Channels & Masks Video Lesson 5: "Using the Image to Select Itself"

Note from Colleen: For a while there was a glitch at the video server which wasn't picking up my carefully crafted screenshot here, so if it happens again please enjoy this perfectly masked triangle before you enjoy your video (which works fine once you press play.)

The title of today's video treat from Photoshop CS4 Channels & Masks One-on-One is one of Deke's favorite ways to describe masks. Now at last, you can find out what he means by that pithy statement. Once you understand the way Photoshop "sees" the image, you can use that information in your favor when you're creating masks.

Meanwhile, at last, thanks to the dekeCommunity for keeping us up to date on the Channels and Masks at Amazon situation. Books seems to be shipping without a hitch now, so if this one whets your appetite for more, you can grab a copy and work through the written tutorials that make up the rest of this valuable masking lesson. Read more » 

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Cmd-H Now the Mac InDesign Shortcut for "Hallelujah, It Hides"

For those of you Mac users who have been holding your breath every time you try to hide (or unhide) InDesign CS3/CS4, wondering if it was actually going to work this time, word comes from John Nack that the latest update of Mac OS X (10.5.6) should fix the problem. I find this a much better solution than the previous advice, which was basically variations on the theme of quit and restart InDesign. Hooray!

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Channels & Masks Video Lesson 4: "The Quick Mask Continuum"

In today's video installment from Deke's Photoshop CS4 Channels & Masks One-on-One, Deke discusses the quick mask mode, and how, really it's not exactly the masking that happens quickly. The quick mask mode is actually so named because it allows quick switching between your mask and its equivalent selection. As Deke notes:

So if you think of the grand topic of masking as being a swimming pool, and the channels palette is the deep end, then the quick mask mode is the shallow end. But you’re still very much in the water.

Nonetheless, you've still got the Jaques Cousteau (or Michael Phelps?) of Photoshop to guide you through the waters. Enjoy! Read more » 

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Investigating Amazon Problem for Channels & Masks One-on-One: UPDATE

UPDATE: OK, apparently snows in late December caused the DVD to be delivered late to the printer which in turn caused the printer to have a slight delay in putting the book together which they informed O'Reilly of during the time O'Reilly was closed so we didn't let Amazon know in time that there would be slight delay which caused them to have a discrepancy in their system between the In Stock designation and the presence of actual books which resulted in the purely awful message some dekePeople got about their orders being canceled.

If you got a message from Amazon that your order was canceled, you will probably have to reorder (and I apologize on behalf of the snow, the DVD creators, the roads, Santa Claus, the hard working printer, the equally hardworking O'Reilly staff, and the Amazon people who were understandably confused by eddies in the space-time-inventory continuum. Oh, and on behalf of Deke who is at sea at the moment and so therefore the one person who is in NO WAY responsible.) Please wait a day or two and reorder. And in the meantime please email me at Colleen(at)deke(dot)com with your story so that I can work on figuring out how to NEVER have this happen again, and so I can apologize to you directly.

If you got an "out of stock" message, then you're probably OK, and you'll probably get a note your book is coming in a day or two when the books are officially "shelved" at Amazon. You can write me too. Thanks to all for your patience. Oh, and send me your good thoughts that by the time Deke reads this he's on his third olive-speared-with-umbrella martini. Read more » 

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Channels & Masks Video Lesson 3: "Selections, Floaters, and Layers"

Hey, Kids. I'm hiding in my room after my fifth day of Macworld festivities (and by festivities, I mean business meetings, talking to book lovers in the booth, and supporting my beloved authors). My boots are kicked off. I'm looking for a cocktail. And I'm noticing that the hotel internet is back online, so I'm going to take the opportunity to post another video for you.

This is from Lesson 3 of Photoshop Channels and Masks One-on-one, which by the way is here at the show and not only looks amazing but smells good (if you like fresh ink!). Tired as I am, (and I still have the O'Reilly experts appearance at Macworld in a mere 50 minutes), I'm gonna steal Deke's description from the book for you rather than try to write my own:

People often mistake simple tools for simplistic results. But in the hands of a capable and informed artist, Photoshop’s relatively mundane selection tools can produce out-of-this-world results. To prove my point, I walk you through the creation of a fast but furious composition, created using nothing more than three images, a couple of color adjustments, and the two marquee tools, rectangular and elliptical.

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