Quick Scheduling Update

I might have implied somewhere that dekePod was returning this week. In fact, this particular episode (#12 for anyone who's counting) decided to leave again and return next week.

My apologies for that small bit of deception. But at least we have a firm release date: Thursday, March 19. Plus, you get another frame. Of me in a poncho. Like you'd want such a thing, but nonetheless, here it is.

Good news: This is the first dekePod to feature a chorus. Like in those ancient Greek tragedies where a boy really likes his mom. Only these people are altogether wholesome and they look like they work at Land's End. Wanna see? Read more » 

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Martini Hour 005, In Which Colleen Proves She Paid Attention in College

Yes, my friends, it's time for another relaxing frolic in the frothy foam of Martini Hour. Oh, I know, one doesn't usually associate martinis with frothiness, but in this episode the lounge I dusted off my blender to whip up some Ramos Fizzes in homage to this week's theme: Blend modes.

And while the drinks may be sweet and frothy, the discussion is crisp and clarifying as a classic olive-laden martini. Here's what we whipped up for you:
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NAPP Archive Video Reveals Possible First Documented Sighting of Fake_Deke circa 2006

Some of you are aware of a character who appeared on Twitter recently, that evil twin of our beloved leader, Fake_Deke. Where did this charming if evil rogue come from? No one knows. But this video reveals it might have made his first public appearance a few years back at Photoshop World, during this CSI-themed keynote. At the time, everyone just assumed it was one of Kelby and company's clever videos, with the real Deke giving an Oscar-worthy performance in which he pretended to be evil enough to kill Bert Monroy. Of course, we should have known. How could our sweet, compassionate Deke have been so convincing as an evil doer? I'm now convinced that rather than seeing a nuanced performance by our fearless leader, what we actually saw was the first public appearance of his nefarious doppleganger. Give this video a view and decide for yourself. And thanks to NAPP archivists for shedding light on this mystery. Read more » 

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Two News Items Worth Imparting: Photoshop CS4 One-on-One Advanced and dekePod Episode 012

Hello Dear Friends,

Thanks for the Martini Hour love. CW and I's audio-only podcast is doing much better than expected here at the site and on iTunes. I thought people were going to flame us and say things like, "Why are you degenerates drinking on a tech podcast?" or "C'mon, get with the times: do crack!" But no, everyone's all nice and so thanks for that.

But that's not one of the two news items. Here are the news:

First, I finished filming my video "Photoshop CS4 One-on-One: Advanced," the second installment in my cradle-to-grave series for Spanning 10 chapters and 213 movies, it might be the longest, most comprehensive piece I've created so far. Plus, it offers the usual "Corrections to the High Renaissance Masters," including a fews movies in which I turn Raphael's porcine and dour Maddalena (left) into a poised and powerful gal-about-the-village (not left). Also helpful, my rendition includes something resembling a below-the-neck skeletal structure. (Raphael, a gifted artist who obviously hated this woman with everything in him, rendered Maddalena's body as belonging to a fleshy and formless Weeble.)

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Martini Hour 004, In Which Deke Admits He Sounds Like an Old Fart

In this episode of Martini Hour, we were just too darn focused on the content to even mention our beverage of choice. Perhaps it was something emerald, as indicated below. Like maybe something The Wizard himself might have consumed upon a lazy, languid, luxuriant evening in Oz. Regardless, this episode is full of important information, so please listen. And, as always, drink whatever you like.

Here's what's going on in the dekeLounge this week: Read more » 

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