Delightful Doggies

So, okay, good news: I went ahead and rerecorded my highly pornographic version of "The new tabbed window interface" video. Which illustrated our ability to cycle between multiple open images by clicking on tabs and pressing keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop CS4. But in a very lewd fashion. Or so I'm led to understand.

Bad news. I had previously employed some provocative images of lightly clad beautiful women. Fortunately I came to my senses and switched 'em out. For chihuahuas.

Nice doggies Read more » 

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Two Smart Guys Discuss Smart Objects

Over at O'Reilly Digital Media, Derrick Story has posted an interview he did with Deke at last Spring's Photoshop World, wherein Deke enlightens O'Reilly's evangelist on the mysteries of smart objects. It's a fun conversation, with Deke the graphics guru and Photoshop connoiseur enlightening Derrick the photographer and Photoshop anarchist. (I like the audio only when my eyes need a break from the screen, or you know, I'm driving a car.) OK, so this picture is actually from last month in Las Vegas (y'all are going to figure it out from the dekePod logo on the screen anyway). But it is, in fact, Deke and Derrick, and they are talking about something related to Photoshop. It could be smart objects. And my shots from Orlando were apparently affected by humidity.

It just so happens these are the two guys I'm putting out there for my Photoshop CS4 book offerings this fall. You all know what Deke has to offer, and the Adobe Photoshop CS4 One-on-One book will be ready as soon as the project launches (thanks to Deke's amazing amazing team--Carol, Spink, Ron, Julie, David, Toby--woohoo!). Derrick's book, The Photoshop CS4 Companion for Photographers, will be day-and-date with CS4 as well, providing photographers with a streamlined plan for Photoshop that gives them everything they need, and nothing they don't. See? I gotcha covered. 'Cause I know smart when I see it.

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The controversial interface video

Today, I recorded a new version of my Photoshop CS4 New Features video "The new tabbed window interface." The original movie, posted above, inspired controversy because I included an image with some very modest nudity.

The above movie went live on Sept 23 and then, after 20 complaints in 2 days, got yanked on Sept 25. Read the full story. But mostly, enjoy the info. Read more » 

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Two CS4 Features

I'm am slowly in pursuit of aggregating what videos I can from the various online sources, all in the name of getting you educated.

The players in this video: Me, of course. That voice, right at the beginning of the move, that's Melanie. The guy soon after is Garrick. He and his buddy Larry (of The Jellybricks) did the music to "101 Tips."

I've spent a lot of time with these two. So has the fourth voice you'll hear, Mordy Golding, a frequent contributor to this site.

En masse, the Fantastic 4 of us show you the best features in Photoshop and Illustrator. (Well, two -- content-aware scaling and multiple artboards -- but still, absolutely best features.) Enjoy! Read more » 

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CS4 content a-plenty

I've been wanting to post like crazy. But I have a book (Adobe Photoshop CS4 One-on-One) due to the printer tomorrow. And my team has taken to keeping an eye on the site, watching for posts when I really owe them a lesson.

See how they are? What with the economy collapsing, you think it's all about the bulls and the bears? These animals, they make books. They do not fool around.

I would think anyone who is reading this has seen my Photoshop CS4 dekePod. If not, see it.

But that represents just 6 minutes out of 7000 hours (an exaggeration) that I've recorded on the topic. The upcoming posts, they will show you a few others. Read more » 

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