Bonfire of the Letterforms

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Not related to type, but prolly related to 3d

Deke, if could you tell me please, how to do flying paint effect as such on this picture

I think that's probably not 2d Photoshop but some 3d modelling, but maybe you know how to do this exactly?

This is all 2D

What about this image do you want to emulate?

It's mostly brushstrokes with a Bevel & Emboss effect.

Is that what you're looking for? (I ask, because most of the imaging space is empty.) If so, pretty easy. Mostly a matter of laying down the brushstrokes. This image is all 2D, btw.

Not quite clear yet :)

Deke, thank you very much for the answer, but I didn't get it yet :)

Do you mean that those flying paint waves are brushstrokes or what?
To make it clear i cut the effect i'm curious about:

Is that what you meant?

Bonfire of the Letterforms

Great! I have been looking for this procedure as it is so exciting onscreen in a slideshow. Thanks, Deke!