Adobe's Johnny L Speaks the Magic Phrase: C...S...(wait for it)...4!

Well, kids, we finally get to say the name of the next version of Photoshop. Adobe announced early this week, and Adobe VP John Loiacono reiterated during the Photoshop World Keynote, that the next version of Creative Suite will indeed adopt the number 4 and not "next," "5," or "big toe." In fact, Adobe also announced that they will be announcing CS4 on September 23. There will be more details to follow about that launch date soon, and we'll be sure to keep you posted here in dekeTopia.

Meanwhile, what specific features for the next version of Photoshop did we get to see at Photoshop World? The Adobe Team isn't showing us much at the moment. Interestingly, Johnny L did demo a feature referred to as "Seam Carving" which applies a similar effect to the one Deke discussed in the Stretching Podcast and its followup article. This feature allows you to selectively scale only certain parts of an image, sort of removing and stretching and smooshing to effectively leave behind only the parts of the image you want. Apparently, it helps you make your VW van more economical and easy to park.

Adobe VP John "Johnny L" Loiacono demos seam carving and how Photoshop CS4 will help you find a parking space at the Photoshop World Las Vegas 2008 Keynote.

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Top Five Reasons I Love the New dekePod Episode

I had too much Las Vegas last night, so I'm only giving five reasons why the new dekePod, Spirograph on Steroids, might just be my favorite.

Number 5) I hadn't read the script or been present at the taping, so it was all minty fresh goodness to my brain.

Number 4) My parents are math (Dad) and physics (Mom) geeks, so spirographs (along with mobius strips and liquid nitrogen) were part of my childhood culture.

Number 3) Deke makes a timely chicken gesture.

Number 2) My 12-year old son loved it. Yes, I know it says not for children, but a little supervised subversion results in a 7th grader bandying the term hypotrochoid.

And the number one reason I love this dekePod...

Number 1) Two Words: Spiro Agnew

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Deke (& CW) at Photoshop World

Hey gang,

What with Labor Day and the ensuing Photoshop World -- which takes place this very week in the world's capital of elegance and culture, Las Vegas -- I couldn't squeeze in one of my mostly weekly dekeStuff articles. So instead, I wanted you to be the first to know exactly what I have planned for this week, at Photoshop World.

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How Do You (or Do You) Manage Your Photos?

So, here's a question that's been coming up a lot this week. How do the majority of people manage their photos? Does your system work, or do you scramble? It all started when I got an announcement that last spring's division-winning All-Star team was finally going to celebrate their victory, and did I have photos for a slideshow? Um... yeah, somewhere, organized by one of the draft versions of Lightroom I was using. Or still stuck on a card because I've been, uh, less-than-diligent and more-than-hella-busy.

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Hide Your Tracks? Trash Your Preferences

The other day, Deke called asking if I knew how to erase the contents of the "Open a Recent Item" list that appears on the Welcome Screen of InDesign. Here's how my thought process unfolded:

Thought 1) Basking in the dubious glory of the master thinking I know something he doesn't.

Thought 2) Supressing speculation on what exactly he was doing in InDesign that he wants to hide. (What, you were writing detailed stories to go with your pictures?)

Thought 3) Noticing that the only questionable thing my Welcome Screen reveals is that I've been working on things other than dekeBooks.

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