Coming Soon: Three Contests to End All Contests!

As regular visitors to this site may have noticed, Deke's Techniques has rather taken over my life lately. And now it's about to take over yours. Starting July 17, this humble site embarks on the ultimate quest for talent: 3 contests, 6 weeks, 10 winners. It's a little thing I call

Deke's Techniques: The Callenge, coming soon

Here's the idea: Over the last year and a half, I've recorded 150 Deke's Techniques. Now, it's your turn. Record a movie showing off your favorite technique and you stand a chance of winning a treasure trove of prizes from, Wacom, Fotolia, onOne Software, Alien Skin Software, TechSmith, and Adobe. That's right, you might win Creative Suite 6. Read more » 

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Amazingly, There Is No Fire

I arrived home yesterday. Am flying out again tomorrow.

But the big and the small of it is: The fire seems to be gone. You can't see it, there is no smoke, and all seems to be well. I'm just 2 miles from where it started. And when I look out, from my home at the base of The Flatirons, all is well. It even rained for a few minutes. Tonight it's a mere 70 degrees F. Read more » 

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How I Accidentally Pre-evacuated a Week Ago

You have a mother, right? I have a mother. I guess we all have mothers. They're so awesome.

Mine called me yesterday to protect me. It might have gone something like this:

My mom: "Hello, Deke?" Me (you'll get the rhythm of the thing in a moment): "Hi, Mom, what's up?" "Deke, dear, your house is on fire." "Sorry, Mom, I was working on something . . . what?" "Deke, sweet boy, your house is on fire. It's on the news. And it looks like you might have to evacuate soon." "Mom, I'm not at home. I'm in California." "Oh, oh, wait a moment. Yes, now they're asking you to please evacuate your house. Because it's on fire."

Or it might have gone this way: Read more » 

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Camera Raw JPEG editing for the iPhoto Faithful

I know most of you dekeOtopians work and play and generally exist inside Photoshop. But for those of you who prefer the photo-wrangling power of iPhoto but want to still explore the pixel-domination of Adobe Camera Raw (or pure Photoshop for that matter), I made this quick video to explain how to set Preferences in both apps so that can actually happen. 

The question was inspired by a member of who saw some cool movies about what ACR could do for JPEGs but still wanted to use iPhoto as her photo database. The movie format was inspired by listening to Deke for several years. So I decided to take on three whole minutes of training while Deke recorded his entire Illustrator One-on-One course in the lyndaBooth next door. It gave me new insight into what both authors and viewers (and editors) endure in the video training process! Read more » 

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I Have FInished "Illustrator CS6 One-on-One: Fundamentals"

Thursday, May 17th, marked the completion of my next video course for, Illustrator CS6 One-on-One: Fundamentals. It will include all sorts of exciting and monumentally educational live-action introductions (replete with graphic overlays) as well as scads of screen casts in which I demonstrate how the most elemental facets of this amazing program work. Not to mention how you work with it.

For example, in Chapter 6, "Tracing an Image" (in which I explore CS6's new Image Trace panel), I show you how to take a scanned Sharpie drawing of a half of an insect (how much more pedestrian could that be?) and turn it into the fully realized butterfly pictured below. Entirely auto-traced. And thus transformed from a murky quagmire of pixels to the resolution-independent vector-based realm of Illustrator CS6.

A butterfly drawn with a Sharpie, scanned, and traced in Adobe Illustrator Read more » 

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