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A Time of Thanks

Hello fellow intreped colonists of dekeTown. Colleen here, filling in on newsletter duties while Deke finishes up the latest book.

It's that time of year when the weather changes, the days grow short, and life turns inward. The time of year when the cold and rain bring actual marching ants into the kitchen to make their very own "selection" around a grease spot on the counter. The time to put away the ice cubes and devise ways to drink bourbon that involve coffee mugs and aromatic spices. The time when it's nice to just stay inside by the glow of the monitor and write books about the classic theme of Photoshop Channels and Masks. And it's also the time when we in the States take a day (well, really it turns into a four-day weekend) to reflect on what we are thankful for:  Read more » 

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The Kirk Build

Let me start by proffering my abject apologies. I've had my head so very buried up the back cover of a book that I've had little time to come up for air.

Natasha beacons to Kirk

Insanely cool contest to follow . . .  Read more » 

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Captain Kirk Does dekePod

Hello, how are you? I am fine.

I know. It's too early to require your attention. Either you're so jubilant you can barely contain yourself. Or you're so angry you could spit. Or you live in a country that isn't America and you're thinking how great it'd be if America would get over its Big Old Self. For example, here's how they see us from the moderately-down-under nation of Kenya:

From Kenya Read more » 

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Halloween develops at dekeOnline

Hello 3900 members of dekeOnline. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know what's going on in my neck of the woods.

First, Tuesday October 28 marks the release of my book Adobe Photoshop CS4 One-on-One. Full-color, 500+ pages, stunningly illustrated, step-by-step, filled with insights and Pearls of Wisdom, all sample files included. And in addition to the usual bounty of new and updated information, the book ships with more than 4 hours of high-resolution video on an accompanying DVD-ROM. That's twice the amount of video included with the CS3 edition!

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The Fake HDR Portrait Technique, Revealed

As those of you who know a thing or two about what goes on 'round here know, last week's dekePod was devoted to the topic of faking an HDR portrait. As usual, the technique flew by in the blink of a bug's eye. A really scary, creepy bug's eye. Which is the idea, of course. Few know this, but dekePod won this year's Nobel Prize in Subliminal Anti-Training. (They give out that particular award in a tiny, dimly lit room off the janitor's closet, so it's not widely covered.)

But anti-training doesn't always work. In fact, one study suggests it kills roughly 1 out every of 16 lab rats. (Thankfully, we haven't heard of any human fatalities--yet.) Which is why I offer this traditional step-by-step description, as it applies to my youngest son, Sammy, who quite obviously really enjoys his ice cream.

Sam becomes HDR Read more » 

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