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Photoshop Top 40: The Contest

My Photoshop Top 40 countdown continues. And now that we’ve moved into the realm of the Top 20 (drumroll please), the whole gang here at dekeOnline figured it was time for a contest. And the prizes are phenomenal!

This is no small contest. It's a grand, knock-down drag-out, show-us-your-talent contest in which three lucky winners will take home a jackpot of prizes just in time for the holidays. The Grand Prize winner in particular will receive a brand new Olympus E-620, the world's smallest and lightest image-stabilized digital SLR, as pictured below. I am seriously not kidding--someone's going to win an f'ing SLR! (You have to be a dekeOnline member to comment and participate.)

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Photoshop Forensics in France

Welcome to our extra-special, Thanksgiving-week contest. This one revolves around the 21 images that I posted in my two-part "Southern France Rocks" travelogue. For the sake of reference, here are links to Part 1 and Part 2. And just for fun, here's a graphic of one of the images in progress.

The idea is this: Either I or a friend of mine shot nearly all the images using one of two cameras: an Olympus E-30 digital SLR, or an Olympus Stylus 1030 SW point-and-shoot. (Just one image comes from another camera; can you tell me which it is and the camera model?)

I selected from the best photographs. Even so, they needed Photoshop's loving care. Now as you know, Photoshop isn't just for fixing mistakes or creating elaborate compositions. In fact, its first and foremost mission is bring out the best of what your photographs naturally have to offer. Which is what I did. No switched-out skies. No artificial reflections. No slimming with the Liquify filter. Just some elbow grease and lots of good old-fashioned image correction. Read more » 

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How to Record Deke's Fabulous "Make Screenshot" Action

During our Martini Hour 035's discussion on how to make a dekeWorthy screenshot, we mentioned that we'd share the Photoshop action that plows through many of these steps for you, especially establishing the correct color profiles. Because you need to include your own display color settings, it's not particularly useful if I just pass along my version of the action. So I thought I'd run you wonderful members of dekeOnline through the steps to make your own.  Read more » 

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Configurator: CS4 Treasure Trove

Last week, Colleen and I invited Adobe's own Jeff Tranberry to join us for our weekly Martini Hour. During the show, we discussed the Configurator, which is a free utility from Adobe Labs that lets you create custom palettes for Photoshop CS4.

If you've ever used Configurator, you know that it provides access to just about every tool and command available to Photoshop. Make a new palette, drag a tool or command into it, and you have your own customized interface. Problem is, Adobe left out a few of the new features available to Photoshop CS4, including the Adjustments palette and Vibrance command. I now make them available to you in the form of a palette I'm calling Photoshop CS4 Treasure Trove.

Photoshop CS4 Treasure Trove palette

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Working with Cross-References in InDesign

After a Friday evening conference call (which in no way should be construed as evidence of my lack of a life) explaining the cross-reference formats I developed for the One-on-One series, both Deke and Colleen felt that you, dear readers, should share in our hard-earned knowledge. So for my first official post, I thought I'd walk through the hows and whys of making cross-references work for you, using some pages from the upcoming Adobe Illustrator One-on-One book as an example. It's a two-for-one sneak-peek on a new book plus explanation of a new feature!

Soft-coded cross-references have been something I have been longing for since the days of InDesign 1.5, when I first made the leap from Quark and FrameMaker. And finally, with InDesign CS4, Adobe heard my pleas. Of course, like many new features, it needs a bit of explanation... Read more » 

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