Martini Hour 014, In Which Deke and Mordy Teach Colleen to Draw a Yellow Hat

I know, you've been wondering... when the hell are we going to discuss Illustrator in the 'lounge? Well, the answer is, when we can get the one and only Mordy Golding to join us. You're asking yourselves, "How can you guys discuss Illustrator over single malt scotch in an audio-only podcast?"Answer: get two of the best Illustrator teacher-experts on the planet, close your eyes, and get your virtual Curious George on. Oh, sure, Deke and Mordy go all retro and insider, but really you can't beat these two trying to help me get over my fear of paths and start my first Illustrator document. 

In addition to helping me getting started in Illustrator, Mordy excavates his childhood love of yellow, but the one thing we don't ever quite get around to, is the secret fact that yellow is the color of...Illustrator! Coincidence? I think not. Join us! Read more » 

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Introducing the Photoshop Marketplace

Hey, dekeIputians. I wanted to tell you guys about the new Photoshop Marketplace over at Adobe. It's a great place for anyone with "offerings" on Photoshop (videos, books, webinars, etc) to post their goods for the world to find. Deke and I were up late as usual and managed to get the two One-on-one books up first. I have proof:

(Tip: lock in "Most Popular" by being "Only.) Read more » 

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Martini Hour 013, In Which Colleen Revels in Classic Simplicity

After the entertaining wildness of a couple of episodes with John and Russell, Deke and I decided this week to have a quiet tete-a-tete with just the two of us: shoes off, classic martinis, and some classic Martini Hour segments like the secret handshake and reader mail. (Oh, not to worry, we've got some wonderful guests lined up for upcoming episodes, but for now we're relaxing in the eye of the loungy storm.)

Here's a graphic that is only possible with the information imparted during this week's show. Check it out:

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Martini Hour 012, In Which Deke (with help from John and Russell) Whips Up Layers of Photoshop Goodness

You know, it occurs to me now that somewhere along the way I lost control of this show. Perhaps it was the 43:00 mark of this particular episode. But if losing control means having Deke, along with Adobe's John Nack and Russell Brown, go into a free-for-all discussion of Photoshop layers, well then control is overrated. Bring on the (subltly layered) chaos.

Yes, the theme this week is layers. And since I couldn't come up with a layered gin-based drink (do olives count as a layer?), I asked Deke to model this week's logo after the classic layered dessert Jello 1-2-3. Listen as the knowledge of our Photoshop experts separate itself into the foamy, bubbly, and jellowy (strawberry-flavored) layers of goodness.

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Something Just Totally Inspirational

This isn't new (two years old), but it's new for me, and perhaps for you too. "One Blood, Many Nations," a United Nations mural mosaic painted live by Lewis Lavoie.

What I love about this piece is that it's not a computer mash-up of miniature photos that thanks to the magic of digital matchmaking render out to create a larger whole. It is instead a painstakingly planned and executed exercise in manual dexterity that involves, not several hundred images, but a scant 20. Which when placed in near each other proximity yield something else, not something better.

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