - Frank Sinatra 1950's - Jack Kerouac 1960's - Bob Dylan 1970's - Bob Marley 1980's - Bill Gates 1990's - Bono 2000's - Deke McClelland By the way Deke, you got me beat on Photoshop, but we are even on the guitar pickin'.

You got me thinking

What if you began your Coolness Throughout the Decades list at the dawn of the Common Era (CE, aka AD)? It might look something like this: 0000's - Gaius Vipsanius Agrippa 0010's - Emperor Augustus (Gaius Octavius) 0020's - Emperor Tiberius (Tiberius Claudius Nero) 0030's - Jesus of Nazareth (Christ) 0040's - Emperor Caligula (Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus) 0050's - Emperor Claudius (Tiberius Claudius Drusus) 0060's - Saint Paul (The Apostle of Tarsus) 0070's - Emperor Vespasian (Titus Flavius Vespasianus) 0080's - Quintilian (Marcus Fabius Quintilianus) 0090's - Pliny the Younger (Gaius Caecilius) 0100's - etc . . . Which when put in such perspective makes an obscure Photoshop author seem a fairly ridiculous candidate. Even so, thanks for the flattery! Gave me a nice bounce in my step.