Depth Maps Become Reality

In the entirely artificial digital sense, of course.

I'm midway thru recording Part 2 of my Photoshop CS5 Extended One-on-One series for my beloved video publisher, And, lo, it will go by the name 3D Objects. Photoshop CS5 Extended offers six classes of 3D objects: postcards (flat images projected into 3D space), preset shapes (spheres, cubes, but you can make more), imported models (from a real modeling program), 3D volumes (of use primarily for medical folk), the wide world of Repoussé (which I highlighted in this week's Deke's Techniques), and objects projected from depth maps (as I'll explain).

The upshot is that the Photoshop we know and love is secretly a 3D beast. Seriously, the stuff you can do with it is as bottomless as it is topless. (And side-to-sideless, too.) Just today, I was exploring the world of depth maps. These damn things have been around forever---they're responsible for those stereoscopic dolphin images that you have to uncross your eyes to see---so I was initially a bit bored. But in truth, depth maps are awesome architectural tools. For example, I built this:

Photoshop CS5 Extended: 3D Objects, "Depth Maps"

What the Sam Heck is it? I think it's an alien temple. You know, you press a brick and it opens. But I really don't know. I'm still exploring. Read more » 

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dekeSpeak March 08, 2011

This Is dekeOnline dekeSpeak The Newsletter of Things Deke: March 08, 2011

Hello friends,

As usual, Deke has been deep-diving. And as much as he enjoys exploring the shallow waters of the digital domain armed only with a digital snorkel, this time he's donning the electronic equivalent of scuba tanks to delve into the uncharted waters of 3D in Photoshop CS5 Extended. Facing a dearth of definitive information on those features, Deke is creating his own body of knowledge with some extraordinary demos, as well as a new course for

Photoshop CS5 has also been a watershed version for painting tools. This week's tip reveals hidden features of the "brush engine" in Photoshop that allows you to make extraordinary artwork from scratch.

Here's what's in store for this edition: Read more » 

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I Have Finished Recording My Video Course, Photoshop CS5 Extended One-on-One: 3D Fundamentals

Hello friends: Just a note to let you know that I finished recording my modest Photoshop CS5 Extended One-on-One: 3D Fundamentals video course for I say "modest" because, instead of 250 movies (as in the case of my unexpectedly epic Photoshop CS5 One-on-One: Advanced), this course will be a mere 65 movies. Which means you can absorb it in a couple of days.

I don't mean "modest" in scope. These 65 movies pack an enormous amount of information. They introduce you to the world of 3D in Photoshop CS5 Extended. They teach you how to work with new disciplines, approaches, and tools. And they introduce you to a new vocabulary. Remember when you first learned what a layer mask was? Well, multiply that by five and you have a sense of what's in store.

Photoshop CS5 Extended 3D: Chrome Orbs

The above graphic is the final image from Chapter 5, "Designing and Applying Materials." Read more » 

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dekeSpeak February 22, 2011

This Is dekeOnline

The Newsletter of Things Deke: February 22, 2011

Hi all, Read more » 

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I Am Geeking Out Over 3D in Photoshop Extended

A few months back, I made it my mission to get to the bottom of the 3D features in Photoshop CS5 Extended. After all, I am presently probing those very features in my four-part video series titled Photoshop CS5 Extended One-on-One: 3D for And as you might imagine, I was (back then, and even slightly now) intimidated. There is precious little in the way of definitive here's-how-things-work information on the topic. Lots of demo tuts, but while often amazing, they only take you so far.

So I did a deep dive and found a vast network of functionality. I might even go so far as to characterize 3D as the single biggest upgrade to Photoshop over each of the last three versions. Crazy as it may sound, what many of us regard as a photo editor is gradually transforming into a 3D editing environment.

Photoshop CS5 Extended old metal sheriff's star

For example, consider the image above. It includes three photographic images. Otherwise, it's 100% Photoshop. Don't you just want to reach out and touch it? And then put it on and pretend you're Marshall of Dodge City. Read more » 

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