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Howard Stern Begins Work on a Photoshop Course

As recently as yesterday, Howard Stern mentioned that he recently subscribed to for the express purpose of learning Photoshop. Listen to this brief audio clip. It is, as with all things Howard and Robin Quivers, quite funny. According to Mr. Stern, we at LDC possess the keen and noble ability to "explain shit so easily that I can actually, kinda, almost do it." Read more » 

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It's Official, We're Going to Bonnaroo

You know how something finally becomes official the day you decide to join in? Well, that's what happened today. One year ago last week, a few of us decided to attend the Coachella music festival in Southern CA. Except for the part where every time you went to the bathroom you were confronted by an overflowing porta-potty of poo, it was one of those events that lives in your mind like a combination of ambrosia and sandpaper. So very good and so very, um, sandpapery.

We wanted to do it again this year but Coachella sold out way before we got around to buying tickets. (Like, we went "duh," and three minutes later the whole thing was gone.) So this year, we're going to Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee. But we weren't going until a few moments ago when I purchased my ticket. Because until then, the gang was them, not us. Now, happily, we're all going.

Here's our posse from last year. (I believe I owe credit for this photo to Rebecca Peizer, who we will miss dearly this time around.) Damn, we're a bunch of stone-cold thugs. That's the funny thing about tech-industry video training. It makes you so tough you can stare down a camera from several feet. Not to mention a few additional inches. And we're all so remarkably bearded!

The once Coachella gang goes to Bonnaroo Read more » 

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Photoshop CS5 Extended One-on-One: 3D Lighting

Well, it's been a busy week. Tuesday, I recorded Chapter 15, "Lighting Your Scene," of my upcoming video course Photoshop CS5 Extended One-on-One: 3D Scenes, which should be out sometime in May for my video publisher In this chapter, we transform this base Maya model, created by a member of's rockin' graphics department, Paul Roper:

Paul Roper bedroom model

. . . into the following piece of photo-realistic artwork. (Click the image to let its 3D loveliness consume your screen.)

Final 3D rendering in Photoshop CS5 Extended Read more » 

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My Arms Are Bare

You cannot imagine how gruesome this training business is. There I was, at, thinking I could record a few videos on the upcoming Photoshop Touch apps (which Adobe will release next month). The apps run on an iPad, which means my fingers will be up-close-and-personal on the screen. So one of my directors takes me aside and says, "You know, you're going to be a hand model now. Which means you need a manicure. And maybe a pedicure, just to be safe."

Then she adds, as if to delight my intrigue, "Oh, and BTW, you have to shave your hands."

This last one surprised me. I mean, first, are we as a group officially acknowledging that I have hairy chimpanzee appendages? And second, do I honestly have to shave my wrists, hands, and knuckles? The answer: Oh yeah, baby. The outcome of which appears below.

My very own waxed apeboy arm

Do you see that transition? From my natural happy-primate hair to the strangely troglodyte smooth skin? Isn't it peculiar? I txt'ed a friend of mine that I felt like a bald cat. She responded, "Better: shaved pussy." Same diff I guess. Read more » 

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