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Photoshop CS4 One-on-One Top 10 New Features

I wrote this article for But then it occurred to me, as if in a dream: Wait, I should make this available to everyone on the site. So here it is, slightly modified to suit the unique needs of the denizens of dekeOnline. In other words, I spiced it up.

I hope to add links and figures soon. Like this one (below). And maybe even fix a few typos. Check back real soon, you hear?

Ye old Photoshoppe

In the meantime, here's the article:

Every upgrade to Photoshop offers up a bounty of labor-saving, time-shaving, and downright inspiring new features. And wouldn’t you just know it? I’m growing more and more convinced that CS4 is more bountiful than most. Here are my Top 10 new features in Photoshop, from semi-lame to absolutely great:

10. Spring-loaded tools. Temporarily select a tool by pressing and holding its shortcut key. For example, when retouching an image with the healing brush: Press and hold Y to temporarily get the history brush, erase part of your modification, and then release Y to return to the healing brush. Sexy name for a run-of-the-mill feature. Might catch on. Time will tell. Read more » 

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Halloween begins at dekePod

Hello dear friend. By which I mean, I really don't know you, but you registered at with the understanding that you would one day hear from me, and that day (among others) is today.

Just this minute, 1111 of you have commented on my fate and 3456 of you have signed on as registered users. That kind of numerology, although obviously pure coincidence, cannot be wrong.

Which is why, today, I unleash an extra special Halloween episode of dekePod.

It's all about turning any portrait shot into an HDR rendering so scary you could reach out and touch it. And if you can reach out and touch it, it can reach out and touch you! Plus I howl at the moon and squash a squishy skull until its bloody eyes poke out. Please stop by and check it out. Read more » 

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A First Fast Look at Photoshop CS4

Good morning subscribers to,

Today, this very day, Adobe announced Creative Suite 4, the fourth in their line of Creative Suites. Here's some box art:

It's all enormously exciting. So exciting that, were I you, I would want to take a few minutes out of my busy day to check out what's in store. Which is why I created dekePod Episode 006: "Photoshop CS4, Buy or Die." Read more » 

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dekeKeys for Download

Ever since the dawn of my One-on-One book and video series nearly five years ago, I've been nurturing two collections of custom keyboard shortcuts that I call dekeKeys. One is for Photoshop, the other is for InDesign. (For some reason, I haven't been quite motivated to do one for Illustrator. Maybe when my book comes out early next year.)dekeKeys

Both shortcut sets grew out of a need, not to help you (c'mon, I love you, you know that), but to expedite my personal workflow. It started with Photoshop: Ctrl+Alt+I (on the Mac, Cmd-Opt-I) for Image Size and Ctrl+Alt+C (Cmd-Opt-C) for Canvas Size. I later talked Adobe into integrating those two as defaults, so no need to customize them. But I've come up with lots more custom shortcuts since, all of which make my life much easier at any rate. Read more » 

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Photoshop World Vegas Keynote Video Available

Hey all, just back from forever on the road (Deke didn't even mention the dekePod recording session we had in SF; I think he wants you to think that these works of brilliance pop fully formed out of his Zeus-like head and land on iTunes). As you know, Photoshop World happened. As you also know, you can get a sneak peek at the CS4 launch by registering here. But I also wanted to point you to a video of the key sections of the PSWorld keynote posted by Adobian Terry White over at the Creative Suite Podcast. When you watch it, you'll see there was a bunch of stuff about Lightroom 2 that neither Deke nor I mentioned ('cause you know, we're so of the moment we can't be bothered with a 2-week-old application, we have to talk about the ones that aren't even here yet!). It also includes John Loiacono and our Friend of dekeWorld John Nack demo-ing juicy bits of Photoshop "Next" live.

One little instructional thing about Terry's link... Read more » 

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