Get New Fonts to Work with via Typekit (and Your Creative Cloud Subscription)

(Perhaps the headline should read "Get New Fonts to Play with," because you and I both know that's what font geeks, and anyone enchanted by typography, like to do. Yeah, I'm watching you, dekeTypographiliacs.)

Last week's update to Creative Cloud finally brought access to Typekit's library of fonts for desktops everywhere. This means that, with your CC subscription, you can now pop over to Typekit and grab up typefaces from their rich library to use in your Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, etc. projects. 

Installing these fonts is a pain-free exercise. You can watch Deke's demonstration of just how easy it is to install a new font from his new Introducing Illustrator course (via an unlocked movie at 


Although synced Typekit fonts will work with all your Adobe desktop applications (and I have even seen my synced font in Pages, as well), the integration works particularly efficiently in InDesign and Illustrator. In fact, one of the most thrilling aspects of this immediate access to new fonts is avoidance of the dreaded pink Missing Font highlight in your InDesign document. You know the one; if you haven't experienced this before, here's a screenshot of my most recent encounter with this horrifyingly pepto-colored phenomenon: 


Somebody send me Museo, stat. Fortunately, in the Missing Font dialog box that accompanies this horror, you have the immediate choice to sync to Typekit fonts you may be lacking: 

And both InDesign and Illustrator have easy access to the Typekit library in their font-related popup menus, via a handy green button that appears when you're using a typeface field. You can also filter your typefaces to see only fonts that came from Typekit. Here's what it looks like in the Type options bar in Illustrator: Read more » 

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dekeUpdate: 3D Printing with Photoshop CC

One of the most talked about and technologically significant updates to Photoshop Creative Cloud last week was the addition of 3D printing support. Now, I don't necessarily find 3D printing to be as significant to my day-to-day Photoshop experience as say, linked smart objects, but I get that this is the future calling. And although I've resisted embracing 3D in general (mostly because I haven't mastered 2D yet), I understand that actually creating these objects in real 3D space (otherwise known as reality) has vast potential for our long-term daily lives.

And, I can no longer argue that these Photoshop creations are just 2D representations of 3D objects, because once you "print" in 3D, the Z-axis gets real. I know, at an early age, I was exposed to Carl Sagan's explanation that the "plexiglass cube-within-a-cube I am holding is really just the 3D shadow of a 4D tesseract." But I've also been exposed to the ideas and observations of another modern thinker, Deke McClelland.

And the good folks at have seen fit to unlock Deke's new movie about 3D printing in Photoshop that lives inside his Photoshop Creative Cloud Update course, so you too, can hear about the cosmos of printing from Deke. Click the image below to watch it at

And if you'd like to get Deke's insights into the workings and usefulness of the other new Photoshop features, you can get a free week's trial at by going to and signing up. A week will give you enough time to learn about the new Perspective Warp command, the aforementioned linked smart objects, and more. Plus the rest of the week to explore Deke's Techniques, Deke's One-on-One courses, and the vast library of other offerings. The Photoshop future is here. And it's got a z-axis.  Read more » 

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Adding Dates to a Calendar in Illustrator

Welcome to the delicious dregs of 2013, my dekeLanders. For the final project of the year, I have reached into the Deke's Techniques archive and extracted an ingenious method that Deke developed last year for creating dates in calendar in Illustrator. I've used this ingenuity to update last year's festival of hexagons calendar for the year ahead. 

A 2014 calendar created in Illustrator

If you'd like to follow along, my starting file is downloadable here. If you're a member of, you can see this project in action by watching Deke's Techniques 185-187, during which you'll create your own starting background. If you're not a member of (yet), you can get a free week's membership at Here's the step-by-step tutorial if video's not your thing or you need to review a step along the way:  Read more » 

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Friday Fundamentals: Understanding Selections and Layers in Photoshop

Did you ever start a class feeling like everyone else had been meeting for a couple weeks behind your back? Starting out with Photoshop gave me flashbacks to freshman calculus where the engineering students in the front row constantly jumped out of their seats to correct the flustered grad student T.A. 

If you're just starting with Photoshop (I mean just starting) or if you've managed to eek out projects, but feel like you're getting by with luck and guessing, then this Friday Fundamentals installment is for you. It features a video from Deke's new course at, Introducing Photoshop, called "Understanding selections and layers." And it's chock full of basic Photoshop concepts that a beginner might overlook in their overwhelmed-ness:

In this movie, you'll get a quick background on, well, the Background (which is technically not a layer), actual layers, and how to make a simple selection (the blue ball-face above) and stash it on a layer. These are all critical concepts to understand, especially when you're using Photoshop in the service of graphical design. Try it out. It may answer those questions you missed when we all secretly got together without you during the summer. 

If you'd like to see more of the course, or recommend it to a friend who might benefit, you can get a free week's trial at more » 

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New Course: Introducing Illustrator (with Free Samples!)

Today, released Deke's new course---Introducing Illustrator---expressly designed for those of you who want to learn Adobe Illustrator from an experienced instructor who starts at square one, getting to know the powerhouse vector-drawing application, and create well-crafted illustrations with no previous experience required.

Introducing Illustrator: No Experience Required

This course may prove particularly interesting for those of you who know Photoshop fairly well and now have access to Illustrator via CC, as well. I don't know about you, but I often feel like training either starts in medias res or is so slow and plodding that I can barely keep my eyezzzzz...

Anyway, this isn't that. If you need proof, there are some unlocked movies you can check out at without a membership. (They always unlock a percentage of movies for anyone to access; just look for blue links on the table of contents page for any course.) Here's what's on offer (for free) in Introducing IllustratorRead more » 

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