Which video would you like Deke to record next (after he finishes Photoshop & Illustrator One-on-One)?

Photoshop CS4 Smart Objects
34% (733 votes)
Photoshop CS4 Blend Modes
24% (526 votes)
Photoshop CS4 Adjustment Layers
20% (426 votes)
Photoshop CS4 for Bio-Medical Imaging Geeks
5% (113 votes)
InDesign CS4 One-on-One
17% (372 votes)
Total votes: 2170


That was Deep

I had the joy and privilege of living in Berkeley in the 90's, volunteering at BMUG and seeing Bert at our Thursday nite BMUG main mtgs.... even Mordy used to show up occasionally. Anyway, for years Bert was the only teacher of Photoshop (goodbye PixelPaint, MacPaint, Super Paint, ColorIt!, etc.) I ever knew and didn't know then that he was world famous. He is a pretty modest guy and I still smile when I see him blush when someone appreciates him. Yesterday he told me I was "easily impressed" with his work when I clapped during a demo :-) That was funny! We often don't appreciate what we have in life until it is gone.... Anywayz, it was great to see Bert again and remember old times and old friends. His Photo-Realism stuff is still stunning (Damien is a 15,000 layers, 250,000 paths, 2000 man hour project alone). Yes, he is real and knows how to cut thru the crap and has no time for nonsense. I brought some students down with me to meet him.... it changed their lives. FWIW, you and Russell Brown are the only other Photoshop teachers I really like to learn from.... not saying other teachers are bad, it's just my choice. cheers, Thomas Thomas Benner The Art Institute of Austin Here are some pics: (1) Bert amazing and encouraging one of my students (2) Me and Bert. I just bought his new book and he's happy :-)

I'd never heard of Bert Monroy until....

...I borrowed a book of his from the library a year or two ago. His talent blew my mind. Amazing work. :)

his bertness

Whenever one of your peers starts getting a little to cocky and confident in their Photoshop skills, show them Bert's work. It can save your hand from the burning sensation that comes from giving them a good "bitch slap".

I voted...

for the last option, because Deke said I would ;)

See, I told you

It works that way!

I chose the first option

because I like the word "objects". :p

Odd that

I chose the sencond option because I think that Blend Modes has a really nice velvety sound to it ;)

Aye, it does

Like "cellar door". Aural pleasure. ;-)