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Were You Praying at the Lares Shrine? - jfrancis entry 4

Lares Shrine (Click the image for high-res.) Pompeii: AD 79, in the shadow of the volcano Vesuvius. model Lisbeth poses on a virtual set designed to evoke the Lares Shrine at the House of the Vettii in Pompeii -- the same Lares Shrine mentioned in the Siouxie and the Banshees song, Cities in Dust. curves warm her tones to suggest firelight pen tool extracted her from her original background. Pen tool strokes also used to extensively rebuild her hair silhouette strand by strand for the composite. Everything else is CG imagery - Maya / Maxwell Pen tool also used to design the theatrical flats in the shape of stylized 'hot rod' flames representing Pompeii on fire in the virtual 3D set. refine edge and smart object and free transform help position her.

Another submission

Spark of Magic (Click the image for high-res.) For this one, I used a variety of methods. However this is the first time I have used Calculations and found it complex (in the steps required to mask out hair that is shaded on one side and lit on the other) but very useful. This is definitely a command that I will continue to work on trying to master. I wonder if two alpha channels can be created to help isolate the hair that is two distinct colors then combine them in order to easier create the mask... #18: Smart Objects #35: Refine Edge #33 Calculations #31: Brush Tool #32: The Pen Tool #20: Free Transform #36: Black and White #25 Selective Calculations #27 Crop Tool

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Love Conquers All - jfrancis entry 1

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Apnea: The Knife Thrower's Assistant - jfrancis entry 3

A photo I took of model 'Apnea' against a wall. I later added throwing knives, target, chains, pasties (there is also a less sfw version) and distressed photo effect. The Knife Thrower's Assistant For high-res, click here. Pen tool to isolate model from original background. Luminance blending to distress and age the wood target by blending a wooden target with a painted pattern until the wood grain created wear patterns in the paint. Knife impact history is from scatter brush. Curves and Dodge and Burn to color correct. Healing brush to retouch. Free transform to adjust placement. I also tried to create a full color version of a distressed tintype by decomposing the image into Cyan, Magenta and Yellow separations, distressing each with its own crackle pattern, then recombining the CMY layers with the MULTIPLY blend mode.

Time Moves On

Free Transform, Liquify, Crop & Curves Time Moves On For high-res, click here.

Chicago Fog

Ship in the fog.... Ship in the Fog (Click the image for high-res.) Here are the before and after images. (Original photo by Phyllis Stewart.) Created a watercolor painting... removed some of the clutter on the doc, changed the time of day to sunset. Hue and sat, dodge and burn, brush tool, curves. Bob

My Submission

I was trying to capture the light-hearted exuberance of this child who had been singing, "It's a beautiful day! It's a beautiful day!" Among other things, I masked the subject using Calculations (#33), the Pen Tool (#32), Dodge and Burn (#26), the Brush Tool (#31) and Refine Edge (#35). I went on to use Curves (#24) on the girl, and then the Brush Tool (#31) to add color and sparkle to her eyes. I used the Liquify Filter (#29) to wrap the text on her face and then used Luminance Blending (#19) to drop the text out of her hair and darker facial features. I started playing with more text effects and created a couple of Layer Comps (#39). Used the Brush Tool, again, (#31) to color the large text and in a couple of layer masks. I used the Pen Tool (#32), again, to create a container on the lower right for the Vector-Based Type (#38). Getting close to the end, I created another Curves Adjustment (#24) created a Smart Filter (does that count for Smart Objects #18?) to sharpen the image, then Cropped (#27) for a better composition, Burned (#26) some of the edges, and finally Saved for the Web (#34). Here is a link. Be sure to see this at the original size. Beautiful Day (Click the image for high-res.)

Mary Pickford

More Photo art.... Here is a photo found on the Libray Of Congress photo library of Mary Pickford. Fist I colorized the photo then from that created the Pastel Sketch. Mary Pickford (Click the image for high-res.) Here are the before and after images. tools used.... Hue and sat, curves, healing brush, dodge and burn, brush tool. Art history brush to create the final chalk sketch. Bob

Welcome to Machu Picchu

Pen tool, crop, lighting, gradient mask. Machu Picchu (Click the image for high-res.)

Polaroid mess

Pen tool, crop, smart objects. Crissy Polaroid (Click the image for high-res.)

A scanner darkly parody poster

"A Scanner Wildly" parody poster pen tool, hues, gradients, lighting. Scanner Wildly (Click the image for high-res.)

