Introducing Photoshop Top 40

Photoshop Top 40

First, let me set the scene: It's past midnight and I'm outdoors, basking in the moonlight. (No need for Colleen's Pixel Sunscreen. Just me, a Montecristo, two candles . . . and this infernal laptop.) I just finished recording my last few minutes of Illustrator CS4 One-on-One: Mastery--devoted to Illustrator's capricious Actions palette--which completes my CS4 video content. (Hoorah, babikans!) It's my last night in Ojai, CA, amidst the opulently planted grounds of the Blue Iguana, and I am feeling like a million and five bucks. American.

But that's not why I write. I write because I am witnessing something special. From my midnight patio, I watch--yes, this is happening in real time--I watch as the 4 million-year-old carcass of dekePod rises from its frozen grave. (I told you it would!) And as it puts one cold, shuddering foot in front of the other, I marvel--again, in real time--as it appears to transform itself into something totally new, something very much alive. Read more » 

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Something New This Way Comes

Bushes in the bushes

Hey gang! I (Deke) am here to announce two things:

First, I never did get around to posting the very first dekePod pilot, "It's Your Money, Scan It!" in which a chubbier version of me explains how to capture and edit money (as sponsored by the good people at iStockphoto). Not because the technique is illegal (check out or that it features the Bushes emerging from the bushes (they used to do that). But because the video is out-of-date and low-res. Even so, it's an entertaining episode. And in Photoshops CS3 and CS4, you can reproduce the technique by opening your money in Camera Raw instead of ImageReady.

Second, as you may recall, dekePod recently suffered an untimely death. But the concept isn't so much deceased as undead. And on Tuesday of next week (mark your calendars for July 14, Bastille Day!), dekePod claws its way out of its gone-too-soon grave and emerges as an entirely new creature. One filled with AM vim and teeny-bopper vigor. It's as if dekePod has been squeaky-cleaned by an issue of Tiger Beat magazine. Read more » 

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The Andy Warhol Silkscreen Effect

Warhol silkscreen couples

dekePod Episode 018: Okay, I got good news and I got bad news. Good news first: dekePod has caught up with its younger sibling Martini Hour. For this brief moment in time, both are 18.

Also good, this new episode, it's a doozy. In this video, I show you how to turn any portrait shot--even a sweetly syrupy photo of two youngsters in real honest-to-gosh puppy love--into a credible Andy Warhol silkscreen effect. Complete with minimalist outlines, vivid fills, and lipstick that covers the teeth. Here's the official marketing description: Read more » 

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Photoshop & the Visual Communications Makeover

Thar she blows

dekePod Episode 017: If I were you, I wouldn't necessarily want to hear this story. There's an "ick" factor to it. Because it involves me in an airplane. Which is never all that fun. But, okay, that's not the icky part.

The icky part, it's about me in a bathroom. And I, then, well . . .

Okay, screw it, here goes: Read more » 

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Photoshopping the Great Masters

School of Athens

dekePod Episode 016: Hello, friend. Let's you and I get all collegiate and stuff and engage in some intellectually stimulating free-word association.

For example, I say High Renaissance. You say, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael. Very good!

But you're not done. You say, an unrivaled time of creative energy and unabashedly accurate representation of the human form. Ooh, I like that, keep it coming. The advent of secular humanism, say you, The rebirth of Classical Ideas! Read more » 

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