Assignment Beijing: Derrick Shares Some Olympic Moments

Sometimes, my job totally rules. I spent a chunk of time yesterday editing wonderful photos for a new Photoshop book by Derrick Story. (No worries, dekeFaithful, this one will be a terrific compliment to Deke's work, a concentrated handbook focusing on the specific Photoshop needs of photographers.) Derrick just got back from assignment (for Apple) in Beijing, helping other photographers in the Main Press Center get their images of the events processed and posted. I've already watched Derrick overcome jetlag to regale more than one audience with the tales of his Olympic adventure. He graciously said we could show some of his photos and the stories behind them here, and I think you'll enjoy this Friday treat.

(All photos in this post are copyright ©2008 Derrick Story. Click an image to see it at higher res. No reproducing please.)

Yeah, I told you Derrick knew a thing or two about shooting fireworks. This shot was captured during the opening ceremonies. Derrick was positioned right outside the Bird's Nest with a fast 50mm f/1.4 lens. (By the way, Derrick has more photos and stories on his site, The Digital Story, so I've linked those up where appropriate.) Read more » 

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As You Wish...

Is that victory I smell? Smells like the waxy goodness of a 96-color box of Crayola crayons dumped out on my dining room table.

Which one of these chapter opener pages would you call "purple?" What's that? You can't quite read the label, here let me help: Read more » 

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He Said/She Said: The Great Purple Controversy

So, I know it's hard to believe, but sometimes Deke and I don't agree. I realize that I'm revealing the discordant underbelly of dekeDom, but I thought you should know. And I thought you should have the opportunity to hear both sides and align with me. So here's the first of our most recent debates, surrounding the definition of the color "purple."

As you know, or you should know if you're a true fan, the lessons in Deke's One-on-One books each have a different color scheme, rotating between four colors throughout the book, as follows:

One-on-One colors

The Photoshop CS3 book was created in InDesign CS2, and I was trying to bring the lessons up to InDesign CS3-compliance in case we ever needed them for a revision, doing all the tedious formatting drudgery so that Deke's genius mind and delicate fingers could concentrate on his brilliant content. I needed a purple chapter from the InDesign CS3 book (our current template gold standard), and called Deke to see if he could post if for me. The conversation went something like this. Read more » 

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If Ever My Life Seems Glamorous

Then just read this, and that misperception will go away.

Oh, and before you go any farther, no info to impart. This is pure screed. I don't screed lightly, so this is a good one, but still.

Kinda long, too. And it begins like so:

Make Me Hertz

Oh, hey, nice graphic. Car rental company, plus my suggestion for a new tagline. Catchy + really super accurate. I also considered "Make me" followed by their supremely ugly corporate logo. There's so much you can do with "Hertz." Please, suggest your favorite. And never rent from them. I hate them so. Read more » 

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Picked up a Couple of Awards

Imagine my delight when I got these puppies in the mail. The ostentatious one on the right is a Hermes Creative Award, the streamlined one on the left (coldly rejecting Hermes) is a Telly. They're both for my video series Photoshop CS3 Sharpening Images, which has picked up a total of four industry awards for my publisher, Look, even Bugs is excited.

Nifty awards Read more » 

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