Girl Reporter off to PhotoPlus Expo

OK, dekeOlytes. I'm unlocking the Channels & Masks cage, and getting ready to escape to NYC to attend that photo-palooza known as PhotoPlus Expo at the Javitz Center. Just wanted you to know that I'll be suffering through handling all the new camera toys, talking to all the cool photographers, and drinking all the Officially-Made-in-Manhattan Manhattans, just for you—those dekeOpolitans who like to occaissionally take pictures as well as manipulate them into aliens, monsters, and other expressions of psychological disturbance. I'll report back on anything super-groovy.

If you're going to the show, please come by the O'Reilly booth (especially on Saturday when I am on official duty) and say hi. I'm hearing that there will be some new books making their debut there this week, including a special preview of the only-other-Photoshop-book-you-could-possibly-need-besides-Deke's, the Photoshop CS4 Companion for Photographers by our good friend Derrick Story, which covers both more (the photographer's workflow with Bridge/ACR) and less (just the Photoshop tools photographers need) than our beloved One-on-One. It fits in your camera bag too. Read more » 

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Solution to the Placeholder Return Issue (or It's Good to Have InDesigny Friends)

The intrepid newcomer and ominously named dekeWorld dweller, bware, was reading a post I did way back when this site was still spitting up pixel-based formula about how to customize placeholder text in InDesign. This morning, Bware wrote:

So I checked it out myself and had the same experience. All the carriage returns in my placeholder document were gone. So after trying a few useless ideas, I sent out the call for help to those keepers of the InDesign mysteries, David Blatner and Anne-Marie Concepcion. A little while later, David emailed that he had a suggestion and because he was getting some similar queries he had put it here on their site, which should really be called:


David's suggested solution to the problem that bware and I were experiencing was to... Read more » 

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CS4 Videos @

My goodness. CS4 appears to have shipped. Here in the dekeCave--where we keep the dekeCopter and the darkly tinted dekeMobile--we have long heard rumblings that October 15 would be the day. But we also heard that October 23 might be the day. And possibly a push-back to November. With a launch event on the fiery noxious planet Venus.

the planet venus

(Don't you think, if CS4 ever recorded an album, this should be the art?)

Thankfully, Adobe has chosen to scale back its extraterrestrial ambitions and launch CS4 here on Earth. And as usual, I have your back. And when I say, "as usual," I mean, for the first time ever. Of course, I always have your back. But this is the first time I have so much of your back from day one.

(Yes, that explains why you've been reduced to just your front. B/c I have your back. It says "hi," by the way.)

Colleen's post tells you what's up with the new books, all three of them, including the revamped and expanded Adobe Photoshop CS4 One-on-One. Read more » 

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CS4, She Is Here

Color me not psychic, or even on the right press release list. Just this evening I was ignorantly predicting to Deke that Adobe would announce CS4 was shipping next week during PhotoPlus Expo in New York. Then I arrive home to see this on the Adobe site. In truth, I got the heads up from a tweet by my colleague, Derrick Story (who I just saw a few hours ago at O'Reilly, so the news must be very fresh). Derrick is apparently on the right press release list (or possibly not not-psychic), as are our friends over at Photoshop News who have posted said missive here.

If software is anything like books, it will be a day or so before Amazon has "in stock" status. And speaking of books, Deke's Adobe Photoshop CS4 One-on-One book is at the printer as we speak, due in stock shortly, followed very soon after by Adobe Design One-on-One and (if the planets align) Photoshop CS4 Channels & Masks One-on-One. Yes, Deke and his elves have been working very hard. It's why we all look so sleepy and vitamin deficient, as if we've been living off caffiene and giant gift tins of popcorn. But of course, we're armed with Photoshop CS4 skills to fix that in post. Read more » 

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Pathetic Attempt to Keep My Job Subsidized (or WWSD?)

Dear Beloved Inhabitants of the Ninth Circle of Deke,

I wanted to take a brief moment to shamelessly ask that if you are indeed going to buy CS4 and you're going to do it from Amazon anyway, could you use one of the links in the charming CS4-go-round above to tell 'em sent you? The links are to the Windows upgrades of everything, but if you follow any one of them and then choose what you really need once you get to Amazon, we still get credit for sending you. And, besides, we just do the PC thing because it's more popular. Deke and I both use Macs. (Well, Deke's a switch hitter, but I'm partial to the home team.)

It would just be your little way of saying you like what we've giving you here. In no way are we saying you should buy CS4 because we told you to, even though you know we think it's cool. Because let's face it, this is a significant purchase. And although rumor has it we're in league with Satan (we're actually not, He hasn't returned our calls in weeks), we honestly have no desire to "dark lord" that relationship over you. Just sayin', if you were planning to take the CS4 plunge anyway, we'd be honored (and we'd feel the love from Amazon) if you used our diving board.

Hell, forget CS4. Just follow the link and buy pair of earrings.

Maybe I should put out a tip jar.

Oh, and many thanks for making this a fun place to hang out and share ideas. Read more » 

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