Cool glasses

Gradients, pen tool, hues. Cool Glasses (Click the image for high-res.)

Peace All!

BG is a photo of treeline I took near Crown King AZ... Healing Brush to remove Phone and Power Lines, Hue and Saturation Parrot I shot this Fall at Sea World.... Calcs, Brush, Refine Edge, Curves Heart Felt Text... Slight Bevel, and Outer Glow. Peace All For high-res, click here.

Photoshop Top 40 - submission #5

original size: 1680x1050 The Sun City (Click the image for high-res.) The idea for this composition was pretty mixed...a combination of '70s style of poster (with some soviet poster influences) and some grunge mix of city and flowing colors (out of some speakers). I started from a picture of the city. I extracted the city and remade the rest of the composition. Added some grass, sun rays and some palm trees in the background. The finishing touches were brushed in or manually made with the pen tool. Tools used: Pen tool Brush tool Smart objects Vector-based type Color range ...and other. Hope you like it. :)

A rose by any other name...

With a nice bloom against a pretty useless background, out came a combination of alpha channel and #32: Pen Tool to isolate it. #22: Healing Brush removed a few flaws. I liked the shape, and it seemed it could repeat effectively, so... Background color eyedroppered from the image and darkened considerably. Rose image becomes a Smart Object (#18 on the list). Copy the rose image. Blend mode of the original rose to luminosity, opacity > 15%. Reduce the size of the rose copy using #20: Free Transform. Create a hard-edge (0 size) drop shadow directly behind it (0 distance) and make it a layer (Right-click on "Effects" in layers panel and select "Create Layer"). Free Transform to reduce its size. Blend mode to Soft Light and Opacity to 27%. Copy this layer and Transform Again to make a smaller copy. Opacity to 100% (blend mode still Soft Light), but add a Gradient Overlay at 78% Opacity and blend mode Soft Light. This makes the top and bottom darker and the center lighter. Free Transform the rose copy so it's within the pattern created by the lower layers. Add a Curves (#24) layer clipped to the rose copy to deepen the shadows and increase the overall contrast and saturation. Copy the now-reduced rose copy to a new layer. Move it above the curves layer. Filter>High Pass and change the blend mode to Overlay to provide sharpening. Apply #19 Luminance Blending to this layer so only the darker edges will affect the blend. Reduce opacity to 80%. Add a Brightness/Contrast layer and clip to theOverlay (sharpen) layer. Increase Contrast to create sharper definition at the petal edges in the center. Finally, to bring out the shapes of the petals, Image>Calculations, create a new channel that blends the Gray of the rose copy with its Green channel in Darken mode at 100%. Copy this alpha channel and paste as a new layer on top of everything else. Change blend mode to Color Burn and reduce opacity to 25%. Now even the little dewdrop is visible. Okay. Enough. Now I'll stop bugging you. :-) By Any Other Name (Click the image for high-res.)

Big Yellow Taxi

I was listening to Joni Michell and thinking about the line "pave paradise, put up a parking lot"... This is what I came up with with that in my head. Big Yellow Taxi (Click the image for high-res.) I wish I had noticed the small size of the original photo... oh well ;O) Images were all found via Google. I just couldn't get a parking lot into the image... Bob


Since I can't draw to save my life I started doing PhotoArt.. this one started with a stock photo of Peonies.... Peonies (Click the image for high-res.) Here are the before and after images. Used gradient, hue & sat, dodge & burn, crop, actions, brush and curves. Also used art history brush. Bob


This is the Christmas Present I did for my friend this year... Connected (Click the image for high-res.) Here are the before and after images. This was hanging on their photo wall and I always liked the pose and the lighting... The young one is now 25 years old and so was the photo... I scanned it and did some clean up... I wanted to convert it to something artsy and this is what I ended up with... a sort of illustrated portrait. Of the required tools I used crop, hue&sat, brush, dodge & burn, curves, & healing brush... Non-required tools were art history brush, history brush, selective color. Bob

