The Briefly Awaited Answer to dekeQuiz #1

OK, so the story behind the "What Is Deke Saying?" contest is this:

A few months ago, when we were filming the now infamous video, Deke took a moment to gather his thoughts before launching into his 101 Photoshop Tips in 5 Minutes. Unable to just let a simple meditative moment alone, we brainstormed something clever for Deke to say, then to up the hilarity yet another notch, we used an online Pig Latin translator to increase the wittiness. (I kid you not, Pig Latin-translation, something any 10-year-old knows how to do, we required outside help.)

Fast forward a couple of months, the video is produced, and no one on our team can figure out what Deke actually said. I distinctly remember him trying to say, "King of Photoshop," but between the translation and Deke's delivery, it sounded more like "Ting of Photoshop." Ting of Photoshop? What the fu -- heck do you mean by Ting of Photoshop, Deke? Read more » 

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Extracting Image Files from InDesign (sort of) When You Don't Have Originals

Has anyone else out there ever needed to get a preview image out of InDesign and into the world-at-large when the original linked files were not available? Maybe it's just me, because it doesn't seem like an easy thing to do.

Because I edit books on graphical subjects, many of my authors actually like to write and submit InDesign files (rather than go "old school" and turn in Word docs and a folder full of TIFFs.) Until the ready-for-production draft goes off to my brilliant composition team, I really don't need (or want) to have them send along the linked files. InDesign's preview images are certainly good enough for me to evaluate a manuscript— and, frankly, passing around hundreds of megabytes of photos during the draft stage would eat up time and bandwidth unnecessarily.

I have, however, found myself on occasion wishing I could create an independent file from an InDesign preview in an emergency. Once upon a time, my answer was to take a screenshot of the preview image in situ and then paste it into Photoshop. But now I have a better solution: Create a PDF and use Acrobat's ability to extract images.

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dekePod the Series Begins

After two dekePods (one two years ago about money and another a couple of weeks back in which I rattle off 101 Photoshop Tips), it might seem ridiculous for me to claim that "Metadata Forensics, What a Crock" is somehow the first episode of the series. But it's true. The money episode was the first pilot. (In reality, we had no money but we were eager to test the concept.) The 101 Tips episode was the second pilot. (Okay, that was pure conceit.) And thus, this episode is the real deal.

Fittingly, it's also the first dekePod to feature a brief but welcome cameo from God (below).

The WordThe Word Read more » 

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dekePod regular episode #1

The first "regular" dekePod goes live midnight tonight (or tomorrow, depending on how you measure such things). What time zone, you ask? At the rate I'm going, Hawaii.


Anyway, just alerting you all cuz when that thing hits the wires, our exciting contest, dekeQuiz #1: What Is Deke Saying? comes to a close, thus ending your chance to win some of the most exciting prizes ever envisioned by man, by which I mean, two books. Read more » 

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At Last, I Know

Time for a rare moment of public introspection. Yes, you're welcome.

Recently a member of this very site asked me if my real name was Deke. Answer: it is (as if I would choose a name that rhymes with eke, freak, reek, and oblique). But, to be honest, the reason I got the name is unclear. Maybe it's a Scottish nickname, maybe its a hockey thing, maybe I'm named for the grounded Mercury Seven astronaut. But after a friend forwarded me this movie, it all became clear. Quite obviously, I was named after a Hindi movie called Dil Deke Dekho. I mean, consider the facts: Read more » 

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