Martini Hour 008, In Which Deke Notes that It Doesn't Feel Like an Hour

We've returned to our groovy tech-talk chill this week after the ruckus that was caused by inviting Russell Brown last week. And as promised, a winner from our martini hour visualization exercise will find his or her work featured as the lead graphic for this week's show. We'll start with Steve Newton because he paid the "I live across the Atlantic" tax and didn't get all the kitchy tradeshow castoffs that I sent to Gale solely because she lives in Canada.

Is anyone but me wondering if this picture is listing slightly? Meanwhile, here's the skinny on this week's installment of the world-famous Martini Hour. Read more » 

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Martini Mashup Contest Winner Mania!

Citizens of dekeOpolis, the results are in, the winner of the Martini Mashup Grand Prize is...well, we have a tie. Deke and I managed to narrow down our faves to two: Gale Franey's "Something's Fishy" and Steve Newton's "Bar Folies Créateur." Try as we might, we couldn't make the call between Gale's modern fantasy, replete with impeccable bubbles, and Steve's clever simultaneous homage to both Manet and my grad-school stint as bar mistress (not to metion his amazingly accurate imagining of the back of my head). Both will recieve a One-on-One book of their choice from O'Reilly and a free month of training from

We only had one set of "other" prizes in the grand prize goodie bag, so we declare Gale the winner of the tie-breaker by virtue of her being on the same continent as we are. We love our Wide World of Deke (represented recently with the birthday wishes you sweet folk sent to Deke in a gazillion different languages), but frankly, times are tough and shipping is cheaper to Canada! Here are all the prizes laid out on a chair in my living room, ready for their trip to the great white north. The list now includes a sock-like Adobe cover for your small electronic of choice and my burlap Adobe sac from SXSW to hold everything!

And a big thanks, and prize, to everyone who decided to play along. In fact, everyone who entered will recieve a serial number for a free week subscription to! Read more » 

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Colleen-o-Vision Tribute to Birthday Deke

If I could, I'd give you this 24K gold martini necklace in real life. You're the king of this hill, and we adore you of our own free will not just because you decree it to be so. Happy Birthday, Deke! (You really are the tops.) Read more » 

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Martini Hour 007, In Which Colleen Reveals the dekeLounge's Secret Location (to special guest Russell Brown)

Although the secret location of the dekeLounge has been a long-held secret dating back centuries, I finally had to reveal the closely guarded coordinates in order to bring to you, my lounge guests in absentia, a special treat. Yes, this week we used gimlets and the lure of mysteries revealed to entice Adobe's Senior Creative Director Russell Preston Brown to join me and Deke in the lounge. If you've ever seen or heard Russell before, you know that adding him to the martini mix was a daring move on my part. But I think you'll find the conversation lively and that Russell fits right in with the anything-can-happen vibe of Martini Hour.

Here's what went down (besides gimlets) when Russell visited the lounge: Read more » 

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Contest Deadline Fast Approaches

I know you all are feeling mellow and groovy after that Droplet Song. I don't blame you one bit . . . listening to the poncho-sporting pied piper of Photoshop for a mere five minutes and change is equivalent to a three-hour massage followed by a soak in a hot tub with a three-olive martini.

But don't let this lead you to miss out on fabulous prizes. The contest deadline for the Martini Hour mashup is tomorrow at cocktail hour (which I argued is early evening but Deke is declaring to be midnight because he's apparently taking this "nice Deke" thing seriously for at least for another day or two). To entice you last-minute lazy larrys, let me tell you a little something about the fabulous Grand Prize:

  • A One-on-One book of your choice (!)
  • A free full-month subscription to (!)
  • My fabulous mardi-gras style necklace from a martini-themed event at PMA
  • A dekePod t-shirt (collector's item!)
  • Love and admiration
  • And possibly some other stuff depending on whether you live in a place I can ship foodstuffs to

So seriously people, as Deke would say, "DO IT." Read more » 

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