Illustrator CS3 One-on-One

Illustrator CS3 1on1 box art

Entering its third decade, Adobe Illustrator CS3 remains the most popular and viable vector-drawing program for a simple reason: It’s the best. It offers powerful transformation and reshaping functions, excellent control over text and gradients, and the best color management and print controls in the business. But the learning curve is steep. From the moment you draw your first square, Illustrator demands your full and absolute attention. Enter Illustrator CS3 One-on-One, your crash course on everything there is to know about the program. Bestselling author and leading industry expert Deke McClelland shows you the usual essential tricks and advanced techniques. But he’s more interested in taking you into the Illustrator “mindset,” so that you become not just adept at using the program, but at home inside of it. If you’ve struggled with Illustrator in the past, put your worries aside. This time, it’s going to make sense. Exercise files accompany the tutorial.

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Duration: 29 hours on 1 DVD
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