Martini Hour Visualization Contest Details

Hey, dekeOtonians. It's clear to those of you who recieve the newsletter that I should not be in charge of launching contests in the wee hours. Although I had all the creative details in place, I failed to, um, actually spell out the specifics like exactly how and when you should send your Martini Hour visualizations. So, I'm going to take a moment to outline the details (as well as replay my fabulous artist rendition known as "The Lollypop Heads" for your inspirational enjoyment):

The basic idea is simple, create a graphic that we can use to promote Martini Hour that features some Deke, some Colleen, and some Martini or other refreshing beverage. You can use the raw materials we have posted in the dekeOnline Flickr group. Or you can use anything you like. (Remember, I like costumes and weapons.)

Post it in the comments to this post, send it to, or post it to the Flickr group and let me know its there. (If you choose one of the latter two, I will post it in the comments here.) The deadline (and don't listen to Deke, there is one) is 5pm Pacific time on Friday, March 20. Deke and I are meeting at in the dekeLounge that day, so we'll be in the perfect mood to decide which rendering resonates best with our vibe. The winner gets a dekePod tshirt, a book of choice, our undying love, and perhaps a few other goodies I have yet to name. Cheers, people. Now get to it!

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Martini Mashup Entry: "I Said Stirred" by Steven Church

More then one entry allowed

? ... as you can see Colleen, I'm in need of help! Martini; Bond jumped into my head and I notice that Deke and you like to stir the pot rather then shake it so; on a half hour lunch break... well lets just say it took longer to find the pic's then to compose the end result. Anywho, love the site and the info I'm slowly digesting; keep up the good work you all!

I'm fine with multiple entries

Bring 'em on!