How to Be A Cover Girl after 40

1. Make sure time and budget constraints require you to hire yourself.

2. Make sure the author of your latest book is not only a great photographer but also a kickasss Photoshop retouching genius.

3. Cover wrinkly bits with camera.

Voila (new from O'Reilly):

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Rise and Shine!

A recent contribution to My Head Is Huge post happens to have come at a perfect moment. And in the very likely event you don't follow that link, the context is The Shining, one of the best scary movies ever made. (For an excellent parody trailer, hit Play above.) Here's why that post and that parody are so wonderfully aligned:

I took yesterday off, and I'll do the same for much of today. Because really, if you don't take time off to celebrate Halloween, what holiday are you going to take time off for? Valentine's Day? Get real. Read more » 

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O'Reilly's Screencast Series on Photoshop CS4 for Photographers

It's a between-episode-week for dekePod today, so I thought I'd provide you guys with something different to stimulate your video appetites: an episode of O'Reilly's screencasts on "Photoshop CS4 for Photographers." By different, I mean two things, 1) this particular screencast covers a variety of photography-centric topics and 2) you'll find the author/narrator  has a slightly different presentation style than our fearless leader. Think "comforting dram of aged whiskey" next to Deke's "energizing double-espresso." If you like what you see, you can subscribe to the series here. (By the way, interviews with Deke have been known to pop up there as well.) Read more » 

(Click on the image, then click on the same image again to watch this weeks episode directly from O'Reilly.)

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My Head Is Huge

No, no, it's not how it sounds. I'm really quite modest and unassuming. See, here's the thing: My head is literally huge.

If by any chance you decide to visit Amazon to check out my Adobe Photoshop CS4 One-on-One book, please be advised that the moment you scroll down the page, you'll be accosted by a gigantic picture of my face.

Which is unfair, because it's unexpectedly whopperian. By which I mean hippopotamuginormus. Or, if you prefer, leviathanomonstrobrobdingnagian. Read more » 

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Deke's Photoshop CS4 One-on-One is REAL (Proof courtesy of jeff70's dad)

So, I'm standing here in the O'Reilly booth at PhotoPlus Expo, admiring Deke's new book, trying to take a self portrait to post here to prove it's real. Then this strange (but friendly looking) man approached asking if he could take my picture for his son. His last name was Stalker. I'm totally not kidding. Two of my colleagues were all, "No, don't do it." But I had a feeling. A feeling that a member of the dekeCommunity was involved somehow. Mr. Stalker, perhaps better if I call him Doug in this situation, called his son, who turned out to be dekeCommunitarian "jeff70." We inhabitants of dekeDom have radar for these things. We spoke. It seemed legit. And here is the picture jeff70's dad took of me holding proof that Deke's book does in fact exist. And in stock today at

What I particularly like about Doug's portrait is that he manages to align the crown in the logo of the next booth over to sit upon my head, as is appropriate. Thanks, Doug. I'm Queen of dekeDom today! Read more » 

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