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Four MORE Full-Resolution Channels & Masks Videos Available for Download

A couple of months ago, I posted high-resolution versions of the first four videos from my book, Photoshop CS4 Channels & Masks One-on-One, absolutely free to registered members of dekeOnline. I promised there would be more, and this bright and cheerful Friday morning, I'm here to make good.

It's a shockingly valuable offer with very little upside to me other than inspiring your misplaced affection. And yet I do it. Either I have a real thing for misplaced affection. (Which I do, but that's another story.) Or I love my members. (You must be a member to receive the love.) Read more » 

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The Droplet Song: MP3 & Lyrics

Before it became about droplets, The Droplet Song was about you. It struck me that a really genuine love song -- one that cared about you more than it cared about itself -- would start off by thanking you for just being there. Hence, the first line I wrote is the first line I sing: "Let me thank you for checking out my thing." Other love songs lament, they plead, they get all whiney and stupid and morbidly crybaby. Mine just tells it like it is: You're awesome, thanks for stopping by, let's stir some of that soulful shit, baby.

Somehow, I'm thinking that now is the perfect moment for an image of a preening seagull to interrupt my narrative:

It was when I (in my mind's eye) saw my song's love wrapped in liquid that the underlying meaning of the piece became apparent. Because, by then, the droplets were everywhere. Read more » 

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dekePod Returns w/ a Love Song to a Lost Feature in Photoshop

Hello Dear Friends,

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote. I won't enumerate, I'm just sayin', a lot. But one thing hasn't happened. There haven't been any dekePods.

And the consequences have been (coincidentally) dire. In the 14 weeks since the last dekePod, the global markets (in no way, shape, or form as a result of the absence of dekePod) have taken a beating. Fortunately, help is on the way. In the form of a sensitive, caring, emotionally responsible stimulus package I call "The Droplet Song." Think of it as the (essentially meaningless) big hug that this scared little world needs.

Read more » 

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On Cocktails, Contests, and Community

Hello, my funny dekeIntines. Welcome to the February edition of the dekeOnline newsletter, a personal missive to you, treasured 1/6819th of our special community. Yes, I'm talking to You. Can't you feel me behind the sunglasses staring beams of love and appreciation straight into your soul?

Speaking of cocktails (see the title), this month brought the launch of our new audio-only podcast, Martini Hour, in which Deke and I sip beverages and discuss important issues in digital imaging and anything else that strikes our fancy. Joining us in the dekeLounge is our bandleader Buddy "budz" Saleman and the Pimm's Quartet, who provide the cool-groove accompaniment to our lively conversation. We've even got a hotline you can call with your questions: 1-888-dekepod. If you sound groovy, you ask an intriguing question, and Deke knows the answer, we'll play you on the air in an upcoming episode. Read more » 

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Four Full-Resolution Channels & Masks Videos Available for Download

Welcome, welcome, every dekeOnline member.

Today, I offer you something of such real training value that I honestly question the wisdom of what I'm doing. I must be insane. Or I love you. Haven't quite figured it out.

You need to be a member of dekeOnline to proceed. Yes, it would seem both my insanity and my love are conditional. Read more » 

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