Martini Hour 003, In Which Colleen Exposes the Secret Brotherhood

It's time once again to pour yourself a refreshing cocktail--or in the case of this week's episode, perk up with a restorative cuppa Joe--and join me and Deke for Martini Hour. It's our personal opinion that this is the episode in which we really hit our stride. Or maybe that's just the caffiene talking.

Oh my goodness, can't you just smell the French roast? (Deke says feel free to add some Baileys.) Read more » 

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Channels & Masks Video Lesson 8: "Found Masks"

In Lesson 8 from Photoshop CS4 Channels & Masks One-on-One, Deke proves that not all masks require arduous, meticulous hand work and complicated sets of steps. (I know, I can't believe this is our same Deke, either.) Here, Deke gives your brain (and fingers) a bit of a rest by showing you how to use "found" channel information to create masks with very little effort. Read more » 

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To Whet Your Appetite

A few of you have registered displeasure over the recent dearth of dekePods. I've told you how we got waylaid by some of our for-profit materials (which you should purchase if you want the free nonsense to continue :-). And Colleen invented Martini Hour to keep you amused in the meanwhile.

But dekePod is coming back and, I might add, in a unique way. Here's a frame.

It's like some kind of crazy dekePod vs. Martini Hour mashup. (Don't you just love my obsessive hyperlinking?) Who will win? Read more » 

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The Lesson 11 Path Namer

Dear Beloved Readers of Photoshop CS4 Channels & Masks One-on-One,

Let me tell you how psyched I am you're reading my book. There's nothing that makes an author happier than knowing that his or her efforts are being appreciated rather than, say, ignored.

I want you to know that we've discovered two problems with the sample files included on the DVD. (My apologies, of course, but I'd be lying if I claimed to be surprised. Complex version 1.0 projects tend to exhibit occasional bugs.)

  • One is the corrupt Ancient doorway.psd file in the Lesson 07 folder. You can't even open the damn thing, but you can replace it with a functioning file by right-clicking here and choosing Save or Download. (See Colleen's on-the-spot post for more info.)
  • The second is the collection of six files in the Lesson 11 file. They open splendidly, as witnessed by the lovely example below. But for unknown reasons, none of the paths in the Paths palette have names.

For the solution, keep reading. Read more » 

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Martini Hour 002, In Which Deke Admits He's Fighting a Losing Battle

Hello, friends, and welcome to a very special second episode of Martini Hour. Which is our chance to catch up with you. Over an adult beverage. Or not. By which we mean, we would rather you were listening to us relaxed, with a cool clinky drinky at your beck and call. But if you choose to listen to us while you, say, drive: Aagh! For the love of all that is sober, do the world a favor and switch it to coffee!

(Really, we don't mind. Show still works.)

Oh, and gosh, here's a revised logo, now in cool "Sapphire" blue:

Naturally, this episode of Martini Hour is for you. Here's what it has in store: Read more » 

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