G.A.™Alexandru's "PS top 40 Contest" Entry

Hello everyone, My name is Alex , my entry is called Eye Of Perfection, this idea i had it for some time and I thought theat i need to make this 100% for the contest. In the composition I used: The Brush tool, the Smart Object to keep it nondestructive When scaleing the "layer", The Functions Fill a lot, The Pen Tool to create the "eye" thing whit the Bevel and Emboss, Hue / Saturation to find the color I like, Free Transform to mask's and some layers, a litel bit of Luminance Blending on the "eye" thing, Vector-Based Type, Black & White clipped but in soft light to a merge layer of the final compozition to adjust the outcome and the final thing and I use all the time Save for Web and some stuff I come up whit like: i add noise to all my composition at the final stage and to create the background, playing whit some blend mode's. So here is the piece of artwork that celebrates my favorite features of Photoshop: btw the original size is 1600x800 but on Flickr max is 1024x512 donno why but here it is enjoy Eye of Perfection (Click the image for high-res.) And Happy Holiday's to all (Im from Romania maybe i understand english but if u see some words written bad I apologize)

memorial, contest image

Memorial (Click the image for high-res.) My entry for the contest. This was a memorial poster for a fallen friend From Skydive San Diego. He passed away from a non-skydiving incident. Photoshop top 40 used hue sat curves vanishing point free transform pen tool crop brush luminance blending noise reduction and a bunch of other great photoshop techniques learned from Deke!!

Santa Festival

Santa Festival For high-res, click here. A composite of Santa's from our collection. Added candles and poinsettias + textured background. Used the following Top 40 effects: 1) Free transform 2) Curves 3) Crop tool 4) Brush tool Hopefully the textured background gives it a vintage feel.

so called magnificent pieces...

Since multiple entries are welcome... First 3 are composites sharing similar techniques... the last one is... less complicated with sky replacement in terms of composting but there is more to it.. Titles, are my take on explanation what was going through my head.. before or after:-) Every image in this set has curves and hue saturation adjustment layers applied, with use of the brush tool on layer masks... to be honest if an image makes that far, to end up in Photoshop (from Lightroom) this is what happens in the first place. With first 3 composites, I used smart objects on foreground parts, placed via ACR stacked as layers, with different settings and blending modes. Also every image has a Black & White adjustment layer with soft light blending mode applied to some parts at some stage of work at very low opacity. dc1 "why did you placed me on this background...why?" Why did You Place Me? For high-res, click here. Some of the features: 33. Calculations (to extract the foreground) 22. Healing brush (isn't that obvious) 18. Smart objects (with blending modes) 28. Hue/Saturation 34. Save for Web (hard to avoid) dc2 "I've been holding my breath for 24 minutes now" 24 Minutes For high-res, click here. 33, Calculations (to extract the foreground) 22. Healing brush (isn't that obvious) 18. Smart objects (with blending modes) 28. Hue/Saturation 34. Save for Web (hard to avoid) dc3 "meet cute... and 4 other guys behind the corner" Meet Cute For high-res, click here. 33. Color range, Pen Tool, Refine Edge (to extract the foreground - which happens to be image from by Rebecca Abell: Fotolia_6223385 and the only one part from this set, that wasn't captured with my camera) 22. Healing brush (here and there) 18. Smart objects (with blending modes) 28. Hue/Saturation 34. Save for Web (hard to avoid) dc4 "Who is my daddy?" Who Is My Daddy For high-res, click here. 22. Healing brush 18. Smart objects (with blending modes) 28. Hue/Saturation 26. Dodge & Burn 23. Color Range (Sky replacement) 34. Save for Web (hard to avoid) That's all for now... Merry Christmas and a Better New Year.

