The Creative Cloud Update to Illustrator One-on-One: Advanced Is Now Live

My darling dekeIstrators, ready for some up-to-date, cutting-edge (as much as a 25-year-old application can cut edges) training for vector drawing? Welcome to Illustrator CC One-on-One: Advanced (released this week at

(And if you're not a member and would like to check it out anyway, you can get a free week's trial at And if you're not a member of Creative Cloud, you can still watch the CS6 version with the same subscription.)

In this third installation of Deke's signature Illustrator video training series, Deke delves into some rather sophisticated topics that will help you create equally sophisticated artwork. Here's an overview of the Table of Contents and some of the hands-on projects Deke uses to demonstrate those high-powered Illustrator tools: 

Chapter 22: Shortcuts and Settings
In this chapter, Deke reviews the custom shortcuts (dekeKeys) and color settings that he recommends for efficiently working in Illustrator. 


Chapter 23: Blends and Masks
Blends and Masks are some of the oldest features in Illustrator. Blending allows you to create custom gradients and transitions. Masking allows you to place those blends inside the confines of a path outline. Both operate dynamically to allow you edit their outcomes at any time.  Read more » 

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Photoshop One-on-One: Advanced Updated for CC

This week, the third installment of Deke's Photoshop One-on-One series, the Advanced course, has been updated for Photoshop CC. This phase of dekeTraining is particularly useful for optimizing your photographs and learning how to create impeccable selections and composites. 

If you're not a member of, you can get a free week's trial at to check out the course. If you're not a member of Creative Cloud, you can still catch the CS6 and CS5 versions of the course at 

If you're familiar with the One-on-One approach, you know Deke likes to use compelling real-world examples to teach Photoshop features, so that you learn in context and with relevance to your own projects. Here's a look at the chapters covered in this installment, as well as a sneak peek at some of the hands-on projects you'll encounter in this latest course: 

Chapter 23. Shortcuts and Settings
This chapter includes the update to Deke's custom shortcuts, dekeKeys, and advice for getting the color settings right in Photoshop. 


Chapter 24. Smart Objects
Learn how to leverage this feature that allows you to put artwork inside a protective envelope of sorts, and then tweak (and update) with impunity, like in this watermark-creation project:  Read more » 

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Illustrator One-on-One: Fundamentals, updated for Creative Cloud (Still Thriving for Earlier Versions)

On Friday, released the CC version of Deke's Illustrator One-on-One: Fundamentals course, which covers useful foundations for vector-based drawing in Illustrator from basic artboard management and interface navigation, to drawing with the line and shape tools, placing text, tracing line art, getting started with the pen tool, and more. 

Welcome to Illustrator One-on-One Fundamentals

If you're not a member of, you can get a free week trial at to check it out. If you're not a member of Creative Cloud, Deke's earlier titles---going back to CS3---are available from this playlist I created:

A playlist of Deke's Illustrator Fundamentals course for multiple versions

The Fundamentals course has all you need to feel like you might try one of Deke's free Illustrator-based Deke's Techniques as well. If you're new to Creative Cloud you may be thinking it's time to investigate something besides Photoshop for your creative endeavors.  Read more » 

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Photoshop One-on-One: Fundamentals updated for Photoshop CC (and long live CS6, CS5, CS4, and CS3)

This is the obligatory blog post to let you know Deke has a new course available at Photoshop CC One-on-One Fundamentals, which basically updates Deke's flagship course for the Creative Cloud version of Photoshop. This is the foundational course in the One-on-One series that helps you get your bearings, learning such things as navigation, managing image size, using layers, straightening and cropping, and more. And this course is scheduled to be updated for any relevant updates that happen to arise for Photoshop CC. You can click the image below to check out the table of contents: 

But, we're well aware that not everyone is keen on hopping on the Creative Cloud. (I wracked my brain for a bandwagon + cloud metaphor there, but got nothing.) And so, I want to make sure that anyone who wants a good foundational education in Photoshop knows where to go, regardless of which version they're using.

Turns out, Deke has been doing some form of this course all the way back to Photoshop CS3. To that end, I've made a playlist at from which you can choose the version of Fundamentals that you need for your particular version of Photoshop. Because everyone deserves a solid foundation. Click here to check it out, then choose the version you need:

If one of these courses looks right for you, but you're not a member of, you can get a free week's trial to check it out at Fundamentals, now in every Photoshop flavor.  Read more » 

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Photoshop CS6 One-on-One Mastery Is Imminent (as in, It Will Be Here This Week!)

My dear dekeIstorians, the final course in Deke's Photoshop CS6 One-on-One series---known to the soon-to-be-initiated as Mastery---is nigh. It's imminent. It's due to be released this week!

I know some of our faithful dekeItarians have been waiting for this one; I'm looking at you skinny3829, tjean1332, and yerachmiel. I'm looking at you because I found your missives of yearning in the comments when I searched for "Mastery." (That will teach the rest of you to think about keywording!)

After the jump (do people still call it that?), I'll let you know a few more details about the course content, but let me just say that this completes the set. In fact, if I weren't sailing somewhere in the Caribbean right now, I'd be adding the Mastery course to my Photoshop One-on-One playlist. (I'm typing this in the past, because I'm magic.) 

However, you can a) check out my playlist to get ready for this week's release and b) sign up for a free week trial of at A week should be enough to catch up on the 26-ish hours of the series so far and still have the wherewithal (and time) to watch the Mastery course later this week. Here's what it will cover:  Read more » 

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