Ah, Yes, I Rather Made a Promise

This week's dekePod, Stealth 'Shop, The Virgin Histogram, features a photograph of one of San Francisco's most infamous (and I think wonderful) pieces of private artwork, a great towering anatomically enhanced robot by Nemo Gould.

In the Conclusion to my video, I say, "Or go to my personal site,, which also contains the uncensored robot photo. And yes, that whole phallus thing, I was not making it up. It's quite evident." That's my way of saying, be forewarned before proceeding. Read more » 

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InDesign Forensics: What Your Editor Knows about You

One of the dirty little secrets here in dekeVille is that the some of the files for the One-on-One series have been around for a long long time. Oh, not that Deke hasn't rewritten things a neurotic number of times (he has. . . he has because he cares, and. . . because he's mildly insane) or that we haven't converted the files to whatever the current version of InDesign (we have, we have because we need to practice with the new stuff anyway). But many of these files were like houses taken down to the foundation during rennovation gone amok, but then rebuilt on that same foundation (only to realize the foundation needed to be fortified).

We realize our files are old when InDesign starts going haywire, and in our case, text wrap has been one of those telltale areas where the cracks start to show. In fact, last year, Deke and I were complaining to Michael Ninness (InDesign PM at Adobe) about how they'd taken out the ability to see custom text wrap frames, and he's all, "We did not. What are you mildly insane people talking about?"

So, we sent off the file, and the upshot was, it was, like, a CS3 document that started out life as an InDesign 2.0 file. Myke and his team didn't really have a solution for our problem (well, cut-and-repaste helped) other than to say congratulations on submitting the creakiest legacy files ever observed in the wild, but he did show me this cool trick for seeing your document's history. Simple, just open the file, hold down the Command (Ctrl) key, and choose InDesign > About InDesign (or the Windows equivalent, you know the drill) and you get this scarily revealing window (shown here with the info for one of my current projects).

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Such a Bad Week for "Evil"

So there I was, reviewing recent events.

And I couldn't help but recall that, in this week's up-and-coming episode of dekePod, I was forbidden from mentioning the word "penis." (True story, more on Wednesday.) This despite the fact that many famous people, not to mention many famous works of art (below), include them.

Penises of yore Read more » 

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Bring It On: Team Deke-ster Spotted Answering Digital Photo Questions

You know if a guy's got the Deke Seal of Approval, he knows a thing or two. Add to that a willingness to answer all the digital imaging questions that come his way and you have the intrepid Tim Grey. (Well, he apparently doesn't answer any of the idiotic questions, but I think Tim told me that in confidence.) Tim's collaborating with Deke on the upcoming Channels and Masks One-on-One book due later this year, but right now he has a new book coming out this week called Take Your Best Shot: Tim Grey Tackles Your Digital Darkroom Questions that he wrote all on his own. It's a highly readable, informative compilation of the questions Tim has been diligently, fearlessly answering from readers of his DDQ column for several years.

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Signs of the Times in dekePod Episode 001

In the latest installment of dekePod, you learned how to cover up your petty juvenile criminality by tricking Photoshop into giving you an alibi. One of the misdemeanors used as an example was rearranging the letters on a sign to change something innocuous . . .

into something, well, plain silly if slightly scatological.

But I know y'all count on me to give you the behind-the-scenes scoop. Fact is, the original, real-world photos that Deke wanted to use were just too, um, distractingly vulgar, even for we hardened denizens of dekeWorld. Of course, that doesn't mean we aren't going to show them to you, because we are. (Caution, the full article contains some exceedingly creative and crude language. The young and pure of heart should go no further.)  Read more » 

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