My Contest Entry

The following artwork is based on a real story: After The War in Iraq … as many knows … four million civilians became refugees in the neighboring countries …. I and a Girl that I Love were among those 4 Million, but each of us in a separated country. The Story Started in August , 2007 . When I met her on the internet to tell me the catastrophe that she’s on her way to get married! And At that night I’ve Surrendered to the destiny and told her to decide what she thinks it’s better for here. And I didn’t see her any more. At that night. I’ve got this strange nightmare….. “The Place was my lodging… A Pigeon is Being Trapped by a Mouse Trap. And a Strange Bird jumped on her Body … My First Impression was the Bird was trying to help her… After that I’ve Noticed that the Bird was eating her flesh, and having a long Rat-Like Tail….At the Background there was an evil Looking Rat Encouraging the Bird to Kill and Eat his innocent victim.” The Next Morning I felt that something is going wrong with her. And after a year I saw her again on the internet …she told me the same dream when her ex-husband tortured her for more than a week … after leaving her in the hospital…and she told me to forgive her because she was forced to tie-up with that rich man just to help her family during those difficult days! And she was gone and I didn’t hear any news about here again. For her and all women on this unfair world facing this method of Torture … I dedicate this Humble Painting, for women rights and humanity. I did it for the “Deke’s Photoshop top40” Contest. A Pigeon Trapped For high-res, click here. Technical demonstration 1. Collecting the Footage : a. Main Characters : Footage was collected from the internet for the main characters b. Place was roughly Taken by Photograph from my old Lodging to be utilized for light & shadow studies , and also to start laying my Perspective Lines c. Feathers : is being collected also to simulate the dynamics of tearing d. Some Commercial Texture Images : Used to re-texture low detailed elements(Making them looking sharper) (From Arroway & Gnomon Workshop) 2. Basic Shape Blocking: I’ve masked the main characters using Channels+Curves + calculations + Dodge & Burn and then converted each object into a Smart object , So I can Freely & Non Destructively Shape & Transform my Elements until achieving my best desired Composition. 3. Color & Value Composition: Used Brush + Fills & Gradient Fills and Some adjustment Layers to Do the Basic Color scheme. 4. Top 40 Features Lists:- Feature 40, Purge Only (Without Reset) Feature 37, The Fill Functions Feature 35, Refine Edge Feature 33, Calculations Feature 32, The Pen Tool Feature 31, The Brush Tool Feature 29, Liquify Feature 28, Hue/Saturation Feature 27, The Crop Tool Feature 26, Dodge and Burn Feature 25, Selection Calculations Feature 24, Curves Feature 23, Color Range Feature 22, The Healing Brush Feature 21, The Gradient Tool Feature 20, Free Transform Feature 19, Luminance Blending Feature 18, Smart Objects Deke’s Bonus Feature , “Work Smartly & Non Destructively” Deke’s Bonus Feature “Be Bold , Be Bold , Be Bold , Fearless!” 5. The Original PSD File was about 155mb Size & Comprising 92 Layers and 24 Channels (Excluding RGB & LAB Channels) , Most Channels were mask for layers & Depth of Field … The Total Working Time was 8 Hours Using a PC Laptop With a Wacom Cintiq “ Contributing to this entry is a great privilege to me here at Wish All the Success Tay A. Othman Gilgamesh Studios Baghdad - Iraq

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Urban Street Series - Cyanide Plaza

From a rock band photo-shoot outing: We stumbled upon this quaint courtyard-ish park in the downtown arts district of Dallas on a wet, cold, overcast Sunday afternoon in early December. I thought it odd that this stand of trees had yet to drop its leaves; they were mostly autumn yellows, oranges, and reds with a few dashes of green. I set up the tripod, set the auto-timer and quickly joined my band-mates for a test shot. Just as the shutter snapped we noticed the security guard approaching from the adjoining skyscraper. He let us know that we were not welcome there on weekends (and that he could not be easily bribed). Fortunately, the test shot turned out to be not that bad for an average fall foliage photo; so, needless to say, my challenge here was to go for better-than-average. I first converted to Black & White (Feature 36), adjusting for skin contrast and roughly masking non-foliage areas. I employed the Healing Brush (Feature 22) to remove leaves from a distracting vine that had woven its way through the tree foliage. Next I used Hue/Saturation (Feature 28) to turn the various hues of the tree leaves to a narrow range of red/oranges and desaturated the remaining available colors, then used the master hue slider to shift the foliage range to Cyan. I then called upon the Brush Tool (Feature 31) to complete the work on the mask exposing individual leaves on the grass and the area below the trees. I then used Curves (Feature 24) to seriously brighten the image for effect, sharpened using Unsharp Mask and saved my competition entry using Save for Web (Feature 34). BTW, I'm the handsome gnome on the right. Cyanide Plaza For high-res, click here.


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Frozen Queen

I was inspired from one of Deke's tutorial (as probably everyone here). I don't have any tablet and with mouse I can't draw reasonable graphics so I tried to make some kind of editable non-destructive filter. Here is the result: Frozen Queen (Click the image for high-res.) Tools used: Feature 37, The Fill Functions Feature 31, The Brush Tool Feature 27, The Crop Tool Feature 19, Luminance Blending Feature 18, Smart Objects

Ferry to Vancouver Island

Ferry to Vancouver Island For high-res, click here. Feature 28, Hue/Saturation Feature 27, The Crop Tool Feature 24, Curves Feature 19, Luminance Blending Just trying to make a simple photo pop.