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High-Res, Downloadable Masking Video and Layered PSD File

Three weeks ago today, I posted a free half-hour video to my buddy Scott Kelby's blog. Titled "The Essential Approach to Masking," the above video documents the way you approach a typical masking project in Photoshop, from real-world beginning to bitter-sweet end. To quote one of Scott's fans: "It’s like Mercedes would offer their clients a test-drive in the new BMW." Except that I drive a beat-up Jeep. Go figure.

Today, I make available to members of dekeOnline two special files: The full-resolution downloadable video and a layered Photoshop file. Read more » 

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Turning a Portrait Shot into an Andy Warhol-Style Silkscreen, Part 1

A few months back, a subscriber wrote me to ask if I had documented a way to turn a portrait into an Andy Warhol-style silkscreen effect. By which she meant, the famous series of portraits of Marilyn Monroe. By now, we've seen enough of Marilyn on this site. (If only because Andy made her look like a drag queen.) So let's try out something different: Warhol's take on that beautiful and charming star of the silver screen, Mao Zedong. Just look at the sweet puss on that chiquita. Meow Mao!

Meow Mao

(Quick note: This depiction of Mao is technically a serigraph. Both silkscreens and serigraphs are variants of screen-printing. While screen-printing is arguably the more accurate catch-all term, I use silkscreen because you're more likely to have a clue what I'm talking about.)

At the time, my answer was no. But I promised to explore the technique one day, and that one day is now. My first take on it was dekePod Episode 018: "The Andy Warhol Silkscreen Effect." But it's possible a couple of you might think that my spirited video explores the topic a little too quickly. (Tho in my defense, I've received very positive feedback from cheetahs and house flies.) Which is why I present this article, which you have to be a member to read. Read more » 

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Visual Communications Layered Artwork

Okay, so I got two things for y'all. A layered file that you can download (you have to be a member) and a "He Said/She Said" between Colleen and I that I'd like you to weigh in on.

First, as some of you may recall from the most recent dekePod, I promised to include a layered version of the Madeover Airplane Bathroom Sign. You may recall this masterwork of modern art:

My hand, your whale

I might have even put it in projorative [ahem, that's perjorative, deke--cw] terms, as in (and I believe this is an accurate quote): "and for you sickos who go in for this kinda thing, the full-resolution annotated layered file is available as a free download to registered members of" Read more » 

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dekeOnline News: May 4, 2009

Hello friends of dekeOnline,

I have much to announce in this issue! I take you on a deep-sea diving excursion with dekePod, I unveil the longest video series ever released on, and finally, my sidekick Colleen and I have a rousing chat with Russell Brown and John Nack on Martini Hour. In short, I offer you a feast for your mind and your senses.

dekePod Takes the Ultimate Plunge

dekePod 015: Photoshop and the Lost Undersea Channel

Have you ever taken a camera underwater? I've used a few disposable underwater cameras and they don't include a flash. Which is crazy, because if there was ever a place where you need a strobe, it's underwater. Water and the distance filters away light and colors, starting with red, then orange, then yellow, leaving a world of greens and blues. How do you bring those colors back? I explain in dekePod 015: "Photoshop and the Lost Undersea Channel." Read more » 

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dekeOnline Celebrates Its 44th "Weke"

Which is cause for celebration, of course. But it's also my way of saying, much may have happened since the last time you visited

New Slickly Produced (and Somewhat Alarming) dekePod Video
For example, did you know that the mild-mannered Adobe Bridge might well be gobbling up the very last gigabytes of your hard drive and exposing your misdeeds? To learn more, check out dekePod 014: "Photoshop vs. Adobe Bridge--Beware the Cache, the Cache Must Die!"

Read more »