Deke's Techniques: The Photoshop Challenge Winners!

Last Tuesday marked the end of the first contest in Deke's Techniques: The Challenge, which I called The Photoshop Challenge. In all, we accepted 12 submissions. And while that's a small quantity, they more than made up for it in quality. A few in particular were quite compelling, not to mention entertaining. Which made me A) proud and B) irritable, because it made my job as a judge all that harder.

Fortunately, we have a crack team of industry-leading judges, every one of whom offered up their opinions, and some of whom provided thoughtful comments (as you'll see). Every judge's opinion (including my own) was given equal weight. We merely counted up the votes and determined the winners accordingly.

Grand Prize: It’s a Plaid Plaid World

Our Grand Prize winner by a 6-to-2 vote is Robin Schneider (Desdiner), who will receive $6300 in prizes, including Creative Suite 6: Design & Web Premium. In her honor, I employed her technique, "It's a Plaid Plaid World," to render the Clan McClelland tartan.

The Photoshop Challenge presents the Clan McClelland tartan

Why did she win? Well, I'll tell ya. Read more » 

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Deke's Techniques: The Illustrator Challenge Officially Begins

 Hey gang!

Just a quick note to let one and all know that today marks the transition from one contest to another.

Deke's Techniques: The Illustrator Challenge begins today

Starting today, dekeOnline begins to accept submissions for Deke's Techniques: The Illustrator Challenge. For official rules and regs, check out

Tonight at 11:59pm California time, the first contest, Deke's Techniques: The Photoshop Challenge, shuts down and we will cease to accept further submissions. Read more » 

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Deke's Techniques: The Challenge Will Go Ahead as Planned

So far, we have received two entries for Deke's Techniques: The Challenge, in which I invite you to share a technique, in video form, that riffs off three of mine. As I write this, one entry is live, the other will be published soon.

My team and I just had a meeting to determine whether we should prolong the contest to give people more time to enter. Or worse, cancel the contest for lack of interest. Both of which seem like reasonable options. Who knew The Challenge would be mine?

But here's the thing: Have you ever enrolled for a class or signed up for a trip, only to watch it be canceled because too few people signed up? And then you think, "Damn, I really wanted to do that. I signed up!" It amounts to a violation of an inherent promise.

This morning, I also got word that, for legal reasons, has pulled my most recent technique, in which I showed how to create the Olympic rings. I'm disappointed, but I respect the decision. The IOC has revealed themselves to be a bunch of litigious shitheads. And where there's potential liability, it's totally within a company's right (here I speak of to protect itself. Although, I will admit, I am thinking that my next technique should be to show you how to draw the Mickey Mouse ears. Read more » 

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Photoshop CS6 One-on-One: Intermediate Has Arrived (and Thus There Was Peace and Tranquility in the World)

Last Friday marked the debut of the latest entry in my ongoing compendium on the topics of digital imaging and pixel-based artistry, Photoshop CS6 One-on-One: Intermediate. Weighing in at 9 hours and 25 minutes, it represents everything I have to say (for the time being, anyway) on the topics of Content-Aware, sharpening, text, shapes, layer effects, styles, Liquify, black-and-white, and output.

Oh, and I also discuss how to use the Levels command. The attached movie serves as the introduction. I'm really proud of it. Have you ever seen a guy interact with a histogram like that? It's like Minority Report. Except that my gut and man boobs are bigger than Tom Cruise's. Kudos to Will Frazier, Andrew Brown, and the whole graphics and live-action teams at Love you guys!

To view the entire course, mosey on over to Specifically, you'll want to go to Photoshop CS6 One-on-One: Intermediate, which contains the usual 10% free movies, not to mention the 100% available to beloved members of the Online Training Library. Read more » 

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Deke's Techniques: The Challenge Begins Today

Diqueno Techniqueams ipso Facto et Cetera ad Infinitum.

Which, as everyone knows, is Latin for "Let The Challenge Begin."

Today I launch three sequential mid-Summer contests. They will last two weeks apiece, or six weeks in all. These contests, which I call Deke's Techniques: The Challenge, will end with a total of ten winners---surrounded by the bloodied remains of their adversaries---divided into two camps: seven finalists and three Grand Prize winners. Together, they will divide more than $25,000 in plunder!

You may have questions: How does the contest work? (I'll tell you.) Will there be knife play? (No.) Will you be required to dress as a gladiator? (No.) Will you need to kill your opponent? (No.)

Will you need to make a harmless training video? (Yes.) Will that video need to mention, even in whispered asides, three episodes of Deke's Techniques? (Yes.) Will that movie need to be, at most, 10 minutes long? (Yes.) Will you need to feed the entrails of your video to those of your enslaved rivals whom you defeat on the battlefield. (I'm don't entirely get that question, but I'm pretty sure the answer is no.)

It really is this simple: Make a training video that demonstrates an awesome technique. Mention three of mine. Make sure your movie is no longer than 10 minutes. Submit it to YouTube. And then to this site. And if you win, you'll win big.

Click on this link to learn all about it. And then go to to learn how to make a training video. Read more » 

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